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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Guru Gochar - Jupiter Transit 2017 - Enroll for the Guru Puja and Get the Prasad at Home...

Dear readers, followers...For Jupiter Transit Readings just book a Consultation, NOW !

On 12th of September 2017 we will be Conducting Guru Puja and Shanti Vidhi for the Blessings of Guru Dev...

The Transit is happening on the 12th of September 2017 at 06:52 hrs as per IST. It is Krittika Nakshatra, Vrishabh Rashi....Chandra is in Uchha Rashi or in Exaltation Sign and Hence this Transit is Important...

The Punya Kaal or Auspicious Time of the Transit Starts from Tuesday Morning 05:02 Hrs and will Continue till 08:44 Hrs in the Morning...

The Paad or Paaya and the Result / Impact for all the Rashis / Signs will be as mentioned bellow...

No.         Rashi / Sign                                 Paad / Paaya                              Result / Impact

1.           Vrishabh - Tula - Dhanu            Swarna / Gold                           WORRY. TENSION
           [Taurus - Libra - Sagittarius]

2.           Mithun - Kanya -  Kumbha       Raupya / Silver                          AUSPICIOUS
             [Gemini - Virgo - Aquarius]

3.            Mesha - Singha - Makar           Tamra / Copper                          WEALTH, SUCCESS
               [Aries - Leo - Capricorn]

4.             Karka - Vrischik - Meena         Loh / Iron                          SUFFERINGS, PROBLEMS
               [Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces]

Please NOTE Since Swarna or Gold Paaya is Good For Guru's Transit, the Results will Be Auspicious and Favorable...So Vrishabh, Tula and Dhanu Rashi People Need not worry about this.....

The Most problematic issues will be faced by Karka [Cancer], Vrischik [Scorpio] and Meena [Pisces] people...

Whether Good or bad, whatever the results are the forecast for you, do the Guru Pooja for blessings of Guru Dev....It is Highly advisable...

The Dakshina or Fees is Rs. 5500/- for Indian residing in India and USD 101/- For people residing at Overseas....Please directly pay to on or transfer to my HDFC Bank Account Number: 01141140025552. HDFC Bank, Shoppers Stop, Andheri West, Mumbai 400058; NEFT Code: HDFC0000114; A-C Name: Dilip Raut

Once you transfer the Dakshina/Fees, Please share your Gotra, Nakshatra, Rashi etc with your full name and detailed address and contact number for Prasad dispatch Purpose.

The Prasad will be shipped by India Post Service and will take 2-3 weeks to reach USA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA etc....Indian People can expect it in a weeks time from the date of Pooja....

Here is the Guru Mantra which You can Chant on Tuesday, the 12th of September 2017 in the Punya Kaal or Auspicious Timing of the Transit.

देवानां च ऋषीणां च गुरुं काञ्चन्सन्निभं | बुद्धिभूतं त्रिलोकेशं तं नमामि बृहस्पतिम् ||
devaanaam cha rishinaam cha gurum kanchan sannibham |
                             buddhibhootam trilokesham tam namami brihaspatim ||

I pay homage to Brihaspati, the guru of Gods and Rishis, who shines with golden luster, the embodiment of cosmic intelligence, the guiding light of the three worlds...!

Donate Gold, Copper, Yellow Sapphire or Pushkaraj, Chana Daal, Sugar, Yellow Cloth, Yellow Flowers for appeasing Guru Dev on this Day....

I will write the detailed analysis of this Transit for each of the 12 Rashi separately in another article in coming days....

Book the Pooja asap and GET BLESSED.....!

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip Raut

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