Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Kanya Rashi - Virgo by Shri Dilip Raut

6.    Kanya Rashi – Virgo

सदाम्लेंच्छसंग अतीवगर्व राहू  मानिनी कामिनि भोगमुचै | पितुः नो सुखं शत्रुनाशम करोति भुमिनाशोभयान इष्ट स्वजन विद्वेषं च राहौ || That’s the way the Shastra defines this Rahu Transit for you all Kanya People…Lets understand it in detail….

This Rahu Transit is a Blessing in Terms of Professional Excellence and Rise. You will rub shoulders with who’s who of Industry and Society. New Opportunities will be served on a Platter for You and all the seniors, Bosses, Clients, Partners will want to be associated with You….When The Time Is Good, Everyone will want to be with You….So be Open, forget past differences and move on. Remember the Power of being Successful work as an Intoxicant and Nothing better answer than The Success to all of those who questioned your Capacities and Abilities….You will arrive in Life in these 18 Months Time…

Sitting at One Place you will become an International Figure…Almost Certain that you will work with Very Influential and Powerful People, Will mingle with Foreigners and Foreign Clients or Partners…If You want to work in a MNC, This is the Time. If You want to spread your business in multiple countries and continents, then this is the Time…Do Not Stop Now…Spread Your wings and Let The Sky be in Your Feet…

With this Kind of Tremendous Success ride, cent percent chances that you will develop Lot of EGO…That’s a  Problematic feature of this Transit….Just control it if you really want to take full advantage of this Fruitful Phase….

The Shloka further says that You will mingle with Royal and Sensuous Women and will be in Intimate relations with them….If You are married…Beware….It Can put your marriage into a Major Problematic Zone.

This is certainly a Problematic Transit in terms of Parents well being…The Good side is that Rahu Ketu has the strength of Rashi Bala as they are exalted in their respective Signs…But Still if you have any Graha in Your Natal Chart in Mithun or Dhanu, Then this can activate the Yoga for Parental Sufferings….

This is certainly a Time Frame where all Your enemies and opponents will die their own death…Shatru Nasha or Complete decimation of Enemies is promised….

Property matters, Land, House etc must be done with proper care as some or the other dispute, litigation etc can disturb you in this time-frame….

You will be not in Good Terms with your own People and will hate them like anything….On The other hand Ketu is promising a few things as well and it is as follows…

चतुर्थे चमातुः सुखेनो कदाचित सुहृद्वरगतः पैतृकम नाशयन्ति | शिखिसुखे सुखम स्वोच्चगैहे चिरम न वसेत स्वेगृहे व्यग्रताचेत || 

Your Parents, Fraternity will suffer badly, the breather in this is that the Rashi Bala or Inherent strength of Ketu due to Exaltation Rashi can reduce some major problems to Parents and Fraternity…But still they are at the receiving end…and I Mean it…..

It will keep you out of your House or You may Travel a Lot regarding your work or business and will be always busy for the same….

So Apart from Parents Well Being and Problems in Property matters…may things are really Great for you People….And since now you know what aspects of Your Life you need to be careful of, the ride will become more safe and interesting…Isn’t it so…? So Just Get Set Ready and Go with the Flow….The Shadow Planets are shining brightly for you all….and If You want to take full advantage by some rarest of Rare miraculous remedial measures, you can always connect with me….Happy To Help…..!!!

You can reach me by email: dilipr@bhaktidhara.com or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is : https://www.paypal.me/diliprautji/101

|| शुभं भवतु ||

Shri Dilip Raut

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