Monday, January 21, 2019

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019-2020 Predictions for Karka Rashi - Cancer by Shri Dilip RAUT

4. Karka – Cancer

Karka or Cancer people, this Rahu Ketu Transit is Happening in your 12-6 Axis and The Tone of the Transit is Foreign Affairs, Settling on Foreign Land, Foreign Trips, Health and Diseases…..Next 18 months these areas of Life will see major activity and I am Sure Much of Positivity will be witnessed by you people….Lets check the specific Predictions for you all…..

So first and foremost the Shastra describes it asविदेशवासी | or one who settles in Foreign Land….So those of you who cherished the dream of settling on a foreign Land, This is certainly your time as the timing is absolutely fertile….

The next is कान्तावियुक्त| means there will be issues with the spouse or you will be devoid of a Spouse….so need to work towards maintaining harmony in your marital Life….it further says सुखेच्छहिनः धर्मार्थहीनो | Happiness and Satisfaction will be under a question mark though you will achieve your target of relocating yourself on foreign land….certainly all your desires can not be fulfilled at one go, some or the other void will always be there….so just try to be happy in whatever you have…do not run behind what you do not have….also it suggests that you will be not so religious in this span of 18 months or rather try to use religion, spirituality to make money or to take advantage of it…..

On Health side it certainly a concern about eyes and feet….    नेत्रेच रोगं कीलपादघातम |The axis of 12-6 House causes Accidents and permanent Physical handicap cannot be ruled out….Hence major caution is advisable on that front….

The Ketu will cause Humiliation, Insults and make you fall in your own eyes, it is defined as मानभंगो
Just be low Profile and try to pass this time to reclaim your Lost Respect….There will certainly be enemies and jealous people around but this Ketu is destroyer of enemies… रिपुनाम विनाशश्च | Court Cases, Litigations, general animosity will be witnessed but you will come out as a winner for sure due to the Ketu Krupa or blessings of Ketu.  तुछवित्तम | means Ketu will eat lot of money and there will be always worry and concern about your financial well being.

So overall this is a phase of Foreign affairs and Health Issues….Enjoy your foreign stay and take care of your eyes and Legs….

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