Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seventh House (House of Marriage and Partnership) in Your Kundali...!

The Seventh House of Kundali is a Very Important House as far as MARRIAGE and related developements in ones life...!

Seventh House is 180 Degree opposite to the Lagna or Ascendant, Thats you yourself..! So there are N-number of opposite things in our life partner, right from the basic thing, opposite sex. What goes wrong in Marriages, why we see early separations, divorce or death of one or the other partner...! In todays scenario, 70% Love Marriages are breaking within first 2 Years..! Are we neglecting the facts of Jyotish, our rich Vedic Heritage..! If you are loving each other, then it becomes highly moral duty of both the partners to see the Kundali of each other first and then only proceed to Marriage..! We became western by Thoughts and Taste, Indian-ness is only in the Blood and Skin..! No one try to unerstand why Jyotish suggested that Kundali Matching is Important for a good partnership and success of the Partnership..!

You go to any Matrimonial Site and check the Kundali's of the Divorcee, widow or seperated persons..., You will realise the Importance of Jyotish and give 100% credit to our old ancient science. Few things can be changed or altered if the charts were Matched before..! The People, who under the name of modern times, avoid Kundali Matching, are the selfish people and they truely dont love you..! The first thing is to care about the person you love, and then the thoughts of getting older with each other. If the charts are suggesting that he or she will not have the pleasure of lifetime partnership, why to go ahead and risk ones life, to whom you love so much...!

Any way, the Seventh House is The House for Marriage and Related studies...!

If the Seventh Lord is Placed in 2,6,8,12 Houses of the Chart, Just Avoid that Kundali as there will be 100% seperation by any means..! 70% Kundali's of Devorcees are having these kinds of Problems..!

If the Lord of 2,6,8,12 is Placed in the 7th House, Then too the Same Kind of Results are Seen...! In these cases the Deaths of the Spouse or Self is seen in our Studies..!

Espicially when 7th lord is in 8th or 2nd House..!

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Seventh House is the 12th House from the 8th House of the Kundali. 8th House is the House of Death and seventh House is 12th from the House of Death. Hence it also gives the signals of the Persons exit, as 12th house is the House of exit and ending..!

There are few other yoga's too with the seventh house, which leads to seperation, but there contribution is not on the massive level..!

If 7th house occupies Guru, then the married life of that person will not flourish, there will be much effort from both the sides of the partners to salvage the marriage, but it wont last longer...!

If the seventh house occupies Shani, delayed marriage is promised, the partner will flourish, but the person will be loosing balance...!

The ideal situation will be clean seventh house with no planets at all or no bad yogas with the seventh lord...!

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This kind of kundali is hard to find, but if you have any dosha with the seventh house, there are remedies to get that over..! There are ways like Ghata Vivah before the Actual Marriage with loved one. Here you will marry an earthen pot or Ghata and after an Hour the Ghata or the earthen Pot will be broke..., It symbolises the death of the Partner.., Then the Sutak will be applied for 13 days, and if its a girl who married the Pot, she must follow rituals like a widow for next 13 days, Like removing The Mangal Sutra, Sindoor, Chudiya, wearing colorless cloths, eating normal food, sleeping on Ground and other related things..! After 13 Days the Uttar Kriya should be followed and after that the girl is free to Marry her Boy friend..! It sound sily but its the Artifial way of completing the Program, which is already written for you..! Once the programming is complete, the super computer of the universe will note that things did happen as per his program, and the rest of life will be a smooth ride..!

An interesting story about how one can complete the program of The Supreme Lord Artificially, It Happenned with non other than the Ex Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi..! She was told by an Astrologer, there are strong chances that she will go to Jail After the forcefully Imposed Emergency is Revoked..! She Asked any short cut or way out from this..! The Astrologer told her to do it herself...? She Aked how? Then the Astrolger told her, that you are the Prime Minister of this country..! So go to any Jail for Inspection and understanding the life of our Prisoners. Remove your footwear out side the Jail Gate and go barefooted in the Jail. Go to the Cell where the Prisoner are locked up. Sit on the Matt, tell Police to lock the cell, lie down on their Bed for a moment, Drink water from their Mug, Eat a Roti from their plate..! Work in the Jail, like plant a few trees by your own hand...! So you will ultimately spend a whole day in the Jail like a normal Prisoner and the Yoga will be fulfilled..! You wont be disturbing the programming of that Supreme God, and once you are out, your Yog will automatically be completed and then no one can forcefully send you to the Jail. She done accordingly and visited The Tihar Jail and then never had to face arrest in her life..!

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Shri Dilip Raut