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Seventh House (House of Marriage and Partnership) in Your Kundali...!

The Seventh House of Kundali is a Very Important House as far as MARRIAGE and related developements in ones life...!

Seventh House is 180 Degree opposite to the Lagna or Ascendant, Thats you yourself..! So there are N-number of opposite things in our life partner, right from the basic thing, opposite sex. What goes wrong in Marriages, why we see early separations, divorce or death of one or the other partner...! In todays scenario, 70% Love Marriages are breaking within first 2 Years..! Are we neglecting the facts of Jyotish, our rich Vedic Heritage..! If you are loving each other, then it becomes highly moral duty of both the partners to see the Kundali of each other first and then only proceed to Marriage..! We became western by Thoughts and Taste, Indian-ness is only in the Blood and Skin..! No one try to unerstand why Jyotish suggested that Kundali Matching is Important for a good partnership and success of the Partnership..!

You go to any Matrimonial Site and check the Kundali's of the Divorcee, widow or seperated persons..., You will realise the Importance of Jyotish and give 100% credit to our old ancient science. Few things can be changed or altered if the charts were Matched before..! The People, who under the name of modern times, avoid Kundali Matching, are the selfish people and they truely dont love you..! The first thing is to care about the person you love, and then the thoughts of getting older with each other. If the charts are suggesting that he or she will not have the pleasure of lifetime partnership, why to go ahead and risk ones life, to whom you love so much...!

Any way, the Seventh House is The House for Marriage and Related studies...!

If the Seventh Lord is Placed in 2,6,8,12 Houses of the Chart, Just Avoid that Kundali as there will be 100% seperation by any means..! 70% Kundali's of Devorcees are having these kinds of Problems..!

If the Lord of 2,6,8,12 is Placed in the 7th House, Then too the Same Kind of Results are Seen...! In these cases the Deaths of the Spouse or Self is seen in our Studies..!

Espicially when 7th lord is in 8th or 2nd House..!

For Marriage Issues, write to for a detailed consultation...!

Seventh House is the 12th House from the 8th House of the Kundali. 8th House is the House of Death and seventh House is 12th from the House of Death. Hence it also gives the signals of the Persons exit, as 12th house is the House of exit and ending..!

There are few other yoga's too with the seventh house, which leads to seperation, but there contribution is not on the massive level..!

If 7th house occupies Guru, then the married life of that person will not flourish, there will be much effort from both the sides of the partners to salvage the marriage, but it wont last longer...!

If the seventh house occupies Shani, delayed marriage is promised, the partner will flourish, but the person will be loosing balance...!

The ideal situation will be clean seventh house with no planets at all or no bad yogas with the seventh lord...!

For Marriage Issues, write to for a detailed consultation...!

This kind of kundali is hard to find, but if you have any dosha with the seventh house, there are remedies to get that over..! There are ways like Ghata Vivah before the Actual Marriage with loved one. Here you will marry an earthen pot or Ghata and after an Hour the Ghata or the earthen Pot will be broke..., It symbolises the death of the Partner.., Then the Sutak will be applied for 13 days, and if its a girl who married the Pot, she must follow rituals like a widow for next 13 days, Like removing The Mangal Sutra, Sindoor, Chudiya, wearing colorless cloths, eating normal food, sleeping on Ground and other related things..! After 13 Days the Uttar Kriya should be followed and after that the girl is free to Marry her Boy friend..! It sound sily but its the Artifial way of completing the Program, which is already written for you..! Once the programming is complete, the super computer of the universe will note that things did happen as per his program, and the rest of life will be a smooth ride..!

An interesting story about how one can complete the program of The Supreme Lord Artificially, It Happenned with non other than the Ex Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi..! She was told by an Astrologer, there are strong chances that she will go to Jail After the forcefully Imposed Emergency is Revoked..! She Asked any short cut or way out from this..! The Astrologer told her to do it herself...? She Aked how? Then the Astrolger told her, that you are the Prime Minister of this country..! So go to any Jail for Inspection and understanding the life of our Prisoners. Remove your footwear out side the Jail Gate and go barefooted in the Jail. Go to the Cell where the Prisoner are locked up. Sit on the Matt, tell Police to lock the cell, lie down on their Bed for a moment, Drink water from their Mug, Eat a Roti from their plate..! Work in the Jail, like plant a few trees by your own hand...! So you will ultimately spend a whole day in the Jail like a normal Prisoner and the Yoga will be fulfilled..! You wont be disturbing the programming of that Supreme God, and once you are out, your Yog will automatically be completed and then no one can forcefully send you to the Jail. She done accordingly and visited The Tihar Jail and then never had to face arrest in her life..!

For Marriage Issues, write to for a detailed consultation...!  

Shri Dilip Raut


  1. if guru is in seventh house, seventh house is no. 2 means, taurus. place the 7th house. and there is chandra mangal and budha are in lagna then what would you say about this girl's marriage life?

  2. Dear Manish

    She is a Vrischik Lagna born person. Having the Lagnesh Mangal and Chandra with Budha in Lagna. It is a Mahalakshmi Yoga in the Lagna, a very auspecious combination....!

    But Guru, which is in the 7th House is also the Lord of the Marak Sthana, the 2nd house. So it becomes the Markesh in marak sthana yoga. Guru as it is not considered good in the 7th House. and here it becomes a Marak and placed in a Marak Sthana. So the Negativity is too much..!

    It is good for the girls personal i.e. her own selfs life. The Husbands Health, Career and overall progress and longevity is a cause of concern..!

    The Girl will get all the Possible Luxuries, comforts and she will shine like a bright star due to the direct Guru Aspect on Lagna, but Husband will suffer like anything...!

    These effects will be seen to the max in Guru Mahadasha or Antardasha of any graha..!

    Take Care, and God Bless..!

    || Shubham Bhavatu ||

  3. Dear Sir
    conjuction of mer,jupiter,venus in my seventh house(aquarious)and Lord of seventh situated in Fourth house with mars on capricon.
    my lagan is Leo.
    How will my life partner?

  4. Dear Sir

    Could you please tell me about my husband, if possible his birth sign and nakshatra?
    Birth Date-7 Oct,1988
    Time-9:20 am

  5. Dear Sir,
    My ascendant is Sagittarius. In my 7th house, there are no planets, but Taurus(setting) and Gemini occupy the house. Venus is in 10th house with Mars and Mercury is with Sun, ketu, and pluto in the 11th house. Will I get a Good Wife?

  6. Dear Sir,
    Guru and harshal in 7th house what does it indicate?it is 8(I guess rashi number) number in 7th house

  7. sir my name is salma and i am suffering a lot in my married life my huband got cancer and we and becauseof some prblem whitin family he seperated from me we dont have children now its two years we got married and it was fine everthig was good but now it like for me everything got over please help
    DOB:1st july 1985
    i think its cancer lagna and jupiter is in 7th house

  8. sir, my DOB is 9 June 1986, time : 06.14 Am, place nasik,in my kundli harshal and shani are at 7th place, and ravi is at 1st place with vrushabha lagn.
    please let me know about my married life and partner as I am thinking to go for committed relationship with my lover.

  9. Mr Manmohan I have same combination as yours,please give me your contact number I need to talk to you,9448495134

  10. Dear Guruji,
    Pl let me know career prospect. The details are as under.

    DOB ..27/04/1960
    Time ….18:37
    Location : …. Navsari Gujarat.

    Lagna….. Tula (1)
    Guru….. Dhanu (3)
    Shani… Dhanu (3)
    Mangal.. Kumbh (5)
    Ketu…. Kumbh(5)
    Budh….Meena (6)
    Sukra…Meena (6)
    Sun…..Mesh (7)
    Chandra…. Taurus (8)
    Rahu…. Singh (11)

    I have following questions.
    1) Last one & half year I am facing difficulties in Career, when It will end. ?

    2) How will be the Career now onwards ?

    3) What remedies do you suggest to overcome –ve effect of above Gragh ?

    4) How will be Shani mahadhash starting from 2014 ?

    Pl send your Phone no I will like to talk .


  11. shani mahadasha wud be best for u

  12. My brother is getting married, has a proposal of a girl having these details so What would be the reading in pratham sthani Rahu lagni Vrishabh rashi and Harshal 18 degrees, Mangal02 degrees & Ketu 14degrees in Saptam sthana...& pluto n shani in sisth house n neptune, chandra &guru in nineth house n rest all as in ravi ,budh, shukra in 12th house Please please answer this urgently Sir ASAP URGENTLY

  13. guru is in my 7th house is good or bad...can u please check it.. and it is along wid moon and rahu in this... and mars in 2nd house
    my date of birth is 29/12/1987
    time - 00:38 a.m
    place - jhalawar rajasthan india
    plz mail me at

  14. i am unable to get married for a long time for some reasons. i only had a long term relationship with someone which failed as their family didn't agree with different community.
    later i coudn't agree on any marriage proposal. i am 33 now and waiting for my last chance. can you please tell me when i will be married and specially what is the indicative sign i should find in my prospective partner's chart for choosing the right partner?
    dob 05/05/1978 10:25am calcutta.

  15. sir having no 4 means kark in 1st house of lagna and in seventh house i hav ravi and no 10 means makar so sir plz tell me
    what kind of wife i wil get

  16. my lagna is meenam and 7th house is filled with saturn and jupitor,when my marriage will be completed now i see always it is not materialising due to some problem or not.Please advice me what i should do.

  17. my dob is 13/04/1973
    time -6:20 am
    Place - Satara, mharashtra

    i am still unmarried and want to get married pl tell me when will i get married and about children?


  19. sir,
    my dob id 28.02.1983, time:12:00 noon, place sirmaur(hp), i have so many troubles in my life.
    plz suggest

  20. महाशय , मैं बैंगलोर में नौकरी ढून्ढ रहा हूँ .मैं 2009 मे बी टेक इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स & टेलीकम्यूनिकेशन इंजीनियरिंग मे किया है .सॉफ्टवेर नौकरी ढून्ढ रहा हूँ। कृपया मेरा कुंडली देख के बताईये .
    जन्म की तारीख: 10 फ़रवरी 1981
    समय: 21:43 (9:43 PM रात को )
    स्थान: भुवनेश्वर
    कन्या लग्न की कुंडली . मेष राशि. शुक्र + सूर्य +केतु मकर राशी में 5TH घर में .8th घर पर चंद्रमा मेष राशि में .2 वक्री गृह बृहस्पति और शनि एक साथ कन्या लग्न पर .लग्न का स्वामी बुध वक्री हो कर मंगल के साथ 6th घर पर कुम्भ राशि में बैठा है. लग्न का अधिपति बुध और 6th घर का स्वामी शनि के वीच गृह का परिवर्तन हुआ है और दोनों वक्री हैं . राहू एकादश भाव में कर्क राशि में है
    मैं बीच की उँगली पर सोने की अंगूठी में एक वाइट सफायर , छोटी उंगली पर एक मोती और अनामिका पर एक पन्ना पहन रहा हूँ.
    मैं बेरोजगार हूँ और उम्र 31 +, सिर पर 4 लाख शिक्षा ऋण है. माता पिता सेवानिवृत्त हैं . मैं इसलिए लिए आपको परामर्श शुल्क देने की स्थिति में नहीं हूँ.
    कृपया कुंडली और हस्त का फोटो देख कर बताएं की नौकरी कब मिलेगा .
    शादी कब होगा प्रेम विवाह या अरेंज्ड विवाह,वैवाहिक जीवन कैसा रहेगा ,विदेश यात्रा कब कौनसा दशा महादशा में होगा ,आपना घर कब होगा ,आर्थिक स्थिति कैसा रहेगा इत्यादि कृपया बत्तायें .
    मेरा ईमेल sumastro at gmail डॉट कॉम
    सुमित त्रिपाठी Sir Jee,
    I'm an Engineer B.Tech Electronics & Telecom.Searching job in Bangalore.Kindly see job when.
    Date of birth: 10 Feb 1981
    Time: 21:43 (09:43PM)
    Place: Bhubaneswar
    I am wearing a white sapphire in gold ring on middle finger,a pearl on little finger and an emerald on ring finger.
    I am unemployed and age is 31+,4 lakh education loan over head.Parents retired.I am not in a position to afford your consulting fee.
    Job when ? Marriage when in which dasha mahadasha ? Love or arranged marriage ?
    How will be my marital life.Very much tension sir.Please help
    Aapka Sumit Tripathy

  21. Sir..if 7th house is empty for virgo ascendant i.e pisces...actually 7th lord jupiter is in exaltation????what happens???????

  22. I am born on 24-03-1976 at 3:21am in Lucknow, India and still not married and single, I have very tough complicated complexed love life at the moment, now had to leave due to recession a very well paid mnc job last month and have continous bad health too since 2009 onwards. I have shani in my seventh house.

    Please advise me how to get married to girl I love and by when I can be married, when and where means in which city of India I will get new job and will it be as good as my last job and about my health well being in future?

    Please help with advise as im in deep trouble n tough times.

  23. Hi Guruji,

    My date of birth is 8th Sept 1984 time 9:50am.

    Can you please tell me when I will get married and if there is a dosha any remedies for that?

  24. pls email to with your place of birth...

    1. sir i have sent u a mail , please check inbox

  25. you are kidding with Guru in 7th house giving bad results right? All classical texts assign good results to it ..

    1. A Graha of Divinity, Divine Wisdom in the Bhoga Sthana is complete waste of Guru for sure...! 7th House Guru's Drishti's are Divine, Gods Own Sights..., Least Important in 7th House for Marital Happiness...!

  26. my dob is 10 /dec/1985 at 21:30 at dagshai solan HP
    i have jupiter in my seventh house which has its lord saturn placed in 5th house. my lagna is cancer. please tell me if influence of jupiter is good or bad?

  27. if shani & rahu place in 7th house whats d solution?

  28. my dob 29/11/1977 at 10:05 at Howrah West Bengal. I lost my husband last month. why this happened?


  29. Thank you for shearing this types of blog i really appriciated this types of blog Matrimonial India

  30. guru ji
    I am gemiini, guru is in 3rd house, sani in 10th and rahu in 11 and mangal in 8th. still did not get the chance to marry.could you give acomment. I am in sani ketu dasha and am 46 years old

  31. Could you please tell us about me, if possible his birth sign and nakshatra?
    Birth Date-7 Oct,1988
    Time-3 Pm

  32. Sir what if there is shani rahu yuti in 4 the place and there is 5 no.I.e sinha in that house.vrushabh lagn and kumbh rashi kundali.and shukra mangal bush in 11 the house..he is divorcee.can his second marriage be successful??

  33. sir my frd is gemini lagna and for him guru is in 12 place,thats in Taurus and pls let em know whetehr his marriage will be delayed ha nu.

  34. Dear Guru ji

    MY DOB IS 12/07/1989 TIMING 07:00 AM, RAJPURA (PUNJAB)

  35. Sir.......I'm 43 still I'm unmarried, yes I had several breakups. So can you please suggests me when will I have marriage.
    DOB :22/06/1972
    BTime : 12:35 noon pm
    BPlace : Vyara ( Gujarat)

  36. My question is about my marraige my dob is( 31st march,1987,tob:1.44pm pob borivli)Mesh ras karka lagna dev gan nonmanglik .And pls let me know whether this profiles birth details are compatible with me for marraige alliance(18june 1986 pob pune,tob:7:00pm)

  37. Hello sir , my question is related to my marriage. It is delayed already i want to know that marriage is there or not.. my dob is 05/12/1986 time - 4.35am place is bilimora..i am girl. My chart has venus & mercury in tula lagna.. sun & saturn in 2nd house. Moon in 4th house aspected by saturn. Jupiter & mars in 5th house.. shani - mangal parivartan yoga in my chart.. rahu in 6th house forming kalsarp dosha..
    kindly explain further..thank you very much..

  38. hello sir,
    i want to know on 3rd March 2016 was murder with 16 family in one home is that soul remain on that house. Just i want investigate on that home if there is ghost just contact on this no 9420156897

  39. my dob 01-12-1981, time 19:20 at mumbai, what is future of my marriage and will I be able to take care of my kids

  40. Sir, My DoB is 31-01-1982, Place : Lucknow : 18:57

    Please suggest some remedy as there are lot of problems in my personal life.

  41. my DOB 23-Aug-1984 and in my 7th house budha, sun and sukra graha is their.
    please tell me when I will get marriage.

  42. Sir
    Myself DEEPAK born on 22-12-1983 17:57 Lucknow in my kundali Shani nd shukra both r in 7th house. I want to get rid out of marriage.. Already case is on court.remarriage is possible or not