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Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga

Let’s discuss the Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga today…!

The definition of Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga is, when one Graha get’s placed in his Neecha or Debilitated Sign, and at the same time Another Graha is placed in the same sign which is his Uchha or Exalted Sign.

This placement of one Neecha and one Uchha Graha in a single Rashi and House, is called Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga. Here the Neechatva or Debilitation of the Neecha Graha get nullified or cancelled due to close proximity with a Uchha Graha in the same Rashi and House. And hence even the Neecha Graha starts giving very positive results…!

Examples of Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga –

Budha, Shukra both in Kanya Rashi, Budha is Exalted in Kanya and Shukra is Debilitated in Kanya. Hence the Neechatva or Debilitation of Shukra gets cancelled due to Exalted or Uchha Budha.

Mangal Guru in Makar Rashi – Mangal becomes exalted and Guru becomes Neecha in Makar. The Neechatva of Guru gets nullified due to Uchha Mangal in Makar.

Similarly In Karka Rashi Mangal becomes Neecha and Guru Becomes Uchha, It is also a Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga where the Neechatva of Mangal gets nullified due to Uchha Mangal.

Why this Neecha Bhanga is termed as a Raj Yoga…!

The answer is, this is the best kind of Yoga for persons born in ordinary conditions to reach the pinnacle of Glory. With this Yoga, one attains Name, Fame, Wealth and Success like anything in life.

Hence it is a Royal combination and termed as a Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga.

IF you have such yoga in your kundali, no matter how bad is your condition now or how poor you are, one thing is sure that you are going to be a Great Successful Person in this life.

I remember one person coming to me 12 years back. He was jobless and frustrated person. He asked me “when will he get a job”??? I saw his Kundali and smiled…! He asked me’ why? What’s wrong’???

I told him, “you will give jobs to 100s of people. Why you are so restless and worried”?

He thought I was laughing on his condition. He got nervous. I told him that within next 10 years he will be a King. He will have all the possible pleasures and luxuries of life and will live a very successful life.

He asked me how? I told him that he is having a Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga in his 4th House in Makar Rashi with Neecha Guru and Uchha Mangal.

I also told him that he will have a huge house of his own and will be successful in Land and construction.

The Person who was rejected, dejected, suppressed by society and conditions was smiling with new hope. He later told me that he is running a VADA PAV STALL on Mumbai Streets, how will these impossible things happen.

I told him soon he will quit his Stall and will get into a different job. The boy as per predictions got into a role of a recovery agent for HSBC Bank. He did fairly well there and within two years started his own recovery agency. Starting from a 4by8 feet office in a Mumbai Chawl, today  his Agency is in the top 10 recovery agencies of Mumbai and he has 5 offices across Mumbai and employs nearly 300 people and pays nearly 70 lakh rupees as monthly salary.

As predicted he bought a huge flat in Prabhadevi near Siddhivinayak Mandir.

A person who was selling Vada Pav on the streets of Mumbai, becomes an entrepreneur and businessman and now deals into property for construction where one project cost  nearly 200 crore.

That’s the Leela of Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga.

I have another client from the Television World. He was a Huge name and brand himself in 2006. He used to direct Musical Reality shows for a leading TV Channel in Mumbai and was employed with the channel. He was getting Rs. 4 Lakh as a monthly Salary in 2006. He was facing lot of opposition and problems from the newly appointed network CEO of the channel.

He came to me and told me that he worked for 14 years with that channel with complete Loyalty and now the channel is creating problems for him. What to do..?

I smiled at him and told that, “it s said in Shastra, that with Guru’s every new cycle of the Zodiac, that is after every 12 years motion of Guru,  even stones and objects with no life, change their positions. 12 Years is one TAPA in Shastra and is a very long period...! Why are you stuck with this Job for so long…? It is time for the change..!”

The Director got confused and asked me “how”? I told him, there is Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga in his Kundali in the 11th House, in Karka Rashi. Guru is exalted and Mangal Debilitated in Karka. He is getting into Guru Mahadasha from 2006 December. Told him to Leave the Job and try for starting a Channel of His own. It is very much possible and will happen…!

He got charged and asked me he is thinking of starting his new company or a Production House which will make programs for 10 different channels. Shall he take that decision???

I told him that he will anyhow be successful in his new company, but warned him that within few years he will enter into Sade Sati and Neecha Bhanga and Guru Mahadasha will not be giving 100 percent positive results. Times is good now and think of a Channel…; as in Sade Sati time no channel will give him work. So instead have his own channel and encash his brand value.

The director said he will start with the production house and did so. He did phenomenally well in the first year. The turnover of his company was 80 crore for the first year. Next Year he reached 130 crore. Third year his turnover came to 50 crore due to the start of Sade Sati.

The man, who was earning 4 lakh per month, was now making crores of rupees per anum. But the Sade Sati did its role and after 2009 his turnover reduced to 8-10 crore with a few regional language programs and no major Hindi Channel gave him work. He came to me and asked why this is happening? People from channels are not answering his calls, not replying to his emails and messages, not giving him time to meet…!

I again laughed at him and told him that “you didn’t pay heed to my advice”. I have told to him to start a channel, instead he got lured with 25 crore budgets of a single program and produced programs for several channels. He didn’t respect the advice and now facing severe cash crunch and paying back a loan of more than 12 crores of rupees…!    

He did construct a 4 floor building for his office in Mumbai suburbs, did bought couple of apartments. But now sade sati is making his life worse.

Any way, but Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga made this man who came from U.P by sleeping near the toilet in Mahanagari express, that too without ticket….!

That’s the Leela of Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga..!

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Dilip Raut   

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mangal Dosh in Kundali and Marriage…!

Mangal Dosh in Kundali and Marriage…!

There are n-number of beliefs about Mangal Dosha in society…!

One of the Statement spreading in people and current astrologers is A Mangalik person can marry a Person with a strong Shani or Rahu in the Kundali. The others Strong Shani or Rahu will neutralize the Mangalik Dosha of the Married Partner…!

Is it true? Does this statement have any value or logical standings in the Shastra? Or rather the truth is what our elder astrologers and Guru’s were saying that a Mangalik person must marry another Mangalik Person only….!

Let’s understand the Mangali Dosha first. In the Lagna Kundali, if Mangal is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or in the 12th Houses, we say that the Kundali is Mangalik or Mangalik Dosha is applicable for the concerned person.

Mangal sitting in the Lagna or 1st House aspects directly the 7th House of Spouse, hence 1st House is included in this Dosha. From 4th House, again Mangal gives his 4th Drishti to the Saptama Sthana of Marriage in Kundali. In the 7th House Mangal sit’s himself in the Saptama Sthana. From 8th House it aspects the House of Family, the 2nd House of Kundali and hence spoils family life, from the 12th House again it aspects the 7th House with his 8th Aspect.

So in all cases Mangal’s Aspect on Saptama Sthana, Kutumba Sthana and His own position in 7th House denotes Mangalik Dosha applicable for the concerned person.

Mangal is a Fiery Graha with tremendous work force and energy. The way I am writing this article or you reading this,  is just happening because Mangal is the Very form of Energy with which we are doing our day to day work or other massive tasks.

When a person is Mangalik, the heat of Mangal get’s directly associated with the 7th House or the Spouse or Partner. The Target of such person’s heat, energy, aggression and at times abuse becomes the Non Mangalik Person. If the spouse is also a Mangalik person, the energies get’s balanced and the life becomes a happy ride.

Mangal is a Malefic Graha or Paap Graha, hence People say that other Malefic Graha like Shani, Rahu in Mangal’s position (1,4,7,8,12 houses)balance the Mangalik Dosha.

I always recommend people not to marry a Mangalik Person. Only Mangalik person can marry a person with Mangal Dosha. Then why some Astrologers guide people to marry Mangalik People as they have Shani or Rahu in their own Kundalis??? The reason is that,  Shastra is here to help people and make their life easy. These Astrologers does this move out of their emotions and compassion for the Mangalik Person.

I have myself seen girls aged more than 40, with grey white hairs, no charm, no glow, no radiance or hope on face, no life in eyes…? The condition of unmarried girls and boys in Southern India and Northern India is an alarming Situation. That’s the reason the Astrologer’s are giving an excuse of a Strong Shani or Rahu or any other Malefic or Paap Graha to counter the Mangalik Dosha wrong effects.

The logic is humanity and welfare of the mankind. But does that really happen? Is it ok to marry a Mangalik person if you don’t have Mangal Dosha in your Kundali? Will your strong Shani or Rahu counter his/her Mangal Dosha and will you live happily ever after….!

The Answer is a Big NO…! Yes by Humanitarian angle it seems good that due to the Astrologers guidance and logic of Strong Shani, Rahu…, this person marries the Mangalik person. The Astrologer arranged a Marriage and two persons and in turn two families got together with this alliance…!

What happens in such case? One Mangalik marries other Non Mangalik or rather a Person with Strong Shani or Rahu etc…?

Naturally the Non Mangali person suffers to the max, his life becomes worse than hell and in turn the Mangalik person also suffers and finally the marriage get’s over with a Divorce in fortunate cases. In Unfortunate circumstances, the separation can happen due to death as well.

I have seen so many Kundali’s of Couples where one partner is Mangalik and other is Non Mangalik or Rather with Strong Shani or Rahu…, so to say…! The heat, energy, aggression, madness, passion, constant bickering, nagging, adamant and abusive nature of the Mangalik Person ruins the life of the Non Mangalik Person. Finally it’s bitter and bad marriage and separation is inevitable…!

I should share one of my experiences of such couple….; Here The Boy was non Mangalik and were working in Film Line in Mumbai as a budding director for Movies. The Girl, a budding Editor with Mangal Dosha. There was a gap of around 8 years in their age; naturally the Boy was older than the Girl.
They fall in Love, The Girls family was Very affluent and her Father was a Class 1 officer with Indian Government. Initially the family opposed, but looking at the Girls Adamant nature and her emotional outburst, the family gave permission for the Marriage.

They rented a new apartment in Mumbai suburbs and started their new life together, just two of them…! Soon the Boy finished one of his Film Assignment as a Chief A.D., Got few Lakh of Rupees and enjoyed for several months. The Girl was working too and was having moderate savings from her salary. After few months, the boy was not having any film project in his hands and the girl started using her savings to run the House. Slowly, slowly their condition starts deteriorating and they were running short of money to even pay their House Rent.

One fine day they decided to move to the Girls Father’s government quarter, which was a huge 3 BHK Flat, as her father was transferred to some different Location in India. The Father retained his quarters by giving the reason of his Married Girl.

They stayed there for nearly 1 year. The boy was still unemployed and travelled to his native place in U.P for couple of months 2 -3 times in that phase. The Girl was moving the ladder in her corporate career, the boy was frustrated as he had to send money to his parents to, and he was helpless…!

Soon the Girl started going on office parties, started drinking alcohol and even flirting with other male partners. The quarrels reached a high and the boy went to his Native Place. After 8 months of physical separation and trying couple of other partners, this girl realized her mistake and thought of reuniting with the Husband in his U.P Village. She went there, stayed for couple of weeks and returned with a decision of getting separated permanently from the Husband, as he was almost finished financially and his parents were on death bed.

She comes back to Mumbai and asks for a divorce, as she is happy living alone without any control, answerability to anyone. The Boy was a Matured person, told her to live life the way she wants, but he will not give her the desired Divorce.

This is a typical example of Mangal and Shani person. The Mangalik Girl wants to get separated and settle in America with her new Friend. Mangal wants immediate action. The Boy who was having Strong Shani was ready to wait till she realizes her mistake.

They stayed together for say total 18 months, and then next 10 years they were living separately without divorce. The Girl did everything, and now wants to marry someone else. Wants to settle in United States. The Boy says, if you go to America, I will file a police complaint with the Local police and immigration cell and you will be deported back to me only…!

One single mistake in life, and nearly 12 long years of worse married life…!

Finally with lot of Tamasha, Police Complaints and Mudslinging on each other they got legally separated after 12 years of a very Ugly Marriage.

Is this the way one wants to be in marriage? Certainly am sure, The Answer is a NO.

Mangalik Person when married to other Person, there are very rare examples of happy married life.

In above example you will say that the boy was unemployed, hence they got separated..! The question is not unemployment, the Girl wanted divorce after 2 years of marriage, the boy waited for her to make her realize the mistake…? Mangal and Shani total contradiction to each other. Shani is delay and denials…! It worked and took 12 long years for them to separate…! The Boy was fortunate that he didn’t got killed or died, as Guru was having a Drishti on the Girls Saptama Sthana.

Hence if you are not getting a Mangalik partner, if you are having a Mangal Dosha, please don’t go ahead and marry some Non-Mangalik…! It is not going to work for both of you people. My sincere advice to young people who are in Love and don’t take Astrology seriously, please do the match making, please check the Mangal Dosha? How can you ruin life of a person to whom you have loved the most…! If you really Love someone and are having Mangal Dosha in your Kundali, don’t marry the Non Mangalik partner.

People are crying in their late 50’s too with this Heat of Mangal Dosha, both married and unmarried too…!  
If you are not getting a compatible match, don’t get desperate and marry someone with wrong combination. Wait, marriage is not the only aspect of life which gives happiness. Shift your focus, work hard and live life with happiness and bliss. Make your Mind strong and divert all your energies to some constructive causes…!

Precaution is better than cure…! Don’t do mistake at the first place, then you don’t have to do remedial measures to salvage a bad marriage…!

Checking Kundalis beforehand is a good option. If we see that you are Mangalik, you better search a Mangalik Person. If you know that you are not Mangalik, you should marry only Non Mangalik People.
There are remedies for each and every dosha in Shastra, but those can’t change your destiny…! You can have an umbrella when it’s raining, you can’t stop the Raining…!

If you have separation in your Kundali, instead of Death, Divorce can be the reason by doing the remedial measures, but you cannot avoid separation.

The programming will be complete in any case…! So you just need to be alert and know what’s programmed for you in the Kundali or rather in Life..!

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Dilip Raut
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Shani AMAVASYA SHANI POOJA at SHANI Shingnapur 15th September 2012

Dear Devotees

on this 15th September 2012, The Amavasya, the No Moon Day is falling on a Saturday. Though at Suryodaya time or at Sunrise the Tithi is Chaturdashi, Amavasya starts from 09:40:00 hrs. As we are getting the Tithi Amavasya the whole day on Saturday, we are considering it as Shani Amavasya, which is auspicious for Shani Pooja at Shani Shingnapur.

Here are the details of Amavasya.

Amavasya Rashi - Singha - Swami - Surya
Amavasya Nakshatra - Purva Falguni - Swami - Shukra

Amavasya Start time - Saturday 15th September 09:40:00 Hrs
Amavasya Finish Time - Sunday 16th September 07:21:00 Hrs

Rashis in Shani Sade Sati - Kanya [Virgo], Tula [Libra], Vrischik [Scorpion]
Rashis with Shani Dhaiyya and Panauti Karka [Cancer] and Meena [Pisces]

So it is advisable for these Rashi People to offer Shani Pooja at Shingnapur.

Apart from these Singha Rashi people for whom the Amavasya is happening in their own Rashi, it is advisable to do Shani Pooja.

With this the people who are running into Shani Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantar Dasha, it is recommended for them too...!

Bhakti Dhara Foundation is carrying out Shani Pooja on this special occasion at SHANI SHINGNAPUR.

Needy people who want the pooja to be carried out under the guidance of expert brahmins at Shingnapur, pls take advantage of this service.


The Poojas will be carried out for you, on your behalf, with your name, gothra and sankalpa. The Prasad will be dispatched to you at your address by express delivery...!

For Booking of the Pooja you can register to and pay online by clicking the shani amavasya ad on the "Online Pooja" page.

Else you can Deposit Cash / Cheque or do remittance in our HDFC Bank account number given bellow...!

Account Name: Bhakti Dhara Foundation
Account Number: 01632000013054
Account Type: Current Account
Bank: HDFC Bank, Rupam Center, Cine Planet, Sion East, Mumbai 400022, MH, INDIA
NEFT, RTGS, IFSC Code: HDFC0000163

Here are the Pooja Fees..!

India - Rs. 5,550/-
Rest of the world - USD $ 251/-

Alternatively you can also pay us directly on Our id on PayPal is

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Dilip Raut