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Shani transited to Tula Rashi Recently and in December 2012 Rahu is also going to enter Tula or Libra Rashi and Joing The SHANI Dev in the Gochar in Tula.

My email box is full with Gochar Graha queries. Especially with Shani and Rahu Gochar. 

There is major panic and fear in the masses about the current Shani Transit happening in Tula Rashi and the December 2012 Rahu transit from Tula itself. Many people are writing, calling and checking their Kundalis for the same…!

Making a Kundali Reading for the same is understood, but the kind of fear, phobia and panic spreading in society is not good.

Let me clear one thing for sure to one and all who are interested in understanding these Transits of Shani, Rahu from Tula Rashi…, The Gochar or Transits of Graha will not create miracles or irreversible calamities in your life, if your Janma Kundali is not saying so..!

The Transit Graha will only underline the events which are present in your Kundali, Loudly, positive or Negative…!

These Grahas in Transit will be in no position to create a miracle if that promise is not there in your Kundali.

If you don’t have Yoga for say, imprisonment or separation from spouse in your Kundali, these transits will not be able to do so, no matter in whatever wrong house they will be falling in your Kundali.

 Suppose a Kundali doesn’t have any positive yoga regarding the Marriage, then irrespective of the Gochar Guru being in Good Rashi or having a powerful aspect on the 7thHouse, won’t be able to bless the marriage or give marital happiness to such a person. Similarly, if some Kundali has the yoga for poverty then No Graha Gochar can make that person a millionaire…!

Hence while understanding the Transit effects, we should not forget to analyze the strength of the Birth Kundali. 

The elderly Jyotishis Predicted the Gochar Results on the basis of Chandra Lagna or Chandra Kundali. But it is also is of Immense importance to study the Gochar Graha from the Lagna Perspective too….!

Every Graha rules some or the other House of the Kundali. If a Graha is Shubha for a specific Lagna, means if it is the lord of some Shubha or Yoga Karaka House, then in Gochar he will tend to give good results. If a Graha becomes Marak for some Lagna, he will try to give only malefic effects in his Gochar. Shani becomes Yogakaraka for Vrishabh and Tula Lagna while Ashubha or Marak for Karka and Singha Lagna. He will definitely give bad results for Karka, Singha people while for Vrishabh and Tula the results will be very good.

Mangal becomes Ashubha for Kanya Lagna (3rdand 8thLord) and Yogakaraka for Karka Lagna (5thand 10thlord). So if we take two of such pregnant women’s example having Mangal Transit in their fifth House, The Kanya Lagna lady will face threat of miscarriage due to Mangal Transit from 5thHouse, Makar Rashi (Exalted Mangal), as Mangal is Ashubha for Kanya Lagna, while for the Karka Lagna lady, The Mangal Transit will be from Vrischik Rashi (Own Rashi), and the threat will be relatively very low, as Mangal becomes Yoga Karaka for Karka Lagna.

All the rules of Graha Phalita of Lagna Kundali are applicable for the Graha Gochar Phalita too. As a Graha gives good results in his exaltation, Moolatrikona, own Rashi, Friendly Rashi, the same way Gochar Grahas too behave. A Graha in Debilitation, enemy sign is not able to give good results and Grahas from the malefic houses can cause wrong effects. The same is applicable to Gochar Grahas too….!

Benefic Grahas will give very good results while they are transiting from Benefic Houses. While traveling from the malefic houses, they won’t be able to give that much good results…!

Malefic Grahas of a Kundali will give average results while transiting from malefic houses, while they will not be able to do so when they transit from the benefic houses…!

Natural benefics in retrograde or Vakri Avastha will give very good results in Trikona or Kendra while in other houses, the bad results will be average….!

A benefic Graha in Shubha Yoga with other Grahas will give very good results. For example, if Guru is in Shubha Gochar and gets Nava Pancham Yoga with Shani, Rahu then the results will be very good.

Malefic Grahas in Gochar having Drishti of Shubha Graha, will certainly yield good results….!

Ashubha Graha transiting from malefic houses and aspected by Ashubha Grahas will certainly do more harm to the person. A malefic Graha in retrograde motion will give very bad results….!

While understanding the strength of a Graha in Janma Kundali we should understand the Dasha Varga Vimpshopaka Bala of the Graha too….!

Many a times we see that a period of 5 years, 10 years or a considerable amount of years, is very fruitful for some people and they continuously rise in their life. In other cases, for long periods, some people are not able to do any good thing in their lives and continuous downfall is observed. In such cases the Mahadasha periods are applicable with the Gochar Grahas. A good Mahadasha getting good Gochar of Yoga karaka Graha or Shubha Graha give multifold results in very positive ways. While a Mahadasha of Malefic Graha won’t be able to do so irrespective of the Gochar Graha. In such cases the benefic Graha Gochar will give a breather in bad Mahadasha but they are unable to give very good results….!

While analyzing the Gochar effects, the Gochar Graha and his Yogas with the Kundali Grahas are also of tremendous importance. A Shani in 10thHouse in Gochar, if making a Kendra Yoga with 7thHouse Janma Mangal, will definitely create wrong effects in marital life, no matter Shani is Yogakaraka or Shubha

for a specific Lagna. A Guru Gochar in 9th House will be certainly very, very auspicious if that Guru is Doing a Nava Pancham Yoga with Surya, Chandra from the Lagna or the 5th House and so on….!

The various planets give GOOD results while transiting the following places Counted from the Moon OR the Lagna.

The Sun - the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th.

The Moon - the 1st, 3rd. 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th.

Mars - 3rd, 6th and 11th.

Mercury - 2nd. 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and llth.

Jupiter - 2nd, 5th, 7th. 9th and 11th.

Venus - 1st, 2nd. 3rd. 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 11th and 12th.

Saturn - 3rd, 6th and llth.

Rahu - 3rd. 6th. 10th and 11th.

Ketu - 3rd. 6th, 10th and 11th.

So moral of the story is please, please don't create panic and fear in your and others mind about the Graha Gochar. N-Number of things are involved in understanding it for the Predictions or Phalita.

May God Bless All...!


Dilip Raut
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