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Nava Graha Stotra by Sage Veda Vyasa...!

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I am writing this post on the Auspicious Guru Paurnima Day 22nd Jyly 2013 when my Poojas are done at the Holy Feet of Guru Shri Dattareya at Ganagapur....!

The Guru Veda Vyasa written many Epics and Classics and Stotras which we are using in our daily lives as well as in all the Major Pooja Vidhi, Archana, Prathana Etc..!

His Contribution is immense to The Hindu Dharma or Rather Vedic Dharma or Sanatan Dharma be it the Vedic Literature, The Mahabharata, The Brahma Sutras, The Bhagvat Purana and N-number of other Vedic Classics...!

Today's Paurnima or The Guru Paurnima is Dedicated to Ved Vyasa and also termed as Vyas Paurnima...!

I am posting here the Navagraha Stotra composed by him for all my readers with simple translation of mine...!

The Stotras for the Navagrahas speak a Lot about the Grahas or Planets in coded Language, one needs to decode it to understand the simple sutras which has immense depth in it...!

You can chant any of the Graha's Mantra written here to appease the specific Graha of your Kundali...!

It gives immense positive results...! You can also chant the entire Stotra Daily or on some Specific Days of a Week...!

Here we Go...
|| Japaa kusuma SankaashaM KaashyapeyaM Mahadyutim |

           | TamoariM SarvapaapaghnaM PraNatoasmi Divaakaramh  ||

I pay homage to the Sun, the bright shining One, the maker of the day, enemy of darkness, destroyer of evils, resembling a Rose, descendent of Kashyapa....!
|| DadhishaNkha TushhaaraabhaM KshirodaarNava SaMbhavam |
          | Namaami ShashinaM SomaM Shambhoor MukuTa BhuushaNam ||  

I pay homage to the Moon, Soma, who serves as an ornament on Shiva’s crown, who was born from the ocean of milk and whose color is that of curd, conch, or snow or water…!
|| DharaNi Garbha SaMbhuutaM Vidyut Kaanti Samaprabham |
           | KumaaraM ShaktihastaM Cha MaNgalaM PraNamaamyaham || 

I pay homage to Mangal, the handsome youth with weapon in hand, Born from mother earth, whose luster resembles the lightning in the sky...! 
|| PriyaNgu Kalikaa ShyaamaM RuupeNa ApratimaM Budham  |

              | SaumyaM SaumyaguNopetaM taM BudhaM PraNamaamyaham || 

I pay homage to Budha, son of the Moon, resembling the dark green bud of the Priyangu flower (millet), unrivaled in beauty, of calm and collected disposition...!

|| DevaanaaM cha RishhiNaaM cha Gurum Kanchana Sannibham | 

         | BuddhibhuutaM TrilokeshaM taM Namaami Brihaspatim || 

I pay homage to Brihaspati, the guru of Gods and Rishis, who shines with golden luster, the embodiment of cosmic intelligence, the guiding light of the three worlds...!
|| Himakundam MriNaalaabhaM DaityaanaaM ParamaM Gurum | 

           | Sarvashaastra PravaktaaraM BhaargavaM PraNamaamyaham  ||

I pay homage to Shukra, descendant of Bhrigu, the supreme Guru of the demons, the greatest Expounder of all Shastras, whose complexion resembles the white lotus, the jasmine flower, or snow...!
|| Niilaanjana SamaabhaasaM RaviputraM Yamaagrajam |

             | Chhaayaa MaartaNDa SaMbhuutaM taM Namaami shanaishcharam ||  

I pay homage to Shani, the slow moving, son of the Sun, born from Chhaya and Martanda, Yama’s elder brother, who is of dark complexion like the blue eye ointment (Kajal or Collyrium)...!
 || Ardha KaayaM Mahaaviryan Chandra Aditya Vimardanam |

           | Sinhikaa GarbhasaMbhuutaM taM RaahuM PraNamaamyaham ||

I pay homage to Rahu, the half-bodied one, offspring of Simhika or Lioness, possessing great strength, the sworn enemy of the Sun and Moon...! 
|| Palaasha Pushpa SankaashaM Taarakaa Grahamastakam |

             || RaudraM RaudraatmakaM GhoraM taM KetuM PraNamaamyaham ||  

I pay homage to Ketu, one of the eleven Rudras, chief among planets and Stars, resembling the palasha flower, and of dreadful appearance...!
|| Iti Vyasa MukhodgiitaM yaH paThet SusamaahitaH | 

             | Divaa vaa Yadi vaa Raatrau Vighna Shaantir Bhavishhyati ||

Thus ends the hymn of praise to the nine planets, born from Vyasa’s mouth as assembled by him. For one who chants this hymn, whether by day or night, all obstructions will melt away...! 
|| Nara NaariM NRipaaNaaM cha BhavedduH Svapna Naashanam |

              | Aishvaryam AtulaM Teshhaam AarogyaM PushhTivardhanam || 

Whether for men, women, or kings, it brings them destruction of evil, unrivaled sovereignty, freedom from disease, and growth of strength...!
|| Graha NakshatrajaaH PeeDaasta TaskaraAgni SamudhbhavaaH |
          | TaaH SarvaaH PrashamaM Yaanti Vyaso Brute Na SanshayaH ||  

All afflictions born of the planets, stars, thieves, or fire will be removed. Vyasa tells us that there is no doubt about this...!
|| Iti Shri Vyasa VirachitaM Navagraha StotraM SaMpurNam ||

Thus ends the song of praise of the nine planets composed by Vyasa...!

|| Shubham Bavatu ||

Shri Dilip Raut

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  1. Glad to know the meaning of Navagraha stotram. This gives prominence and completeness to our Prayer. Thanks