Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Guru Transit Dhanu Rashi - Sagittarius - 5th November 2019 - Vrischik - Scorpio Predictions by Shri Dilip RAUT

Vrischik Rashi – Scorpio 

The Initial phase of this Dhanu Rashi Guru Transit is going to be a Turbulent phase in terms of Family and Finance. Since the Karaka for Kutumba [Family] and Dhana [Money] is going to be afflicted by Strong Shani and Ketu Alliance I can foresee some major disturbing acts on these aspects of Life. Take care of your Family, Finance, Use words cautiously as spoken or written words can cause irreversible damage to your Entire Persona and Profession….Food Poisoning and E.N.T. Diseases are common in such yogas hence take care about the same and do not get carried away in eating habits or patterns. If you are a Drinker or Smoker, Much Caution is advisable for you….

Take care of Children as well in this first phase till January 2020. If you are in a relationship, heart breaks are cent percent promised….If You are appearing for any exam etc do not expect great success, even if you pass the exam that will be great considering the Malafide Yogas of Guru Ketu and Shani.

From January 24th 2020 to 30th March 2020 you will regain whatever you have lost in the first Phase….Take full advantage of this phase and not only reclaim your family and finances earn great profits, Money and Wealth in this Phase.

30th March to 30th June 2020 is also good period but you have to come out of your cocoon and work hard to achieve success….Nothing will be served on a platter….Take care of Ill and Old people of Family….

30th June to 23rd of September the Phase will be moderate and you will certainly earn a Lot though there will be some or the other issues regarding the Family and Finace will be popping out every Now and Then.

From 23rd of September to 20th of November the Phase will be superb, extraordinary, tremendous fortunate and I am sure You will bring in Fortune for yourself and Family….In this phase with less work, you will witness huge amount of Money and Wealth….Its the Miracles of Good Times…..Enjoy the Royalty and Authority….

For the Initial phases and medium phase from June 30th to September 23rd if You need my Help, I am always available to Guide you as per your Individual Chart and can Help with some tried and Tested Remedies to take optimum mileage of this Strong and Positive Guru Transit for you all Scorpions….

Hope this will Help….!!!

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|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip RAUT