Friday, November 4, 2011

Shani [Saturn] Gochar [Transit] to Tula [Libra] Rashi and its effects on 12 Rashis….!

Shani Dev will enter Tula Rashi on15th November 2011 at 10:10:00 Hrs IST. The Nakshatra is Ardra and the Rashi is Mithun at the time of Transit. After 30 months Shani Dev will leave Kanya Rashi.

With this motion, Kanya (Virgo) – Tula (Libra) – Vrischik (Scorpio) Rashis will be in Shani Sade Sati.

Karka and Meena Rashi will be in Small Panauti or Dhaiyaa.

Here is the PaaYa or Paad with which Shani is entering all the 12 Rashis….

Gold or Suvarna PaaYa – Mithun (Gemini) – Singha (Leo) – Makar (Capricorn) – Result –TENSION

Silver or Raupya PaaYa – Vrishabh (Taurus) – Tula (Libra) – Kumbha (Aquarius) – Result – Good

Copper or Tamra PaaYa – Mesha (Aries) – Kanya (Virgo) – Dhanu (Sagittarius) – Result – Shri Prapti or Very Very Good

Iron or Loha PaaYa – Karka (Cancer) – Vrischik (Scorpio) – Meena (Pisces) – Result – Hardship

This transit is going to affect some Rashis very severely and bless some to the max. Tula is a Uchha or Exalted sign of Shani Dev hence there will be little mercy and kindness on all the Rashis as Shani Dev is going to enjoy a comfortable position in a Friends Sign.

Till 17th May 2012, Guru will be having direct aspect on Shani Dev and hence the positivity of Shani Dev will be very good. Once Guru moves out of Mesha Rashi next year, the real heat of this motion of Saturn will be felt for one and the All.

We will be offering Pooja and Annadan Seva on the 15th at Shani Shingnapur Mandir on 15th of November,The day of transit. All the kind hearted and big hearted people please donate with free hand.

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|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Dilip Raut