Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010-11 Monthly Graha Gochar - Planetary Transit in Year 2010-11

Dear Devotee

Here i am giving you monthly movement of Graha Gochar or Planetary movements in year 2010-11

March 2010

Shukra Entry Mesha Rashi 26th March at 26:28 Hrs

Budha Entry Mesha Rashi 29th March 28:38

April 2010

Surya Entry Mesha Rashi 14th April 06:57 Hrs

Shukra Entry Vrishabh Rashi 20th April 12:34 Hrs

May 2010

Guru Entry Meena Rashi 2nd May 08:07 Hrs

Surya Entry Vrishabh Rashi 14th May 27:47 Hrs

Shukra Entry Mithun Rashi 15th May 06:43 Hrs

Mangal Entry Singha Rashi 26 May 15:51 Hrs

June 2010

Budha Entry Vrishabh Rashi 6th June 17:02 Hrs

Shukra Entry Karka Rashi 9th June 11:44 Hrs

Surya Entry Mithun Rashi 15th June 10:20 Hrs

Budha Entry Mithun Rashi 22 June 21:30 Hrs

July 2010

Shukra Entry Singha Rashi 5th July 09:44 Hrs

Budha Entry Karka Rashi 6th July 21:26 Hrs

Surya Entry Karka Rashi 16th July 21:11 Hrs

Mangal Entry Kanya Rashi 20th July 06:33 Hrs

Budha Entry Singha Rashi 23rd July 22:05 Hrs

August 2010

Shukra Entry Kanya Rashi 1st Aug 15:47 Hrs

Surya Entry Singa Rashi 16th Aug 29:33 Hrs

September 2010

Shukra Entry Tula Rashi 1st Sept 12:01 Hrs

Mangal Entry Tula Rashi 5th Sept 27:03 Hrs

Surya Entry Kanya Rashi 16th Sept 29:29 Hrs

Budha Entry Kanya Rashi 30th Sept 10:53 Hrs

October 2010

Budha Entry Tula Rashi 17th Oct 12:56 Hrs

Surya Entry Tula Rashi 17th Oct 17:27 Hrs

Mangal Entry Vrischik Rashi 19th Oct 26:21 Hrs

November 2010

Guru Entry Kumbha Rashi 1st Nov 12:55 Hrs

Budha Entry Vrischik Rashi 4th Nov 30:15 Hrs

Surya Entry Vrischik Rashi 16th Nov 17:17 Hrs

Budha Entry Dhanu Rashi 25th Nov 27:59 Hrs

Mangal Entry Dhanu Rashi 29th Oct 30:25 Hrs

December 2010

Guru Entry Meena Rashi 6th Dec 09:09 Hrs

Surya Entry Dhanu Rashi 16th Dec 07:58 Hrs

Budha Entry (Vakri) Vrischik Rashi 23rd Dec 08:04 Hrs

January 2011

Shukra Enters Vrischik Rashi 1st Jan 16:43 Hrs

Budha Entry Dhanu Rashi 7th Jan 24:32 Hrs

Mangal Entry Makar Rashi 8th Jan 12:02 Hrs

Surya Entry Makar Rashi 14th Jan 18:43 Hrs

Shukra Enters Dhanu Rashi 29th Jan 27:59 Hrs

Budha Entry Makar Rashi 30th Jan 29:53 Hrs

Feb 2011

Surya Entry Kumbha Rashi 13th Feb 07:42 Hrs

Mangal Entry Kumbha Rashi 15th Feb 16:47 Hrs

Budha Entry Kumbha Rashi 18th Feb 17:33 Hrs

Shukra Entry Makar Rashi 24th Feb 30:11 Hrs

March 2011

Budha Entry Meena Rashi 6th March 20:17 Hrs

Surya Entry Meena Rashi 14th March 28:32 Hrs

Shukra Entry Kumbha Rashi 22nd March 12:39 Hrs

Mangal Entry Meena Rshi 25th March 18:37 Hrs

Budha Entry Mesha Rashi 28th March 18:20 Hrs

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|| Shubam Bhavatu ||

Dilip Raut

2010-11 List of Monthly Paurnima - Poornima - Full Moon Day

Dear Devotee, today on the Hindu New Year Day, here i am Posting the list of 2010-11 Paurnima Days...!

30th March 2010 - Chaitra Paurnima - Hanuman Jayanti
28th April 2010 - Adhik Vaishakh Paurnima
27th May 2010 - Buddha Paurnima, important as a Thursday, though not Guru Paurnima.
25th & 26th June 2010 - VaTa Paurnima
25th July 2010 - Guru Paurnima
24th August 2010 - Rakhi Paurnima
23rd September 2010 - Bhadrapada Paurnima, IMP for Thursday
22nd October 2010 - Kojagiri Paurnima
21st November 2010 - Tripurari Paurnima - Very IMP for Mahalakshmi Puja at Kolhapur
21st December 2010 - Margashirsh Paurnima - IMP For Dattatreya Jayanti of 20th Dec.
19th Jan 2011 - Paush Paurnima
18 Feb 2011 - Magha Paurnima
19th March 2011 - Holi Paurnima

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|| Shubham Bhavatu ||


Dear Devotees, Here is the List of Year 2010-11 Amavasya on the Muhurat of Hindu New Year today on the 16th March 2010.

Chaitra Amavasya : 14th April 2010
Adhik Vaishakha Amavasya : 13th & 14th May 2010
Neeja Vaishakha Amavasya : 12th June 2010 - SHANI JAYANTI AT SHANI SHINGNAPUR
Jeshtha Amavasya : 11th July 2010
Ashadh Amavasya : 9th & 10th August 2010 - SOMVATI AMAVSYA
Shravan Amavsya : 8th September 2010
Bhadrapada Amavasya : 7th October - SARVAPITRI AMAVASYA
Ashwin Amavasya : 6th November 2010 - SHANI AMAVASYA AT SHANI SHINGNAPUR
Karthik Amavasya : 5th December 2010
Margashirsha Amavasya : 3rd & 4th January 2011 - SOMVATI AMAVASYA
Paush Amavasya : 2nd Feb 2011
Magh Amavasya : 4th March 2011

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|| Shubham Bhavtu ||