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Times of Rahu Ketu Transit 20219 - 2020 New Book by Shri Dilip Raut

Namaste to all

Here is the Book of Predictions for all Twelve Signs / Rashis....It can work as reference Guide for Next 18 Months and It has Original Sanskrit Shlokas which will pin point the exact effect on Your Sign dureing this Important Transit Period....You can read the Preview by clicking on the Book bellow and if decide to buy it, You can certainly Buy it on Amazon.....The Paperback is also available for sale in America, Europe, China, Japan, Middle East and the Australia.....You can buy it HERE

So get enlightened by the Divine....

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Shri Dilip RAUT

Friday, January 25, 2019

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Meena Rashi - Pisces by Shri Dilip Raut

12. Meena Rashi – Pisces

For Meena Rashi this Rahu Ketu Transit of 2019 is all about Domestic Issues, Parents well being, professional consistency and travel…..the Shastra defines it as follows….

स्वजनतां सुतमित्र सुखं नरो न च् लभेत् सदाभ्रमणं नृणाम् |
This is a very serious observation, It directly suggests that there will be No Happiness of Family, Children, Friends and the person will be aimlessly wandering on distant land….4th House Rahu, Though in Transit gives a Vaastu Dosha as well as A Pitru Dosha as it is the House of Mother and Hence the Person rarely can witness harmonious atmosphere at Home and willingly or unwillingly have to move out of his/her Home and roam around to distant places without any aim and objective…!

It Is certainly Not Great for Your Parents well-being….If You have any Paap Graha or Malefic Planet in Mithun or Sagittarius in your Natal Chart, This Rahu Ketu Transit will be the Most Explosive for you all….With Paap Grahas it gives Murders of Parents, Accidents of Parents, Forcefully some robbers can enter your house and kill the elderly parents etc….It is certainly a problematic phase for your parents and I will advise to Keep someone always with your parents…If Needed install CC Tv cameras for Parental Safety….If Your Parents are physically fit and can take care of theirs then too advise them to take proper safety majors as this Transit is Like the Hanging sword of Damascus on their Head….

Do Not do any property dealings in these 18 Months as I am Sure You will buy some Haunted, Possessed House or Property and it can start the fall of yours in all aspect….If You want to sell some Property then too, be cautious as some wrong deal will happen and you will not get the full money of your property as well as lose the property too….Just Postpone everything for next 18 months….it is certainly advisable…

If You are having your own vehicle or want to buy new vehicle….It will make you go Mad….Defective Vehicles, Some unusual Problems which even your mechanic will not understand can pop up….You vehicle can fail in the middle of road where there is no help for 40-50 Km’s back and forth….If You have some Paap Grahas in these Mithun and Dhanu Rashi then Accidents of Vehicles are promised and it can be fatal and can be deadly….so be cautious about Vehicles….

Ketu on the Other hand suggests कथं यै सुखं पैतृकं वै जनानां तथा कर्मलाभः कथं हृतसुखं स्यात् |It is directly telling that No Paternal Happiness, No Happiness from People, No Professional Happiness and No Gains in terms of Money…..Everything is cent percent Negative….And that is absolutely tried and tested….You will certainly see how your parents suffer and you yourself will suffer professionally and Job Losses, Humiliation, Insults in Office, Demotion, No Increment, No Pay Rise, Office Politics will make you go mad…You will be either sacked or you yourself will quit from your Job or Profession….If In Business be ready for Heavy Losses and Major cash Crunch….

I think, you people certainly need my Help….Write to me on the bellow mentioned contact points and we can take it ahead and see to it that it becomes a Happy Ride for You All…..My Blessings!!!!!

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

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Shri Dilip RAUT

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Kumbha Rashi - Aquarius by Shri Dilip Raut

11. Kumbha Rashi – Aquarius

So for Kumbha Rashi, it is all about Children, Child Birth, Love, Romance, Creativity and Loss of Important Friends as well as Influential People…..

The Shastra narrates it as
सुतोत्पत्ति सिंहिकायाः सुतोभामिनिचिन्तया चित्ततापः | 

Those Just married or want to Plan a Child will be blessed with Children but there is a catch….Since Rahu is in Putra Sthana for you people, there will be some issues mentioned as सर्पशापात सुतक्षयः | this means that the Sarpa Pasha or Naag Pasha is active and due to that there is the danger of Loss of Child or miscarriage or abortion or some or the other complex conditions due to which there will be a question mark in the delivery of the child….Many a times premature delivery, still born child birth is observed…! The remedy for the same is नागप्रतिष्ठया पुत्रप्रप्तिः |Yes, Establishing The Idol of Naaga or Snake at some temple or Holy Place and doing the Naag Pooja as per Shastra will bless the couple with The Child…!

If You are in Love or in relationship, This will be a Good Phase….If You are already married then there are chances that you might fall in love with someone else, Yes, Extra Marital Affair is Promised in this Phase…If You are a protective parent and your daughter or son has the Kumbha Lagna or Kumbha Rashi, then You better do proper counseling of your children as they will get into relationship and that can imbalance the harmony and peace of the family and you can face mass hatred etc due to the children’s relationship….If You have the Kumbha Lagna in your Kundali or Kumbha Rashi then you better be cautious in your illicit relations…It can bring in Bad Name and defamation from all corners of the Society.

Do not expect great things if you are a student, but if you are excited about learning some Occult Vidya or Education, then this is the great Time….Ideal for Devi Worship and The Goddess will Bless you with all that you need and deserve….

You will be concerned and worried about the well being of your children and spouse….

On the Other Hand Ketu is suggesting सुभाग्यो सुविद्यधिको दर्शनीय दरे पीड्यति संततिः दुर्भगा च् | Good Fortune, Progress in Studies of Vidyas or any stream of Vedic Wisdom and again reiterating the Misfortune to and from the Children….

On Personal and professional front there will be fights, quarrels, misunderstandings with Close Friends and with Important Influential People of Your Life…You will certainly create a bad name and bad image of yours and lose some of them who could have made your destiny….But that’s the trend of the times….If You are destined to lose some of your close Friends and associates, let it be…may be just because of losing them you can witness a new dawn in your Life….and Losses due to Ketu is nothing but a cleaning exercise….sometimes its good to remove the clutter of the House, you feel lot more easy, comfortable and enjoy the space freely….

The Shastra proudly underlines one fact loudly and clearly and it is,
“भाग्यम् फ़लति सर्वत्रम् न च् विद्या न च् पौरुषम ||”, It Is Only your Fate which is fruitful everywhere, always and not your Education or (Masculinity or) Your Professional Expertise…..Only Fate or Destiny is reliable, rest everything is just for the sake of it….

So Just take care of your Children, Lover and If You ever thought of Learning Any Vidya like Astrology etc, do not dare to Learn it from anywhere….I am There to Teach You…-J Happy to Help

And if Possible Just stay good with friends unless and until you reach a Phase where you have to Say E N O U G H !!!

Rest for any kind of Issues, Consultation, Remedies, Poojas etc you can always connect with me and I will be there for all of you….My Blessings!!!

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

||शुभं भवतू ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Makar Rashi - Capricorn by Shri Dilip Raut

10.  Makar Rashi – Capricorn

Ok, so Makar Rashi – Capricorn People….Its going to be a win win situation for you People…All The Marital Discords will be settled and you can breathe a sigh of relief….Last 18 months I am sure There must be too many things which made your Life a Hell like situation and you must have had gone through a Lot…Now the time is Changing and changing for the best….

If You have any court cases, be it Divorce or any other case you will win it on your terms….The Shastra defines it as….रिपुनामरण्यं दहेदेव राहुः स्थिरम् मानसं तत्तुला नो पृथिव्यां | all your enemies and opponents will die their own deaths….you will proved to be a bitter enemy of enemies and you will hit the last nail in their coffin….at the same time your emotional and mental balance will be impeccable and such resolve and focus will be rarely found in any Living Entity….So You will Be The Great Karma Yogi with Focus, Determination, Consistency and Grit….

बलं बुद्धिविर्यं धनं तद्वषेन स्थितोवैरिभावे एषाम् जनानां | You will blessed with Strength, Wisdom, Potency and Wealth….What more you can ask for….Strength to do whatever you dreamt of, Wisdom to Jusdge the Things in a rightful manner, No Matter you will be separated from spouse or Not, You will get the happiness of your sexual Life, and the Nature is showering Abundant Wealth Upon You….So in real terms it is a Great Phase for all of you Makar Rashi People….

On The Other Hand Ketu is alarming on some Health conditions….शिखिरि:फ़गो वस्ति गुह्याञ्च् नेत्रे रुजपीडनम् | Lower abdominal area, anal system, eyes, feet and menstrual complications in ladies will be observed in this phase….It also underlines the same results mentioned earlier about Destruction of Enemies, Royalty, Authority and Commanding, Demanding Nature…. सदा राजतुल्यं नरम् सद्व्ययम् तद् रीपुनांविनाशं || It is certainly a Royal Combination….Just a one word of caution….Since the Ketu Rahu axis is falling in the 12-6 Houses, it also activates the Yoga for Accidents, Burns, cuts, fall, getting electrocuted etc hence take care during crossing roads, climbing up or down and driving etc…..Rest all is Great for You People…..

Remember this is Not going to be a Cozy Relaxed phase where you are chilling out and having Fun, This is going to be an action packed bollywood drama, There will emotions, fights, quarrels, fun, comedy, black comedy and what not….It is going to make you a workaholic and a Karmayogi….With your Karma you will achieve all of those things mentioned above….If I am saying destruction of enemies, then the enemies will be there for sure and for winning over them you need to confront them, fight with them….so make yourself ready to face things and enjoy the fruits of your Karma….

And in this Ride of yours, if you need my Help for Guidance, remedies etc….always there for you all….You can connect with me and we will take it ahead successfully, for SURE….

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

|| शुभं भवतू ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Dhanu Rashi - Sagittarius by Shri Dilip RAUT

9.   Dhanu Rashi – Sagittarius

Ok Dhanu Rashi People, Since Rahu is in your 7th House and Ketu is in Your Rashi, And Since Ketu is the Body and Rahu is the Head…..You are into a real weird condition right now….The Shastra defined it in a Single word and it is So Apt and So defining that no other elaboration is required for the same….It says वेतालम् भवेत् |You will Become a Vetaalaa or the King of Ghost…..Ha ha ha…..This is certainly a great definition….You will be A Body with a Ghost Spirit riding over You….You will be Inhuman, Illogical, Threat to the Humanity and Your own People….A Curse in Itself….always into wrong things……Moral of the Story B E W A R E….!!! These 18 Months you will become a Demon and Monstrous Activity, Devilish Thinking will Ruin You and these things will haunt you for next 18 Years…..This is the Time to Introspect your Words, Speech, Actions and Karma….You are going to do Lot of Harm To Your Own Self and Only You will be Responsible for the Fall of Yours….You will certainly Not have a Respectful Place In this world of Humans….

Having said so, this is certainly a great phase for Learning Black Magic, Aghor Tantra, Magical Spells, Supernatural and Paranormal Activity, Jaran Maran Tantra, Pret Sadhana, Smashan Sadhana and related Occult Vidyas or Shastras….Whatever is against the Human Traditions and set customs, You can Learn That…and Can use it in a rightful manner for rest of the Life for Sure….Now since these are the Vidya, Sadhanas and Kriyas which are extremely dangerous and can put your life at stake, and not only this Life, if you do something wrong, it can haunt you for next several Lives, and hence You must and Must Learn it from some Guru, Guide or a Learned person Only…..Only Guided Sadhanas and Vidya can be Helpful, else as it is mentioned, You can enter wrongly into the world of the Dead and Then it can be a Curse for your next several Births for Sure…..

Lets further understand what is in store for next 18 months….

The Shastra further says that, जायाविरोधम खलु वा प्रणाशं प्रचण्डरूपामथकोपयुक्तम | विनाशंचरेत सप्तमेसैंहिकैय: कलत्रादिनाशम करोत्येवनित्यं ||

It is all related with Your Marriage, Marital Life and Spouse….In These 18 Months You will go mad over your relations with your spouse…Separation by means of death, divorce or distance is certain as Your spouse and you will be always in difference of opinion, will start getting angry on him / her and eventually this anger will get converted into Hate, Rage, Frustration, Fear, Anxiety, Trauma….You will roam to distant places aimlessly, even getting away from the Spouse for wandering will not be fruitful and it will only promise destruction of your relationship…..

The Spouse will be extremely difficult to handle and always quarrelsome, fighting and nagging and do whatever you can you will not be able to save the Bond of Marriage….

The Wife will have N Number of Physical Health Hazards and especially Her Menstruation, Periods, Uterus issues will create major problems….There will be No Sexual Intimacy between the Partners and due to No Happiness in Physical Relations, People will try to accept other ways to satisfy his / her sexual needs….Adultery is common in this combination and it is better to have a temporary separation for 2-3 months than to break the bond permanently….!

Ketu also Promising almost same results as it says बान्धव क्लेषकर्ता तथा दुर्जनेभ्यो भयं व्याकुलत्वम् | भार्या विनाशम तदा रोगवृध्हिः भवेत्घात्पातः || that you will be a reason of the problems to your coborns / siblings and fraternity…You will make their life worse by asking help and reiterating whatever you have done for them in your good times…You will cross all your limits to humiliate, insult them and make them fall in their own eyes, hence your own people will maintain distance from you and you will be forced to be left alone, stresses and helpless….      

You will be afraid of The Unknown Dangers which cannot be understood by Human Minds…at the same time there will be fear of wrong people as you must be having something to hide, you must be doing something which if revealed some wrong people can take advantage of the same….There will be no peace of mind and day by day your Emotional, Mental and Physical Health will deteriorate….There are chances of some Assault and you are prone to getting Hit by Weapons, Vehicles or a Physical Assault by someone…..

Your Public Perception and Image will Hit the Nadir….means you will see the Lowest point of your Public Life in these Times and will Lose all Respect, Repute and will face major Public Hatred and Social Boycott….

So it’s a major problematic Phase for You….I will advise you to Lie Low and Practice some Sadhanas or some Kriyas in these 18 months which can help you in coming times…Do Not try to establish yourself in Public Domain as the Nature is Not Supportive….

I think you certainly need my Help to use this Transit to its greatest strengths and take full advantage of this and to turn the table around in a positive sense….You can always write to me for some special secret and sacred remedies which can bring in the fortune for you and control the damage of this Transit….You can connect me any time, Happy to Help - J My Blessings to You All…..

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

|| शुभं भवतू ||

Shri Dilip Raut

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Vrischik Rashi - Scorpio by Shri Dilip RAUT

8. Vrischik Rashi – Scorpio 

Ok, Scorpions….Almost all the Classical texts suggest wrong effects of this Rahu Transit. Certainly Since the Transit is happening from the House of Death and Rahu is The Grahana Karaka….Wrongs can automatically get associated with this Transit….But in every wrong, there is also scope and hope for some great right things…Lets explore it in detail….

The Shastra defines it as अष्ठमो रोगन्वितं पापरतं प्रगल्भं | You will be prone to Diseases, physical discomforts and illness in these 18 months time. You will commit many sins and wrongs as well….the most important reason for this is the Need for Money and Urge for wealth Creation. You will have an eye on others Properties and wealth and will successfully Rob Others, Cheat Others…..This is sad as this is the Not the Righteous way of Wealth Creation…But That’s going to be Your fate for next 18 Months….You will have to face the consequences of this after these 18 Months and you will even create Karma which will have to repay you in your next several births to come….as Shastra defines this Nidhansthana or House of Death as गत्यानुगत्यः or the House of Many past and future Lives....!

It also suggests that you will become Pragalbha or Thoughtful, Creative….Certainly one needs lots of brain to fool people….all those people who con the Masses on the name of Religion, Spirituality, Ponzy Monetary schemes, Instant doubling of money in short span of time, Multi Level Marketing they all have this Kind of Rahu in their 8th House and they amass huge wealth by cheating and robbing others….In Kaliyuga some will say this Rahu is a Blessing….Yes we have seen so many businessmen from India migrating to Other countries by Looting the Poor People….They are having a Royal and Luxurious Life….Its your own choice whether you want to fool people for Instant Money or Use the same Planetary configuration for creating a Legacy in Public Life…..I Leave it on to You to Decide….

To support this it further underlines what I say चौरं,कृशं,कापुरुषं धनाढ्यम् मायासमेतं | It directly predicts that you will be a Thief or robber, You will be a weak by bodily constitution in these 18 months, You will become a Coward and cunning Person But Still manage to become Wealthy and Mayavi or Blessed with All the Luxuries’ and Pleasures of this Material World….

One more Important aspects of this Transit is The word Mayavi….Maaya in itself is the Supernatural Powers of this world….Since 8th House is the House of Occult it will certainly give you the benefits of these Supernatural Powers….You will meet some Guru, Guide, Astrologer, Occultist who can certainly activate the Positive sides of this Rahu and can make you a Great Success in these 18 Months….I have seen People in search of that One single thing which can open the doors of the Hidden Treasure for them, It Just need that One Thing, One Sutra, One Mantra or One Guru, Guide….This is your Time to find that Thing or that Person….Keep your doors open, Let your Mind be Open to any Occult, Supernatural, Tantrik, Mantrik suggestion….Do not out rightly reject any suggestion….The Time is fertile for Blessings of Rahu in a real manner….some kind of activation is needed…It can be Initiated by the Help of Some Siddha Purusha or Guru, Guide….Keep Listening and your heart will tell you about the right person….Nature is miraculous….It listens to the rightfully done Kriyas….and I am sure If You are reading this then you are at the right Place….Let’s do activation of this Rahu once and for all to shower you with all the Grace of the Universe in a Rightful Manner….You can always connect with me for the same….Happy to Help-J

You will be Honored by Authorities and the Learned People and You will disown your own People. In Such Transits, You will Understand the Reality of your relations and your own People….You will understand that No one is bothered about you, You did Lot about Everyone but Now No one is having any concern about you, rather your own people are spoiling your name and reputation….Once you understand this fact the result will be nothing less than disowning them and focusing on your own welfare and well being….Success is the best answer for everything….

Ketu on the other hand suggests धन धन्य नाशो च् कुटुम्बात् विरोधो | Loss of Wealth and Foodgrains and Opposition from your own family members…..This is underlying the same facts what Rahu is saying in a Much Loud and Clear ways….Why Rahu will do what he wants is based on these principles of Ketu’s Effects….Since you are concerned and worried about your wellbeing and no family member is supportive of you, you are push to the wall….AND IT IS Human Nature that he or she will do something to salvage his / her interests…Once you understand that world is Very Cruel with you….You will flung into action and take full advantage of the Rahu’s Grace and make your Fortune….off course by using some wrong means to fool people and amass a Great Wealth and Huge Fortune….

It Further suggests what will happen once you earn a Fortune out of your wicked brain games….it says रुक्षवाणि तथा नृपाद द्रव्यचिन्ता || you will become bitter, your speech will become bitter and will heart many who have had helped you to reach the Position and you will make enemies due to your wrong and cruel speech and words….and with that you will be faced with some Complaints, court cases, Tax Notices and will Live under the Fear of Losing your wealth to Government or Tax Authorities…..Wow, in few words it describes the entire flow of Activity…that’s the beuty of Shastra and Sanskrit Language….You are smart enough to understand what to Do and what to Not Do.

Overall I am telling you, if You use this Transit in a Rightful manner, I am sure You will Do Great and can write your own Destiny….If you use all wicked means to create the Wealth, It will be a Joyride for some time, but eventually It will be a Shocking and Sudden fall from the Position….So Use Your Mind and Common Sense Dear….

And If You really want to to make it Big and take full advantage of this Transit….You can certainly connect with me and I will do some Secret, Sacred Remedies to Activate the Positivity of this Rahu for You….Remember these 18 Months can set the Tone for your entire Life Time….So Take Advatage of the same….My Blessings to all of You….!

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

|| शुभं भवतू ||

Shri Dilip Raut

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Tula Rashi - Libra by Shri Dilip Raut

7.        Tula Rashi – Libra

राहौ धर्मस्थे धर्मनाशः वै भ्रमणं नरस्यधर्महिनो कर्महिनो निर्धनो अतिधुर्तो धुर्तप्रियः || This is a Good Transit though Shastra defines it in some Problematic manner…Lets understand it in detail so that you people can put your curiosity at rest….

Rahu’s transit in particular for you Librans in 2019 – 2020 is going to be Fortunate….so why the Shastra is suggesting all wrong effects…That’s because you will become a rebellious person….You will question the set Traditions and Customs….You will reject the age old principles of religion and spirituality…You will be having your own views and opinions and you will disown your own religion and the Principles of your own traditions….

The deep churning of Beliefs, Truth and Reality will keep you busy in this phase….I Personally believe that you need to question things in a logical manner….a few things are certainly above Logic and where Logic ends wisdom begins…But an inquiry into your own belief system is a must…This is a time to understand the same thing….If You do not have any Planet in Mithun or Gemini in your Natal Chart, I am sure the results of this Inner Churning will be almost Positive…But if you have any Planets in Mithun in Natal Chart, Then it is a question mark and that time whatever the Shastra says above can be true in its every sense for sure…In Such conditions You Might change your religion, Might Disown your own Religion and Customs, Might become an Atheist and roam around Places aimlessly….

In Ideal conditions You will be Very Positive if there is no Planet in Mithun Rashi in your Chart…You will understand some sacred principle or Sutra of Shastra or Religion and can create your own set of Views, Opinions and Understanding of the same….

So Basically You will question the Dharma or Religion and Spirituality and set traditions….This is a Good Yoga for Foreign Tours, Foreign Settlements…

The Shastra further says that You will be Nirdhana or Poor….For Miracles one needs to have the Hunger…Without Hunger No Rebellion will Happen….If You are Hungry for Wealth then only You will see the Sources from where you can create Wealth….In The Start of transiting phase, You might not be in the Great Financial State, but as the Transit moves ahead….as the Rahu starts gaining strength You will start gaining Money and Wealth….Remember a Hungry person for Food will always see Food everywhere and will even be successful in having and eating it, A Alcoholic can get alcohol in the dead of night as well, a Drug Addict will do anything to get his Drugs….Similarly a Hungry Person for Money and Wealth, with the Blessings of this Rahu will be successful in achieving his target to become Wealthy….Its just the Matter of HUNGER…..

It further says that You will be Dhoorta or a Cunning Person, Deceitful Person, a Shrewd and a Crook….and you will Love the company of Such People….So with Deception, Misdirection, Crooked Nature You will certainly have an eye on others Wealth and will be successful in Making them Pay you themselves….That’s the reason the Shastra termed this Transit so wrong….But on this Planet, we encounter all types of People….If You are destined to be blessed by these so called Smart Ways of Earning money and creation Wealth….What can one say…Just Bow Down To Rahu Maharaj and do Your Karma….Just keep in Mind that whatever You do, do Not Heart People emotionally….People should realized that they have given you their money or wealth but at the same time they must appreciate your smartness, charm and Loving Touch….

On The Other Side Ketu is Giving results as follows….शिखी विक्रमे शत्रुनाशं वादम् | भवेद् बन्धुनाशः सदा बाहुपीडा ||  It is certainly making You a Self made person in these 18 Months. All Your Enemies will be destroyed and there will be some or the other issues in Life…Quarrels, Fights and confrontations will be the tone of this Transit and It is certainly a wrong Transit in Terms of your Siblings or coborns….At The same time Neck, Shoulder and Hand Issues can create Physical discomfit and diseases…so take care o those parts of the Body….

Overall this is the Time to test Your own Beliefs and Try New Things to explore the Best of the Possibilities Rahu and Ketu are offering You…This is a Phase of Creating a New Persona who has his own Views, Opinions and Understanding of all aspects of Life…..Its a New Beginning for You all I am Sure and You will Interact with Foreigners, Can Settle on Foreign Land, Can roam around distant places and foreign countries….So Go On…..Life is offering something Great….Come out of your Cocoon, Question Things, Venture into new things…come out of your comfort zone…Life is Much more than you think or believe….It’s a Ride To Explore Life at its Best….The Nature will be Your Teacher…..And any time in your Journey, If You Need my Help….Always there for you People….Happy to Help!!!

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

|| शुभं भवतु ||

Shri Dilip Raut

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Kanya Rashi - Virgo by Shri Dilip Raut

6.    Kanya Rashi – Virgo

सदाम्लेंच्छसंग अतीवगर्व राहू  मानिनी कामिनि भोगमुचै | पितुः नो सुखं शत्रुनाशम करोति भुमिनाशोभयान इष्ट स्वजन विद्वेषं च राहौ || That’s the way the Shastra defines this Rahu Transit for you all Kanya People…Lets understand it in detail….

This Rahu Transit is a Blessing in Terms of Professional Excellence and Rise. You will rub shoulders with who’s who of Industry and Society. New Opportunities will be served on a Platter for You and all the seniors, Bosses, Clients, Partners will want to be associated with You….When The Time Is Good, Everyone will want to be with You….So be Open, forget past differences and move on. Remember the Power of being Successful work as an Intoxicant and Nothing better answer than The Success to all of those who questioned your Capacities and Abilities….You will arrive in Life in these 18 Months Time…

Sitting at One Place you will become an International Figure…Almost Certain that you will work with Very Influential and Powerful People, Will mingle with Foreigners and Foreign Clients or Partners…If You want to work in a MNC, This is the Time. If You want to spread your business in multiple countries and continents, then this is the Time…Do Not Stop Now…Spread Your wings and Let The Sky be in Your Feet…

With this Kind of Tremendous Success ride, cent percent chances that you will develop Lot of EGO…That’s a  Problematic feature of this Transit….Just control it if you really want to take full advantage of this Fruitful Phase….

The Shloka further says that You will mingle with Royal and Sensuous Women and will be in Intimate relations with them….If You are married…Beware….It Can put your marriage into a Major Problematic Zone.

This is certainly a Problematic Transit in terms of Parents well being…The Good side is that Rahu Ketu has the strength of Rashi Bala as they are exalted in their respective Signs…But Still if you have any Graha in Your Natal Chart in Mithun or Dhanu, Then this can activate the Yoga for Parental Sufferings….

This is certainly a Time Frame where all Your enemies and opponents will die their own death…Shatru Nasha or Complete decimation of Enemies is promised….

Property matters, Land, House etc must be done with proper care as some or the other dispute, litigation etc can disturb you in this time-frame….

You will be not in Good Terms with your own People and will hate them like anything….On The other hand Ketu is promising a few things as well and it is as follows…

चतुर्थे चमातुः सुखेनो कदाचित सुहृद्वरगतः पैतृकम नाशयन्ति | शिखिसुखे सुखम स्वोच्चगैहे चिरम न वसेत स्वेगृहे व्यग्रताचेत || 

Your Parents, Fraternity will suffer badly, the breather in this is that the Rashi Bala or Inherent strength of Ketu due to Exaltation Rashi can reduce some major problems to Parents and Fraternity…But still they are at the receiving end…and I Mean it…..

It will keep you out of your House or You may Travel a Lot regarding your work or business and will be always busy for the same….

So Apart from Parents Well Being and Problems in Property matters…may things are really Great for you People….And since now you know what aspects of Your Life you need to be careful of, the ride will become more safe and interesting…Isn’t it so…? So Just Get Set Ready and Go with the Flow….The Shadow Planets are shining brightly for you all….and If You want to take full advantage by some rarest of Rare miraculous remedial measures, you can always connect with me….Happy To Help…..!!!

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

|| शुभं भवतु ||

Shri Dilip Raut

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Singha Rashi - Leo by Shri Dilip RAUT

5. Singha Rashi – Leo

For Singha Rashi It is certainly a Promising Transit and Rahu in Particular will be a Boon in The Labha Sthana or House of Gain….Lets Understand the specific results in detail….

The Shastra defines it as 

सदा म्लेंछतो अर्थम् सदावित्तप्राप्तिः चतुरजनमित्रः मतिश्चांडो गर्वः हरेद धूर्त बन्धुः |

This means the person will mingle with people from different ethnicity and communities….His own people are of no use….Only Mlenchha or other community, ethnicity or even a foreigner can write his/her destiny…! In general I can bet on this that in these 18 months you will befriend some Very Influential People and these New found Affluent people will write your destiny…So be good to people, be humble, Go an extra mile to help friends and influential people of your Life….Remember a couple of such people can Give you Lifetime of work or New Projects or give you an opportunity which will turn the table around for Lifetime….

Wealth and Money will always be there and day by day you will become more Wealthy….Your friends will be very Smart and their Smartness will be beneficial for you….Since it’s a very fertile and positive phase you will certainly be proud of your achievements, Pride is Great but remember it should not turn into EGO. There are chances that You will become Egoistic and in turn can lose many new and promising things of Life….Beware of Your own Coborns as they can make a Hole in Your Pocket….Yes, In Such span siblings can be a Burden as their Problems will keep popping up and eating your finances….

A Hearing disorder can also happen for some time in this Period…So Ears care is advisable….

On The Other Hand Ketu is Saying सोदरे घात वात आदी कष्ठं स्वबुद्धिव्यथा दासोभवेत वीर्ययुक्तो नरोपि |

Means Misfortune of coborns / Siblings, Misfortune by using your own Intellect….Yes, this aspect is really troublesome as only you can harm your Progress Yourself….Do not trust your intellect, take help and advice from your friends and influential people of your Life….If You trust Others You will go Long way…If You Trust Your Own Intelligence, fall from position is certain….

The Last and the Important Learning is that You will serve someone though you can Rule Yourself….Now what we need to understand here is that sometimes it is better to Not Be in the Driving Seat and Enjoy The Ride, Instead of taking the Pain of Driving yourself with full alertness….So Enjoy The Ride…Let someone Drive for You……

The Most Important thing here for newly Married couples or for people who want to Plan a Child in this 18 months….It is certainly not a Fertile Phase for child Birth….If You can Postpone the Child, that will be great…but if the Child has to be born in these 18 Months, then there are threats of miscarriage, abortion, some or the other issues with the child….Proper care is advisable and the Delivery of the Child will be only possible with C-Section or Cesarean Delivery…..

If you are studying something then this is not the right time and hence do not expect good score etc….Just Pass the Year somehow….

And If You want to take full advantage of this Transit with some specialized Kriyas, You can reach me for Sure…Happy to Help!!!

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

|| शुभम भवतु ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

Monday, January 21, 2019

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019-2020 Predictions for Karka Rashi - Cancer by Shri Dilip RAUT

4. Karka – Cancer

Karka or Cancer people, this Rahu Ketu Transit is Happening in your 12-6 Axis and The Tone of the Transit is Foreign Affairs, Settling on Foreign Land, Foreign Trips, Health and Diseases…..Next 18 months these areas of Life will see major activity and I am Sure Much of Positivity will be witnessed by you people….Lets check the specific Predictions for you all…..

So first and foremost the Shastra describes it asविदेशवासी | or one who settles in Foreign Land….So those of you who cherished the dream of settling on a foreign Land, This is certainly your time as the timing is absolutely fertile….

The next is कान्तावियुक्त| means there will be issues with the spouse or you will be devoid of a Spouse….so need to work towards maintaining harmony in your marital Life….it further says सुखेच्छहिनः धर्मार्थहीनो | Happiness and Satisfaction will be under a question mark though you will achieve your target of relocating yourself on foreign land….certainly all your desires can not be fulfilled at one go, some or the other void will always be there….so just try to be happy in whatever you have…do not run behind what you do not have….also it suggests that you will be not so religious in this span of 18 months or rather try to use religion, spirituality to make money or to take advantage of it…..

On Health side it certainly a concern about eyes and feet….    नेत्रेच रोगं कीलपादघातम |The axis of 12-6 House causes Accidents and permanent Physical handicap cannot be ruled out….Hence major caution is advisable on that front….

The Ketu will cause Humiliation, Insults and make you fall in your own eyes, it is defined as मानभंगो
Just be low Profile and try to pass this time to reclaim your Lost Respect….There will certainly be enemies and jealous people around but this Ketu is destroyer of enemies… रिपुनाम विनाशश्च | Court Cases, Litigations, general animosity will be witnessed but you will come out as a winner for sure due to the Ketu Krupa or blessings of Ketu.  तुछवित्तम | means Ketu will eat lot of money and there will be always worry and concern about your financial well being.

So overall this is a phase of Foreign affairs and Health Issues….Enjoy your foreign stay and take care of your eyes and Legs….

For personalized readings and any kind of remedial Help, You can contact me as mentioned bellow….

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019-2020 Predictions for Mithun Rashi - Gemini by Shri Dilip RAUT

3. Mithun – Gemini

Ok, Mithun / Gemini People The Transit is happening in your Rashi and Hence it is certainly an Important Phase for you all….For Mithun Rashi it’s a bit tacky to understand the results….Let’s divide this into two segments, 1. People who are having Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign as Mithun/Gemini and 2. People born with Mithun / Gemini Ascendant and some other Moon Sign.

If you fall in the first category where you will have the same Sign Mithun as your Lagna and Rashi, Means You have Moon in Mithuna at the time of your Birth and the rising sign is also Mithun then it is going to be a bit of Problematic Phase since it becomes the Grahan Yoga and Rahu will be eclipsing Your Natal or Janma Moon or Chandra. If You are Born with Mithun Lagna/ Ascendant Sign and the Chandra Rashi is different then it will be much better Transit for You for Sure….I will personally advise for a Personalised Readings for Mithun Ascendant as well as Moon Sign People as it is an Important Transit for all of You and is setting up the Tone, Dasha and Disha of next 18 Years of your Life….Anyway, Lets Understand the impact of this Transit on Your Lagna or Rashi….

Since The Rahu will be in Your Rashi / Lagna you will be a different person all together….You will hate your own people and will be working with Other Community, Other ethnicity People. This is a Good Yoga to work with foreigners….There will be complete change in your Outlook, Speech, Behavior and You will be showing Off a Lot….If You are having same Lagna and Rashi then your show off will put you in a major problem and it can make you face mass hatred and Ire and Fire of People…the Shastra says राहु यत्रस्य तत्र कृष्णलांछनम | means you will face a big Blot on your Personality and Activity….Face Blemish and due to that can face major public hatred….Hence be cautious and do not be over adventurous….Remember this is a Phase of 18 months, after that you will be back to your present condition and hence Let not temporary positional elevation make you feel that you are supreme….The Moment you feel that you reached some position in Life, Your fall will begin….Hence control your excitement and respect people….Over confidence may make you regret for Lifetime….

Those people with Mithun Chandra, will be the worst Hit and certainly need Help….for Personalised readings and Help, You can connect me on my contact given at the end of the predictions….

This Rahu also makes one दुष्टमतिः| You will become a Person with wicked mindset….with over smartness Will do hundreds of wrongs शतापराधम| and will have to face the consequences… You will forget the Help you received from other noble people and instead of Gratitude and being humble, will show off your arrogance and tantrums… कृतघ्नों नरः|

Since Rahu and Chandra will be in Mithuna, Your Face, Mouth, Head, ENT issues will pop up….Even your full body is prone to some or the other disease or distress, The Shastra defines it as सर्वांगरोगी |

It further says like विकलाह कुमूर्तिः अधार्मिकः कुकर्मः || means weak body, unpleasant face and personality, will not be religious and will do many wrong deeds…..Oh that’s too much of wrong things at one place….and the base of that is the sudden and instant success due to this Rahu….With more success and money you should be humble and thankful to the almighty like a Tree laden with fruits bends towards the ground….Straight trees broke midway….Hence be Humble and enjoy whatever this Rahu Blesses You with…Ego, Pride and Unnecessarily Loving yourself Too Much will create all the wrongs for you and you will regret it for next 18 years….

On the Other hand Ketu is creating some troubles and the Shastra defines it as कलत्रादिपीड़ाः व्ययो व्यग्रताः न मानं प्रभूणाम कृपा विकृता || this one single line covers many aspects of your Life….Firstly Ketu will spoil your married Life, why? Because since you will get some instant success, You will also get attention from other opposite sex members and hence extra marital affairs etc are possible….or simply you will neglect your spouse and that will mark the beginning of your marital issues….Since the entire Lifestyle is changed, you will certainly be spending a Lot and Hence will be busy managing your expenses and finances….Due to your arrogance you will do many mistakes and hence can be punished by the authorities and can be imprisoned or Jailed for some time….In this Journey you will lose all your respect, repute and will become Vikruta or strange and ugly in Public Life….

God, it’s too much a tight rope walk for you people….You certainly need my Help….May Rahu and Ketu Help and Bless you in keeping you Grounded and Happy…..

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

|| शुभम भवतु ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Vrishabh Rashi - Taurus by Shri Dilip Raut

2. Vrishabh – Taurus

Vrishabh or Taurus People it’s a mixed result for you….This Rahu Ketu Transit will be Helpful in some manner but mostly it’s a time to be cautious….Its all about Your Finances, Wealth and Health if I have to put it in one line….Lets check what does this Transit of Rahu Ketu has in store for you for the next 18 Months….

Rahu is The Grahan Karaka or the seizure….He Eats the Sun and Moon symbolically which causes the Eclipses…Rahu doesn't know where to Stop and this is The One Defining Quality of Rahu which specifically gives the Good, Bad or Ugly Results. So the base Line of this motion of the Rahu Ketu is, You must Know where to Stop!!!

Since Rahu is transiting from the House of Family, Finance, Food, Mouth and Speech….Exponential Growth in all these aspects of Life is promised….But as briefed earlier, anything Too Much is a Problem in itself….So You might eat and drink a Lot which will create havoc in your Health….You might start a new Habit of smoking, drinking or might eat unusual stuff which you were not comfortable up till now or might switch to Non Veg, Spicy, Oily food etc….Some or the other Abnormality in your Eating Patterns is on the card and excess of eating will create physical and medical issues….

The Shastra says मुखरतन्कितः | means you will speak a Lot, and due to the speech might create enemies, why? Because in the flow of the speech you might tell lot of lies unnecessarily and those Lies will get you caught and people will start hating you…the Shastra defines it as सदामिथ्यावादि always, only Lies will come out of your Mouth…so let not your words spoil your prospects of life and happiness….

It also defines this as विषयानृपदण्ड: | So you will also get addicted with Vices or wrong habits of smoking, drinking and eating wrong type of food…This is also a Yoga to become a Drug Addict, trying different drugs, LSD, Psychedelic Drugs etc….So beware…do not fall in the Trap of Destiny….When things are in Abundance….Live a Humble and low profile Life…Do Not Show Off Your Affluence and get carried away…these things start as a Fun, One Time Adventure but Once You fall in the Trap, recovery is very Hard and It can cost your all wealth, Respect, Repute and finally Health….so be cautious….Distant Family members can set the Trap for You and You can be a Pray at the Hands of this Rahu Transit….It also means that due to all these Vices you might commit some crime and will be punished by the Authorities…So Imprisonment, Jail, Isolation, Confinement etc is Possible due to this Yoga….Hence it’s a forewarning for you if you are reading this…Once you know that the problem is there, half the battle is won….

The Shastra further defines it as कृतचौरवृत्तिः | परर्थाधीन |Since Rahu is in the House of Finances, There will be Hunger for Money, Creation of Wealth and Opportunities to create easy money will be served on a Platter to You! People will approach you and offer money for doing their work…If You are into Accounts, Purchase, CA, Client Servicing, Purchase Dept, Auditor or dealing with financial settlements etc there will be opportunities to Earn from your clients for settling their bills etc….Black Money, Under the table Money, Easy Money, Unearned Money all can be realized in this time frame…But remember….if you accept it, It can Ruin your Life for next several Years to come and you will regret your malpractices for Lifetime…It’s a Trap….You should know where to stop, Where to Say a “BIG NO”.

Your attitude will be Like a Thief or Robber and you will have an Eye on Others Money and can become successful in your attempt to make some quick and easy money as well….but as briefed earlier, it’s a Trap of Destiny and I am forewarning You to Not fall Prey to the same and ruin your Life..

Ketu on the Other Hand is creating Health Issues….the Shastra narrates it as गुदेपीडा भयम् वाहनादेः वक्त्ररोगी दन्तघातिः स्वल्पायुः अरिष्टं विरहं So Piles, Anal System Disorders can create problems in Life….If You are a Biker or Drive your vehicle yourself then Accidents are certain and you will be down with a Major Accident for several days for sure in this time frame….Hospitalization is on the cards….Mouth and Teeth diseases or Issues can also disturb you in this time frame…..Threat to Life and Lonivity and separation from your own people is on the cards….

Remember these Predictions are for ideal conditions where you do not have any Planet in Mithun or Dhanu Rashi in your Birth Chart….If You have any Planet, and I mean any planet in these signs in the Natal Chart the results can be more severe…In Such Cases you Need a Personalized Reading and for that You can connect me with the bellow mentioned ways…

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

|| शुभं भवतु ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 -2020 - Predictions for Mesha Rashi - Aries by Shri Dilip Raut

1.       Mesha – Aries

Mesha Rashi / Aries People get ready for a wonderful, action packed, full on life changing eventful span of 18 months….Rahu Ketu Transit of 2019 is a Blessing for you people….All your property matters, disputes, Professional imbalance and inconsistency is going to an end with this Transit….You will be relieved of all the domestic issues which must have disturbed you in last 18 months, Career will now see stability and growth and Overall a Happy and Promising phase for all of you….Yes if you have any planet in Mithun [Gemini] and/or Dhanu [Sagittarius], then you will need my personalized reading, but if you see no planet in these signs in your birth Kundali or Horoscope, Just relax, chill and let the Nature do good to you….

Lets understand in detail what are the implications of this 3-9 axis of Rahu Ketu for you People….The Shastra defines this Transit as भुजविक्रमिः |भाग्यैश्वर्य संपन्नः|जगन्न्मित्रः | This means you will become a self made person in this time frame, work flow and working capacity of yours will be impeccable and you will be a friend of all…..Naturally, if you are Happy and positive things are happening with you, then you will become an enlightened mind and divine soul and such happy and enlightened soul can enlighten thousands of Lives….

It also promises Fortune and Abundance of Wealth….remember these Signs, Mithun and Dhanu are the Uccha Rashis or exaltation Signs of Rahu and Ketu and hence they will give their full results in these signs…so pull on your socks, tighten your belt, chest up, chin up and be ready for the offerings of the Nature…Do not be Laxy, Inactive or Inert….when Nature is at it best and ready to offer Abundance, You must be in a Position to accept it with full Humility and Grace…..

Since the Shastra also suggests that you will be a  जगन्न्मित्रः |or friend of All, also try to share the happiness, guidance and monetary assistance to others….Help others and you will get helped by the nature like anything…..
The Shastra further tells that in such combinations you will become  भूपपुज्यः , Honored by the King, Affluent and Influential People, Superiors and Government Authorities….So if you have any issues with Authorities, Governments, Senior Bosses then this Time Frame can resolve all those and do not settle for less, ask for whatever you deserve or whatever is rightful…..

On flipside some cautions related to Spine, Neck, Shoulders and Hands….Some or the other Physical discomfit or diseases can disturb you in this time….So simple Neck, Shoulder and Hand Exercises are certainly advisable….

भ्रात्रुविनाशं प्रददाति राहौ | this is another concern as Rahu can create some challenging situations for your coborns or siblings… stay away from your brothers and sisters, let your Graha Yoga not spoil their Life….sometimes Physical, Emotional disconnect is better than permanent damage of the relationship or to the relationship….Tell your siblings to be cautious and do not be adventurous in their routine Life….The Phrase Bhratru Vinansham is quiet a severe one and suggests Death or death like conditions of Siblings…Hence forewarning to siblings is advisable….

As Ketu will be transiting from the Bhagya Sthana, the Moksha of Fortune is certainly on the cards, this means it will be a phase of complete transformation or Parivartana….If you understand the word Parivartana, then it has an important word Vartana or behavior…..So complete change in your Thinking, Feeling, Emotions will be witnessed and remember your Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions create your Personal Reality and in turn your Personality…..So I have no doubt that the Fortune will shine Upon You Like the Sun which rises Out of the womb of the Darkness every morning….Every Morning it will be the Moksha of Surya from the dead of the Night and in the same manner You will see the new Light, Fortune will shine Upon you like the Bright Sun….All great things are on the cards….

And remember, if you have any planets in these Rashis [Mithun and Sagittarius] you will certainly need Help…

You can reach me by email: or a whats app message to : +91 9322890481, If You directly want to book a consultation you can use this link to Pay for the same and we will connect and discuss your Kundali or Horoscope, Here it is :

|| शुभं भवतु ||

Shri Dilip RAUT