Friday, January 25, 2019

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Makar Rashi - Capricorn by Shri Dilip Raut

10.  Makar Rashi – Capricorn

Ok, so Makar Rashi – Capricorn People….Its going to be a win win situation for you People…All The Marital Discords will be settled and you can breathe a sigh of relief….Last 18 months I am sure There must be too many things which made your Life a Hell like situation and you must have had gone through a Lot…Now the time is Changing and changing for the best….

If You have any court cases, be it Divorce or any other case you will win it on your terms….The Shastra defines it as….रिपुनामरण्यं दहेदेव राहुः स्थिरम् मानसं तत्तुला नो पृथिव्यां | all your enemies and opponents will die their own deaths….you will proved to be a bitter enemy of enemies and you will hit the last nail in their coffin….at the same time your emotional and mental balance will be impeccable and such resolve and focus will be rarely found in any Living Entity….So You will Be The Great Karma Yogi with Focus, Determination, Consistency and Grit….

बलं बुद्धिविर्यं धनं तद्वषेन स्थितोवैरिभावे एषाम् जनानां | You will blessed with Strength, Wisdom, Potency and Wealth….What more you can ask for….Strength to do whatever you dreamt of, Wisdom to Jusdge the Things in a rightful manner, No Matter you will be separated from spouse or Not, You will get the happiness of your sexual Life, and the Nature is showering Abundant Wealth Upon You….So in real terms it is a Great Phase for all of you Makar Rashi People….

On The Other Hand Ketu is alarming on some Health conditions….शिखिरि:फ़गो वस्ति गुह्याञ्च् नेत्रे रुजपीडनम् | Lower abdominal area, anal system, eyes, feet and menstrual complications in ladies will be observed in this phase….It also underlines the same results mentioned earlier about Destruction of Enemies, Royalty, Authority and Commanding, Demanding Nature…. सदा राजतुल्यं नरम् सद्व्ययम् तद् रीपुनांविनाशं || It is certainly a Royal Combination….Just a one word of caution….Since the Ketu Rahu axis is falling in the 12-6 Houses, it also activates the Yoga for Accidents, Burns, cuts, fall, getting electrocuted etc hence take care during crossing roads, climbing up or down and driving etc…..Rest all is Great for You People…..

Remember this is Not going to be a Cozy Relaxed phase where you are chilling out and having Fun, This is going to be an action packed bollywood drama, There will emotions, fights, quarrels, fun, comedy, black comedy and what not….It is going to make you a workaholic and a Karmayogi….With your Karma you will achieve all of those things mentioned above….If I am saying destruction of enemies, then the enemies will be there for sure and for winning over them you need to confront them, fight with them….so make yourself ready to face things and enjoy the fruits of your Karma….

And in this Ride of yours, if you need my Help for Guidance, remedies etc….always there for you all….You can connect with me and we will take it ahead successfully, for SURE….

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|| शुभं भवतू ||

Shri Dilip RAUT