Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guru [Jupiter] Transit on 3oth July 2009 and Its Effect on 12 Rashi's...!

Guru transit in Makar with Retrograde Motion on 30th July 2009, at 19:51 Hrs IST.

Now Guru is in Makar making a Shadashtaka Yoga with the Singha Shani..! Shani is More powerful now, as he is free from the Guru's 7th Aspect..!

For India, the time till 9th September 2009, will be the worst time and again there will be job cuts, recession, inflation and political problems..!

Here is the effect of this transit on the 12 Rashi's...!

1. Mesha: For Mesha Rashi the Transit is Happenning in the 10th House, The House of Raj Yoga, Karma..! There will be little problems and delays in your work and assignment..! If you have applied for any Government license, tender, dont expect anything happenning smooth..! There will be problems to Mother, problems from servants or associates. Property related matters will be in question....! Health should be taken care of..!

2. Vrishabh : The Transit is happenning in your Bhagya Sthana. So there will be delays and problems about fortune. Things will happen in weird ways, and you will be benefitted by abnormal ways...! The personality will be submissive and you will be happy from within. There will be pleasure from siblings and creativity will be free flowing. You might fall in love or someone might propose you..! Good for love life..!

3. Mithun : The transit is happenning in your Ashtam Sthana. So there will be health problems, sudden accidents, injuries and health will be always alarming. But it also promises sudden gains and unexpected financial gains. There will be religious Yatras and rituals. The Domestic atmosphere will be a bit tense and property related matters will be a problem..!

4. Karka : The transit is happenning in your seventh House. Partnership and related issues will be a problem. Married life will be at stake. As a person, your health and mind will be constantly disturbed. There are promises of help from friends and financial gains from them too. Relation with Siblings will flourish..!

5. Singha : The Transit is Happenning in your 6th House. Shani is already placed in your Rashi. The Shani-Guru will be in 6-8 Combination and it will be the worst phase for you. Just be careful about taking any big decision and Signing papers. You might be cheated or some fraud might happen with you. Health will be at Risk and The Rahu-Guru combination in Makar can cause permenant physical disability too..! Charities and Rituals are advisable.

6. Kanya : The Transit is happenning in your 5th House. Love life will be worst and will face humiliation and dis-respect due to relation ship with the opposite sex. Children will go out of control, and there are fear of loosing a child in this phase. Friends will be very mean to you, fortune will be delayed and persona will be not happenning.

7. Tula : The transit is happenning in your 4th House. Mother, Property, Servants and domestic happiness will be a problem or cause of concern. Chest and heart diseases might get detected. Working conditions at office will be bad. Interferrance and disturbance might happen in office. Possibility to inherit something from near and dear ones. Religious yatra and rituals will happen..!

8. Vrischik : The transit is happenning in the 3rd House. There will be problems to your siblings. Your writing or signing of documents will create problems for you. The fortune will be good, the financial gains are promised and there might be rift with the partners....!

9. Dhanu : The transit is happenning in the 2nd House of Your Rashi. Your Speech will make people heart. with words you will face big losses in finance and profession. Might tend to be alcoholic and smoking. Promising sudden gains. Diseases are promised and career will be at stake..!

10. Makar. : The Transit is happenning in your own house. You will be the worst Hit due to this Guru. Your thoughts will be destructive, and you will try to be bad with people. But it will back-fire and you will suffere for the same. Mind will be vicious, Partnership crises or Problems with spouse will be hightened..! You will try mingle in adultery and in turn create bad name for yourself. Fortune will be dlayed and you might try to use people for your benefit, but that will not serve the purpose. Take care of your health and think good.

11. Kumbha : The Transit is happenning in the 12th House of your Rashi. Heavy expenses, unwillingly travelling to long distant places, religious puja, yatra on the card. Accidents are promised. Health will be a cause of concern. Enmity will be High with known and unknown people, Property, cars, Mother will be in problematic phase. Sudden gains are promised...!

12. Meena : The Transit is happenning in your 11th House. Beware of your friends. Will be in major problems due to friends. Siblings will also feel the heat. Children and love life will go through rough phase. Married life people should behave as per their spouse's wish, else things could go out of hand....!

Monday, July 20, 2009

22nd July Khagras Surya Grahan-Complete Solar Eclipse and It's Effects..!

On the 22nd of July, The Complete Solar Eclipse or The Khagras Surya Grahan is Happenning. It's Going to be the event and one and all will be affected by the same..!

Here are the Grahan Details as per Mumbai Timing

Grahan Sparsha Kaal – 05:30:29 Hrs (Start)

Grahan Madhya Kaal : 06:22:08 Hrs (Mid)

Grahan Moksha Kaal : 07:18:55 Hrs (End)

Total Duration : 1 Hour 4 Minutes and 55 Seconds

Grahan Punya Kaal : From Sun Rise to The Grahan Moksha Kaal

Grahan Vedha Kaal : From 21st July Sunset till the time of Grahan Sparsha Kaal

The Grahan is happening in Karka Rashi, on Amavasya in Pushya Nakshatra, Vajra Yoga, Naag Karan and at the time of Grahan with Surya and Chandra, Budha and Ketu is also in the Karka Rashi..!

The kids, old, ill people, and Pregnant women should follow the Vedha Kaal from 21st night 9 PM onwards. In this Vedha Kaal one should not eat food. Bathe, Jaap, Pooja, Havan, Shraddh and Meditation is advisable in this Time.

Vrishabh, Kanya, Tula and Kumbha Rashi people will get good results of this Grahan

Mithun, Vrischik, Makar and Meena Rashi People will get Mixed Results of this Grahan

Mesha, Karka, Singha and Dhanu Rashi People will get Bad Results of this Grahan. These Rashi People and Pregnant women should not see the Grahan. The Rest of the Rashi People can see the Grahan, but not by naked eyes, proper goggles or Thick Black Glass should be used.

At the Grahan time, the Sun will be 5-6 degrees on the Horizon. Above the Sun, at 50 degrees Shukra and Mangal can be seen. Budha is Asta, hence you wont be able to see it. To the North of Shukra one can see the Stars of Punarvasu Nakshatra. On the top of Shukra, Rohini and Mriga Nakshatra stars can be seen..!

This period is good for starting a new Jaap of any Mantra and to make it Siddha. If you are chanting any mantra previously, then to its a good time to chant the same and get it siddha in this time. This time is good for Daan and Dharma. In this time of Grahan Start to End, one should not Sleep, Bathe, use toilet, eat food, or drink tea, coffee etc..!

As Far as India is concerned the Grahan is happenning in the 3rd House from Lagna and in India's own Rashi Karka. So there will be problems in India's international image, the respect and repute will be at stake and the internal politics will be worse. The old allies like Russia, Nepal, N.A.M Countries will do rebel or go against India's Views and there will be growing turbulance because of the same. The Partnerships with the New allies like America will be in question and even America will treat India badly and there might be betrayal over the issues of Nepal, Pakistan, Shri Lanka and other neighbouring countries. The Guru is also moving out of Kumbha and entering in Makar on the 30th of July, Shani will be free from Guru's 7th Aspect. The internal conditions will be the same like 3 month back. There will be unstability in the Market and Job Cuts and unemployment will be a major issue in next 3 months..!

So everybody be careful and plan for the best things for you in the coming few Months..!