Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sanjay Dutt and His Kundali for JAIL YOGA or Yoga for Imprisonment...!

Sanjay Dutt - Born on 29th Of July 1959 at 14:45:00 Hrs at Mumbai

Lagna Kundali - Lagnesh Mangal Yuti with 12th Lord Shukra in Kendra. Mangal Shukra in Paap Kartari of Rahu and Surya, Uranus from 11th and 9th House respectively...!

He is born with Vrischik Lagna and Vrishabh Rashi. The Lagnesh Mangal is in 10th House in Surya's Rashi. Surya is placed 12th from his own Position. The Lagnesh is placed in the 10th House with the 12th House Lord Shukra. 12th House is Imprisonment or Jail. 

Whenever the Lord of the Lagna, The Persona, the Karaka or Significator of your own being is in Yuti or Conjunction with the 12th Lord, or for that sake even say 6th and 8th Lord a Yoga for imprisonment or Jail Yoga is formed in the Kundali...!

Lets See His Chandra Kundali or Rashi Kunddali.....

Rashi Kundali

If i check it from his Rashi Kundali, then Rashi Kundali's Lord is Shukra and he is placed with the 12th Lord of Chandra, that's Mangal in the 4th House of Kundali. So in Rashi Kundali also it is underlined Loudly and Clearly...!

To make it worse, this Shukra and Mangal are in Paap Kartari Yoga of Surya and Rahu. Means, The Mangal and Shukra are clubbed between strong Paap Grahas Like Surya, Uranus from 9th House of Lagna and Rahu from 11th House in Lagna Kundali.

So the Yoga is activated in his Kundali...! Why this timing.....? Please Read my article on Shani Rahu Yuti or Conjunction, here is the Link..., just copy paste in your browser and read.. 

Shani and Rahu are Transiting from His 12th House, the House of Losses, Expenses and Imprisonment. Shani is the Mass, Society or People ruling the Masses or working in Public Domain, Rahu is the Seizer or the one which Eclipses any planet with which he Sits, so it is a Grahan to Shani in current Times and hence Public Icons will be forced to Isolation, will have to quit, retire willingly or unwillingly from the Public Life...!

He is having Guru Mahadahsa till April 2014. Guru Itself is placed in the 12th House of Kundali. He is running into Rahu Antar Dasha, Rahu is placed 12th from the Mahadasha Lord, So even the Dasha - Antardasha sequence is promising the Imprisonment and the Transit Shani Rahu is Underlining it boldly and Loudly...!

So till this Guru Mahadasha Ending date, i.e. April 2014 He will definitely personally be away from the Public Domain...!


Shri Dilip Raut