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Rahu Mangal & Ketu Shani Opposition - TANDAVA of Lord SHIVA - Dance of Death from 7th May to 22 June 2019

Dear all....

The Times are going to be Tougher....From 7th March the Shani Ketu Samuday Mrityu Yoga or Yoga for Mass Killings or Mass Death got Activated, From 30th March Guru Dev also Fuelled It and gave strength to this wrong combination and to top it all, from 7th March onwards It's really getting worse and will kill hundreds of innocent people and Life as whole will seems meaningless in front of the Nature's FURY.....

The Tandava of Lord Shiva will happen in front of our eyes....The Dance of Death will be Loud and Clear and awareness is the only answer to this mammoth problematic Graha Yoga.

Tourists and Pilgrims are going to be the worst hit due to this Combination. Mithun [Gemini] and Dhanu [Sagittarius] will be the worst hit People on all aspects of Life....Salvage Your Life and Life's Interests....Natural Calamities, Accidents on Ground, Air, Rail, Road, Water all is Possible, Gas Leakages, Fire, Collapsing of Buildings and Bridges, Fire, Nuclear Explosions will be witnessed....Major damage to Life and Immobile Property....

Avoid going to Crowded Places, Dangerous Places and if not necessary Avoid Too Much Travelling....Nature Lovers, this is the time to stay at safe places, Sea, Mountains, difficult terrains must be avoided...Postpone your Plans till 22nd June....Post that date too there will be no respite but the Intensity will be less for sure...

Just Brief Predictions for all signs here

1. Mesha - Aries - Avoid Fun Trips, Travelling, Eating Outside or eating Junk food, Health Hazards are on the cards, Take care of Neck, Shoulders, Hands, Thighs....Avoid Extra Marital Relations or Relations with Opposite Sex other that the Legitimate Relationship

2. Vrishabh - Taurus - Food Poisoning, Dysentery possible, Accidents Certain, Eyes and Feets are Target, Marital Separation, Divorce, Death of Spouse, Murder of Spouse, Watchout your speech, you are going to create enemies who can ruin your prospects of good life, Misfortune and Debacle on Professional Front, Job Loss, Demotion, Quitting yourself all is possible and will happen....No Job, No Career, No Marriage and No Family.....B E W A R E

3. Mithun - Gemini -  Accidents is High Risks, especially your own vehicles, You will Lose Property or House and hence do not buy or sell House, Property, Vehicles, Just Hang On.....Mothers Death is foreseen....or atleast Death Like Sufferings....You will lose Court Cases, Will get Robbed, Health Hazards, Animosity all is forewarned to you all.....Spouse's Sibling or Sibling's Spouse can make your Life worse.....C A U T I O N

4. Karka - Cancer - You will Fail in Exam or there will some or the other issue which will not allow you to appear for exams, Heart Fail in Love Matters, Break up is cent percent, If in strong relationship Your Partner may face Death or Death Like Conditions, stay away for next 45 days from your Love, Do not be Creative as Your Ideas and Plans will be a Trap for You. Job Loss is Sure, Fathers Death or Death Like Sufferings possible, Divorce, Separation, Death of Spouse is foreseen. Adultery will be Worst in this phase as it will ruin your Life, Stay away from Sexual Relationships other than Spouse. Accidents, Permanent Handicap, Eye and Feets are Target....Be CAREFUL

5.  Singha - Leo - Take Care of Your Children, Break Up in Love Life and Relationship, Do  not mess with Boyfriend or Girlfriend, You might heart, stab, or be a threat of Life for your Lover, Parents death is Foreseen, Accidents while driving, Loss of Property and Vehicles, Loss of Friends, Death of Children's Spouses will be witnessed....Loan Matters and Health Hazards will make you go MAD....

6. Kanya - Virgo - Your Own Life is at Stake, Be careful and alert 24 by 7, Inhouse as well as exterior the Threat to Life is intensive everywhere, You will Lose Your Job, Profession, Career, Business, Land, Property, Houses, Parents and Hell will break Loose.....Wrong acts Like Deaths due to fire, due to stabbing by robbers or in family fight can not be ruled out within home and office, Siblings, Children, Lover all will suffer, Financial Losses are foreseen....Debt, Loans will create major issues in LIFE

7. Tula - Libra - Financial Worry and Losses, Problems to siblings, Loss due to your spoken or written words, Children will suffer, Loss of House, Property, Land or disputes regarding the same, Beware of illicit relations with Siblings spouse or spouse's sibling....

8. Vrischik - Scorpio - Financial Losses, Loss of a family Member, Eyes, Nose, Throat Related diseases, Losses due to your own speech, Health Issues, Loan Issues, Enemies, Litigation issues, and Major Losses on House, Property, Land and Vehicles. Mothers Health issues and death like conditions, Heart, Chest, Lungs Related Medical Issues will certainly create Problems.

9. Dhanu - Sagittarius - You will Lose Your Job or Business in this Span, You will Lose Grand Parents in this time, Divorce, Separation, Death of Spouse,, Family Members, Siblings, Children will be the Target of this Yoga, Relationship will not work and Heart Breaks are Promised. If You are a Student then forget about the exams or results.....Its of No Use, If You are expecting Children, Its going to be the Sad Time for You....If You are going to Marry, Your Marriage will be the Comedy of Errors and will never materialise.....MAY God Save You...!

10. Makar - Capricorn - Accidents, Permanent Handicap, Eyes and Feet are Target....Beware of Doctors, Doctors can make blunders and can finish your Health for Lifetime....Second Opinion, 3rd Opinion advisable....NO SURGERIES ON ANY COST, Loans and Enemies make Life worse, Loss of Property and Money, Fights with Friends, Troubles on Foreign LAND

11. Kumbha - Aquarius - Friends can be cause of your Fall From Position, so just stay away from them, Take care of Children, If In Love, Heart Breaks is certain, If Planning Child, Hold for some Time, If Pregnant, Miscarriage or Premature Delivery Certain, Normal Delivery is impossible, you have to go under the Caesar, C-Section Delivery Promised, You will Lose Your Job, If You are on Foreign Land The sufferings will be Worse, Take care of Your Health and Longevity.

12. Meena - Pisces - Loss of Job, Loss of Business, Loss of Parents, Loss of House, Property, Land, Vehicles, No Peace at Home or Office, Susceptible to Accidental Fire at Home and Office, Prone to danger in home and office, Loss of Fortune and Wealth.....Take care of Eyes and Feet, Mouth disorders can not be ruled out....!

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