Monday, June 21, 2010

Mangal Sutra - The Pre-Nuptial, Pre-Marital Astrology Workshop in Mumbai...!

Dear Readers

In todays modern world, getting a right partner and marrying is a real tough task. The current ratio of Divorce across the globe is alarming and we need to take the benefit of Astrology, the rich Vedic Treasure, to help us in this journey of ours.

Match - Making is not the only way which guides one about a right match and compatible partner. There are n-number of other tools in astrology which can predict whether the marriage will work or not. We have seen people having more than 27 Points in Match Making getting seperated. So what is the real secret of Akhanda Saubhagya? The long lasting happy married life...?

To answer the same question, Bhakti Dhara is conducting a 2 day workshop in Mumbai and distant suburbs, on successive intervals...!

There are some yogas which promises seperation by means of distance, divorce or death...! There are some yogas for Akhanda Saubhagya, The long lasting fortunate marriage. This is a must for people who are getting ready for the marriages and meeting people for the same. If you are going for a love marriage, then too, it is advisable to understand whether all will be well with both the married partners or not...!

We will teach these yogas to you by the use of Astrology. Come and understand these and then just looking at the Kundali of your desired partner, you will be able to understand whats going to be the fate of your marriage. You can understan the positive and negative elements of your own Kundali too...!

The fees for the two day long workshop is Rs. 5000/- per person inclusive of stay, food and everything. You will be tought in detail and will be given printed notes, which you can use for your future reference. So from understanding the match points to the specific yogas of any kundali regarding successfull marriage, everything will be understood by you, and you can take your own decision, for a better, safe, happy and prosperous life ahead...! For the problems of married life, Tried and tested remedies will be suggested, which can lower the intensity of the problems...!

For booikngs kindly send an email to

The workshop will be conducted in luxurious resorts near by mumbai and will be on week days. No Saturday - Sunday workshops will be there. Limited seats available hence advance booking by a email confirmation is needed. The dates and venue will be conveyed to you 10 days in advance, to make you arrangements for your leave from the office and other arrangements....!

For personal and private consultation, write to with subject Mangal Sutra....! The fees will be same for the detailed married life report and in person consultation...!


|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Dilip Raut