Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shani [Saturn] Transit to Kanya [Virgo] on 9th September 2009 & It's Effects On The 12 Rashi's..!

Shani Will transit to Kanya Rashi on the 9th of September 2009 from Singha Rashi after 2 1/2 Years Time. Many People will be releived and many will be Stressed..! Many People will be free from Shani's Sadhe Sati and Many will Come into the first phase of Sadhe Sati. The Times are really full of major activity till December, as many Big Planets are going to move from one place to another..!

Guru just came in Makar Rashi with its Retrograde or Vakri Motion. Shani Will be Transiting to Kanya Rashi on the 9th Of September. Rahu and Ketu will be Moving to Dhanu and Mithun respectively on the 2nd of November and again on 19th December 2009, Guru will move to Kumbha Rashi. So till December we will see many people coming on the Road and many people making their own destiny....!

Lets Understand the effects of Shani Transit on the 12 Rashi's.....!

1. Mesha : For Mesha Rashi, The Shani tansit will be happenning in the 6th House. So there will be Physical distress, Diseases, Bad Debt, Enemy Problems and many other complications for these people. Shani will be entering Kanya Rashi with Gold Paaya and there will be tensions Promised for them. There will be religious Yatras and rituals, Long distant fruitless travels, imprisonment, small accidents, and problem to siblings entitled..!

2. Vrishabh : The transit of Shani is in 5th house with Iron Paaya. So lot of Hard Work needed for solving simple things in life. Love life will be good, there will be birth of children in house, creativity will be on the peak. Problems from friends and losses due to the same promised. Partnership will undergo a rough phase, relation with spouse will be the worse...! Finances and monetary conditions will be a cause of concern. Alcohol, Smoking will be to the Max. Speech will destroy relationship..!

3. Mithun Rashi : Transit is happenning in the 4th House with Gold Paaya. There will be tension in this Phase. You will buy new property, Vehicle and there will be servants serving you..! The domestic happiness is promised by the Family Members. Job, Career will be at stake, might try to switch or try something of your own. Problems from government promised..! Disease and enmity will be there. Your personality will deteriorate and people might hate you..!

4. Karka Rashi : Transit is happenning in your 3rd House with Copper Paaya...! So the Best Phase for Karka People. Will achieve whatever you have lost in last 7 1/2 Years time. There will respect and repute in the society. New deals, aggreements will be signed and will be miraculous for you. Love and support from siblings will be there. Things will happen with a slight delay, but these will be concrete for you. Love life, Childrens will be a cause of concern. Puja, Yatra to holy places promised..!

5. Singha Rashi : Transit is happenning in your second House with Copper Paaya, So little relief can be there..! You will be entering into the last phase of Sadhe Sati. Just remain humble and dont do any mistake in this period, else you have to suffer for the entire lifetime for the same. There will be improvement in the money sources, you will speak good about others and for others. You will control your wrong eating habits and there will be some releif in the family..! You will be prone to accidents, Property matters should take a back seat, danger from servants and domestic staff. Friends will be bad with you.., beware of them..!

6. Kanya : Transit is happenning in your own sign with Iron Paaya, so hard ship is promised. You will be in the second phase of Sadhe Saati, so you have to be cautious. Before taking any decision, think ten times...! The mental condition will be worse and there will be hell like conditions for you every where..! Just control your mental and emotional balance and do get succumb to stress and tension. It will affect badly on your partner, spouse and if married, you will be on the verge of seperation. The brothers, Sisters your own people will go away from you, and you will realise who are your true well-wishers. Life will show every single color to you and you should be ready for the sufferings as it is coming to you..! Work, Job, Profession will be worse and might have to leave the cureent job and settle on something downgraded or not upto your mark..!

7. Tula : The transit is happenning in your 12th House with Copper Paaya. So there will be few good things at the start of the Sadhe Sati. You will travel a lot, expenses will be huge and wont be able to control your finances. There will be an opportunity of foreign travel or settlement, which you should analise well before accepting. You will get the company of foreign people and will be disoriented with the kind of direction you will get in this first phase of Sadhe Sati. You will be thrown far away from what exactly you should have done in your life, and it will take you next 10 years to come back on the destined track...! there will be diseases with you or in the family, which will disturb the entire domestic happiness..! there will be bad debt and enemy problems...! Monetary conditions will be weak, your words will do the damage for you..,and delayed fortune is a promise..!

8. Vrischik : The transit is happenning in your 11 th House, with Gold Paaya..! So there will be tension promised..! Friend will be good to you and you will have there support, which will take you to places..! There will be moderate financial gains too..! Love life, children, Pregnancy will be a problem..! There will be accidents, burns and fractures in the body..! Your own personality will be worse physically and mentally and you will hate everything about yourself, right from your look, out look, behaviour, Personality etc..! Take care of your parents..!

9. Dhanu : The Transit is happenning in your 10th House.., with Silver Paaya, so some good results can be seen. You will get promoted in your job, or get good gains in the bussiness..! There will be help and support from the governments and Governments jobs, tenders will come to you easily..! Your House, Property, Mother, Servants will all be a cause of concern and you will be disturbed in all these fronts..! There will be heavy expenses and Puja Yatras or rituals will be offered..! Partnership, Spouse will be on the offensive front. Chances of getting seperated cant be ruled out...!

10. Makar : The Transit is happenning in your 9th House with Iron Paaya..! So No alternate for the Hardwork. For every single thing, you have to give your 200% to get the thing done. Delayed fortune.., Delay in everything, but things will happen to you..! Problems from siblings, dont sign anything without complete understanding..!Friends will hate you to the max,Will create problems for you, which will hit you badly. Long lasting diseases like diabetes, heart problem, blood pressure, foot diseases are promised..! Dont get tempted of loans and borrowing money from anybody..!

11. Kumbha : The transit is happenning in your 8th House with copper Payaa. Some good results for you..! Sudden gains, lottery, inheritance, profit in speculation, SaTTa and share market is promised. Speech will be harsh and might create problems for you. Problems from government and seniors entitled. Career, profession will not go as per your wish..!Take care of your love life, children..! The rest is good for you..!

12. Meena : The Transit is happenning in your 7th House, with Silver Paaya, a bit of relief to you..! The relationship with spouse and partners will be very good. You will get benefitted by that a lot. Your own Health and Mind will be loosing balance. Proper care of yourself is advisable..!Forune will be delayed.., Mothers health will also be a problem. Dont trust your servants and dont do any deal for your property..!

The Remedy for getting the Good Results of this Transit is to Offer Shani Dev Puja at Shani Shingnapur. The Sadhe Sati Peeople can have the Sadhe Sati Puja Shanti done at Shani Shingnapur..! The Shani Puja can be booked on the Bhakti Dhara website. For Sadhe Sati Puja email us your enquiry or just call us on our numbers..!

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||