Monday, January 26, 2009

Surya Grahan and The Somavati Amavasya – 26th Jan 2009

On this 26th there will be something very very special happening in the Universe...!

The Sun will be in Partial Solar Eclipse or Khandagras Surya Grahan.

The Garhan is Happening in Makar Rashi or the Capricorn.

There are 5 planets placed in Makar Rashi at the time of Grahan...!

These are Surya, Chandra, Guru, Rahu and Neptune. Mangal will be entering into Makar on the 27th.

Guru is Asta, Rahu is Vakri, Shani is Vakri, Budha is Vakri or retrograde.

Guru is in the Neecha or debilitating sign of Makar.

The Grahan is starting at 10:00 AM and finishing at 4:31 PM

Its Amavasya as Sun and Moon are together and its called as the Somavati Amavsya as its falling on a Monday.

So there is no Surya Bala, No Chandra Bala, No Guru Bala, No Budha Bala..!

Shani is in the enemy Sign of Sinmha Rashi and the Grahan is happening in its 6th, that’s the enemy house. So Only Shani will be the Powerful planet in and after the Grahan.

For India and Indians, Its happening in the Bhagya sthana from Lagna and Seventh House or Partner house from Rashi Karka.

The current planetary conditions and Yoga’s convey that its going to be the tough time for India’s Partners and they will face the Hardship soon.

Pakistan, Afganisthan, Shri Lanka, and other neighbour countries will have a turbulent times. Indian Business and Trade will be hit sevearly and the Job Market, economic conditions will be worse..!

The Bhagya or fortune of the country will be at stake and there will be bad political and social conditions.

The individuals and people of India will get hit maximum and Oil, Petroleum, Gas, Real estate, Politics, Administrative Services, Politicians, Actors, Films, Television, Fashion, Steel, Media, Hotels, Restaurants will be on the verge of pulling the shutter down and huge job cuts...!

The Banking sector will also hit and there will be closure of a few major Banks.

People wont get credit from the Banks, there will be defaults in all types of loan repayments by people and these banks will feel the heat..!

The effect of the Grahan and Recent Guru Transit to Makar will be as follows..!

Makar, Karka, Singha, Dhanu, Meena Rashis will be the worst hit.

Karka, Singha and Kanya will be Hit by Shani’s Vakri Motion and the Grahan too.!

The only way to safeguard yourself is to perform Shani Puja or Mantra Sadhana for Shani Dev.

This will continue till September 2009 and then till March 2010, situation will be under control.

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|| Om Sham Shanaischaray Namah ||