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On 21st April 2012, The Amavasya is falling on Saturday, Shani Vaar. It is The first important Shani Amavasya in Year 2012.

Date - 21st April 2012
Day - Shani Vaar - Saturday
Nakshatra - Ashwini
Rashi - Mesha or Aries

Guru, Surya and Chandra will be in Mesha Rashi.
Shukra Ketu will be in Vrishabh Rashi.
Mangal will be in Singha Rashi.
Shani will be in Tula Rashi.
Rahu will be in Vrischik Rashi.
Pluto is going to be in Dhanu Rashi.
Neptune will be in Kumbha and
Budha Hershel will be in Meena Rashi.

For Mesha People - The Amavasya is happening in own Rashi Mesha or Aries.
For Vrishabh People - The Amavasya is happening in their 12th House
For Mithun People - The Amavasya is happening in their 11th House
For Karka People - The Amavasya is happening in their 10th House
For Singha People - The Amavasya is happening in their 9th House
For Kanya People - The Amavasya is happening in their 8th House
For Tula Peeople - The Amavasya is happening in their 7th House
For Vrischik People - The Amavasya is happening in their 6th House
For Dhanu Peeople - The Amavasya is happening in their 5th House
For Makar People - The Amavasya is happening in their 4th House
For Kumbha People - The Amavasya is happening in their 3rd House
For Meena People - The Amavasya is happening in their 2nd House

This Amavasya is very crucial for Mesha and Tula People. The Shani Amavasya is happening in Mesha peoples own Rashi with an Aspect of Vakri Shani. While for Tula people it is happening in their 7th House and Shani is placed in their own Rashi and 7th House is shaken with an Amavasya with Vakri Shani Drishti.

The Result for Mesha or Aries people will be end of an era which was disturbing and beginning of a new chapter which is promising and fulfilling. With Guru and Chandra a Gaj Kesari Yoga is being formed and activated with this day. With Guru and Surya the Kesari Yoga gets applicable. These people will walk like a Elephant and Roar like a Lion in the coming times, moral of the story, The Mahalakshmi will be at their feet. The Lagnesh Mangal is saved as it is placed in Singha Rashi and No Amavasya ChhYa or Vakri Shani Drishti is on the Mesha Lord Mangal. Again the Lord Mangal is forming a Nava Pancham Yoga, a number one Raj Yoga with Guru, Surya and Shani. This Yoga is happening in two Trikonas of Kundali Lagna and the Pancham Sthana. Hence it is of immense importance. Again Surya and Mangal do Sthan Parivartan Yoga or exchange of Houses at this time, means Surya is placed in Mangal’s Mesha Rashi and Mangal is placed in Surya's Singha Rashi. This Sthana Parivartan is also happening in two benefic houses, hence again it is underlining some really great achievements.

The Amavasya is happening in Ashwini Nakshatra, the Lord of AShwini is Ketu and it is placed with own House Shukra in Mesha people's Dhana Sthana. Hence there will be windfall gains with this Amavasya for MESHA people.

For Tula people, Shani Sade Sati is in 2nd Phase; Shani is in Lagna and is Vakri. Amavasya happening in 7th House. The Lord of the Rashi is in own Rashi Vrishabh but placed in 8th House. They might get some bad name in society and will follow some wrong practices for wealth creation. Will get benefited by others wealth or money. Will have an eye on inheritance, property of the dead or can be successful in convincing and getting funds from others for their ventures. Just they have to be careful about their social image and should follow some morals in earning money. But overall good phase for money making.

Vrishabh people should take care of their Coborns and mother. Should avoid traveling to distant places and should not sign any major important property documents. There are chances that you might get cheated. Health, Finances and Romance will be of very good quality...!

Mithun people should take care of their Jobs and professions as their lord Budha is in Neecha Rashi Meena. The Amavasya is happening in 11th House. So an Exalted Surya will be in 11th House and Exalted Shani will be in 5th House. There are chances of switching jobs, or getting into new professions. This is the time for Raj Yoga. Hence take advantage of the opportunity and go for some risky decisions; it will pay off in a big way.

Karka Rashi people should take care of their parents. Something unusual may happen with them regards to Mother, Father. Take care of Property and Domestic happiness. Your Rashi Lord is in Amavasya with zero strength, so better to be cautious. Jobs, professions will also be a tight rope walk. Caution is the word for you.

Singha Rashi people are having Amavasya in their Bhagya Sthana; Their Lord Surya is in Amavasya and is exalted in Mesha Rashi. Mixed results for them. Fortune wants to shine upon them, but delays and denials is the phase of these combinations. But be consistent and am sure you will fetch success in your life.

For Kanya people the Amavasya is happening in your 8th House, house of death. Also your Rashi Lord is in Neecha Rashi. Be very, very careful as accidents, life threatening events is the trend of this time. No confrontation, no opposition, no fights, no quarrels, no long distance journeys is the sutra for safety. Just chill and pass this phase.

Tula effects are given above.

Vrischik people the Amavasya is happening in your 6th House. Health is of prime concern. Heart, chest, lungs and even fat related problems might haunt you. Abdominal Pain, operation can not be ruled out. So take utmost care of your finances. This is very serious, as both 6th house and 12th house, are affected with these combinations. So health and longevity should be your prime concern. There will be problems in finances and heavy expenditure too. Don’t try to earn from wrong sources.

Dhanu people will face Amavasya in their 5th House. Their Lord Guru is in Amavasya with Surya and Chandra in Mesha Rashi. Hence self and children’s wellbeing should be of prime concern for you all. You are having exalted Surya and Shani in your 5th and 11th House, so this will be time for windfall gains; it is Yoga for being a King. But with this golden offer from the almighty, don’t ignore your and your children’s wellbeing.

For Makar, property issues will definitely make you go mad. Just be careful in property dealings. There are chances that you might leave your house and wonder aimlessly...! Career will be at risk...!

For Kumbha the Rashi beware of your Coborns, as you might get heart seriously because of them. Chances of Brain Stroke, Hemorrhage can not be ruled out. Money, Finances, Wealth will be Very Good.

For Meena Rashi, The Amavasya is happening in your 2nd House. Speech, Family should be taken care of...! Don’t eat wrong food, or eat outside, it might boom rang on you as food poisoning etc.

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