Monday, November 20, 2017

2018 Vedic Astrology Yearly Predictions for all Signs - Rashi by Shri Dilip Raut

Dear Readers, Students of Astrology, Followers, Clients and the General People of the Global Society...Namaste from My Side to all of you...

Last 2-3 Months were Jam-packed due to Lot many movements of the Grahas in the Sky...Now things are settling at our end and i am sure you all must also attuned to the new cosmic planetary alignment...

Here I am covering brief Yearly Predictions for all Signs - Rashis...

Now in doing this, i am giving you 3 good points and 3 Not so Good points as a Prediction....

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Ok, so lets start it here..

1. Aries - Mesha Rashi

Good Points

a] Good Health

b] Some Influential People will come in your Life to write your Destiny

c] Respect, Repute in the Society

Bad Points

a] Job Loss and Job Change, Change in Profession or Business

b] Fathers Health Hazards or Longevity is in question

c] Property Matters will become a Headache

2. Taurus - Vrishabh Rashi

Good Points

a] Foreign Travel or Settlement

b] Loans, Funding, Borrowing all Possible

c] Creativity will be at it's best and good phase to start something into art, media, literature etc

Bad Points

a] Humiliation, Insult and Demotion or Job Loss

b] Fathers Misfortune and Longevity Issue

c] Relationship will Spoil, No Progeny or No Child Birth, Heartfelt in Love Matters

3. Gemini - Mithun Rashi

Good Points

a] Love, Marriage, Relationship all happen in this Year

b] Friends will be the Most Important Resource hence be Good To Them

c] Health will be Ok though minor issues are foreseen

Bad Points

a] Those who are already married or in relationship will suffer on Marriage and Spouse's Account

b] A Divorce or Separation from Spouse is on the Cards

c] Mass Hatred, Destruction of Respect and Reputation and falling in your own eyes will be the Trend of the Times....

4. Cancer - Karka

Good Points

a] You will mix with who's who of Society and Industry, Very Influential People will come in your Life

b] Life will be a Fun Trip with polar shift in your looks, walk, talk and mannerism, Time for Show-Man Ship

c] Change in Residence, New House, Property, Car and a New Job or Switch in Career or Profession for all the Good Reasons

Bad Points

a] Self Imposed dietary restrictions or Fasting etc will be observed

b] If You are on Foreign Land, Troubled Times for You

c] Your Coborns will Suffer Like Anything

5.] Leo - Singha 

Good Points

a] Those who want to get Married, Marriage will Happen between April to September 2018

b] Fortune will Shine Upon You

c] If you were dying to go to foreign country for education or work or immigration, It is Your Time

Bad Points

a] Those who are already married, Separation from Spouse is on the card

b] Love Matters, Relationship will Not work

c] You will lose some Important Friends and Influential People and Financially it will be a tough Year, so take care of your wallet....

6. Virgo - Kanya

Good Points

a] You need Finances, Funds, Money, You say it and it will be arranged for you...Your Demand will be his Command, Tathastu !

b] Want to go for a Job or Profession Change, This is your Time, Go for It

c] You will meet some Very Important People and these people along with your Friends will write your destiny, so be good to Influential People and Friends

Bad Points

a] Take care of Children, If Planning a baby, postpone your Plans for 2019 March Onwards

b] Do not play with relationship or Love, Relationship Matters, Heart Felt is Certain

c] Take care of Your Health

7. Libra - Tula

Good Points

a] If you want to upgrade your skills with some Courses, Education or Some Esoteric Vidya, This is the Time for You....

b] Love, Marriage, Relationship will all happen to you People

c] You will work with Foreign People and mint money from the foreigners

Bad Points

a] Your Coborns\siblings will suffer to the Max

b] Delays and denials will be the trends of time in terms of Career and Fortune in Profession

c] Something, wrong, eerie will happen in your Home, Take care of elderly people and children, do not fight or create enemies....Heart ailments etc can not be ruled out

8. Scorpio - Vrischik

Good Points

a] Lots of Foreign Trips or Trips to Holy Places and Pilgrimmage Places, Will spend on Religious Offerings, Poojas, Havans and what not and it will bless you for SURE

b] Loans, Bad Loans, Money which is stuck all will be resolved in this Years time

c] Yoga for getting ancestral property, inheritance etc is On

Bad Points

a] Financial Correction, Cash Crunch, Taxation Issues, Trouble by the Authorities

b] Property matters will make you go mad in this Year

c] Mothers well being and Longevity is in question mark

9. Sagittarius - Dhanu

Good Points

a] You will get help from Occult, Spirituality, Astrology, Tantra, Mantra and it will solve your Problems...

b] Friends and Influential People will be your savior in this Years Time

c] Good Time for Child Birth etc

Bad Points

a] Marriage will break, separation is Promised

b] Delay and Denials in Fortune

c] Property Matters Must be Avoided as you are going to Lose Good Amount of Money in Property, Land, Houses etc

10. Capricorn - Makar

Good Points

a] It is All Foreign Affairs time for all of You....Explore it and take advantage of the Yoga

b] Fortune will Shine Upon You

c] Your Siblings, Children, Love, Relationship all will be Goning Great, so Enjoy

Bad Points

a] Expenses will be Out of Control, You will make a Big Hole in Your Pocket

b] Take care of your Eyes and Feet

c] General Health Care is advisable, Yogas for Accidents, falls, Burns, Cuts, Electrocution etc active in this Years Time

11. Aquarius - Kumbha

Good Points

a] You people Must have traveled to some foreign destination for works etc up till Now, Your wondering to foreign destinations, dealing with foreign and distant city, state, province or Country people will be continuous in this 1 years Time

b] Fortune is Promised

c] Your Siblings will prosper in this Years Time

Bad Points

a]  Take Care of Health

b] Have a Keen eye on Your Children's Activity as they will be the Target of some or the Other Problem

c] Be careful of some accident, health Issue while Travelling and If Health issues arise, do not take Lightly, take 2-3 doctors Opinion, Before deciding the Course of Action

12. Pisces - Meena

a] Lots of Holy Activity, Vist to HolyPlaces, Offerings, Poojas etc

b] Help from Occultist, Astrologer, Pundits, Gurus and Tantrik Mantrik

c] Change of Location or a new House, Car etc is Possible for Sure

Bad Points

a] Professional atmosphere will be Like Hell, lots of Humiliation, Insult and Politics on work front....

b] Marriage will go through Rough Phases, Control the damage before some permenant Issue push you towards separation

c] Be careful while Travelling...

OK, So these are the brief readings for all the 12 Signs / Rashis...Take this as a Trailer or a Brief Introduction to your 2018 Journey...for full Picture you need to go for a Paid Consultation and just book a reading by using the Horoscope window on the right hand menue bar on this page or Just Click on the Consultation Page and do as mentioned there....or just simple write to me with brief intro of yours and i will revert accordingly....

My Blessings to all

Take Care and God Bless

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip RAUT