Friday, February 19, 2010

16th March – Hindu New Year - Annual Astrology Consultation Scheme………!


As we always Mentioned, If we don’t have the control over our Birth, or even on our Death, then How can we have control on our Lives……….?

Everything is Pre Planned and programmed for us by the great programmer, The Supreme Lord, the Param PeeTa Parmeshwar…!

We have N- Number of Problems right from the Birth itself, Be it Education, Marriage, Divorce, Job, Career, Profession, Property Matters, Litigations, Extra Marital Affairs and the Trauma of the Married Life, Health, Wealth, Peace, Prosperity and Many of Such Hurdles which one can not even Imagine. The Vedic Astrology is a tool to understand the Programming of ones Horoscope, in turn The Life, and gives us an insight into the Events of the Jataka’s Life and helps us overcome the Problems and Live Happily.

So, with this mission, On the Special Occasion of Hindu New Year , we are Announcing

The Annual Astrology Consultation Package…..!

which many of our devotees were keen on, and suggested us to have a service like this……!

The Astrology Consultancy Membership Fees is Rs. 11,000/- for all our devotees and within this the following things will be included

for the next 12 Months….!

1. Horoscope reading and Life Time Predictions of The Member…!

(Worth Rs. 2500)

2. Horoscope Readings and Life Time Predictions for another two Family Members or Friends……! (Worth Rs. 5000/-)

3. Every Month the Member can ask 3 questions about His Life and Horoscope for next 12 Months….! (Worth Rs. 12,000/-)

4. Specialized Pujas for Two Dosha’s or Yoga’s for the Member as Remedial Measures on his/her behalf….!

The Member will get the remains of the Puja as Prasad delivered at his Residence (Worth Rs. 12,000/-)

Hurry, Offer Valid till the 15th of March only…….!

Bhakti Dhara Astro Services are pioneered in Astrology and We are teaching Astrology to N- Number of People, Astro Call Centers and Even Guiding the Big-Wigs of the Industry in India and other 18 Countries.

These Services will be handled directly by our Founder Shri Dilip Raut Ji and not by his Students, Disciples or Call Centre Executives…!

Direct Personal Interaction via phone and emails are permitted with Dilip Ji. No appointments, No queues or No Waiting.

Guidance Straight from the Master…..!

For payment for the same, Here are the Bank Account Details…!

Account Name: Dilip Parshuram Raut

Account Number: 409603653

Bank: “INDIAN Bank”, 386, Block Number 1, Veer Sawarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025, Maharashtra, INDIA.

RTGS, NEFT, IFSC code: IDIB000P079

You can directly Deposit the Fees for the Membership In our Indian Bank Account by Direct Cash / Cheque Deposit, RTGS, Net Banking in any “Indian Bank” branch across INDIA.

To locate the Nearest “Indian Bank” branch at your place, kindly enter the following URL in your Browser and press Enter

People from India, Can also send in their Cheque / D.D to Our Registered Office Address, favoring “Shri Dilip Parshuram Raut”, payable at Mumbai….!

People from Overseas can do the Remittance or NEFT Transactions into the Account….!

Kindly email us the transaction Day and Place with Branch Name, with the Birth Details of Yours and Two of Your Family Members or Friends

Overseas People can email the transaction ID, after transferring the Money…!

We will send you the Confirmation via email, for the same and the services will be on for you ASAP.

Attached is a Sample Horoscope & Sample Readings With comments from the JATAKA in bold Red Letters……!

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Write to Dilip Ji Directly on the Following address or email…!

Shri Dilip Raut

Founder / Astrologer

Bhakti Dhara Foundation

Reg. No. U93090MH2009NPL195269

Reg Address: T42, 115, Prateeksha Nagar, Sion East, Mumbai 400022, Maharashtra, INDIA

Email: Web:

Note: Bhakti Dhara Foundation is a registered Non Government Organization with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government Of India, under the Companies Act of INDIA, 1956, Section 25 A

And this is a Noble Service for the Global Devotee Base of Indians to Help themselves understanding the Good and Bad Phases of their Life, to enable them a Happy & Prosperous LIFE…………..!