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2011-12 Monthly Graha Gochar - Planetary Transit in Year 2011-12

Dear Devotees

Due to your constant need and increasing demand, here i am posting the Monthly Graha Gochar or planetary transits of year 2011-12.

Since half the year is passed now and we are in already July 2011, i am writing bellow the Graha Gochar only from July 2011 to March 2012.

Hope it will help all of you needy people...!

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July 2011

16th July - Surya Enters Karka Rashi on 27:20:00 Hrs
20th July - Budha Enters Singha Rashi on 11:43:00 Hrs
23rd July - Shukra Enters Karka Rashi ON 23:53:00 Hrs
25th July - Mangal Enters Mithun Rashi on 18:20:00 Hrs

Shukra Asta or Combust from 26th July, hence no marriages should happen after this date till Shukra Rises...!

Hershel, Neptune and Pluto all are Vakri and Retrograde in July...!

August 2011

3rd August - Budha becomes Vakri or Retrograde
6th August - Budha becomes Combust or Asta
16th August - Budha Enters Karka Rashi on 24:33:00 Hrs
17th August - Shukra enters Singha Rashi on 07:44:00 Hrs
17th August - Surya Enters Singha Rashi on 11:48:00 Hrs - Own Rashi Surya
24th August - Budha Rises
26th August - Budha becomes Margi or starts progressive motion
30th August - Guru Vakri or Retrograde

Shukra is Combust in Entire August.

September 2011

4th September - Budha Enters Singha Rashi on 26:26:00 Hrs
9th September - Mangal Enters Karka Rashi ON 15:47:00 Hrs
10th September - Shukra Enters Kanya Rashi on 12:40:00 Hrs - Neecha or Debilitated Shukra
11th September - Shukra Rises on the Horizon
16th September - Budha becomes Asta or Combuat
16th September - Pluto become Margi or starts Progressive Motion
17th September - Surya Enters Kanya on 11:47:00 Hrs
22nd September - Budha Enters Kanya on 20:55:00 Hrs
28th September - Shani becomes Asta or Combust

13th September to 27th September is the fortnight or Paksha for Shraddha or Pitrupaksha in 2011. No new, auspicious or good things should be started in this phase...!

October 2011

4th October - Shukra Enters Tula on 16:01:00 Hrs - Own Rashi Shukra
9th October - Budha Enters Tula on 23:31:00 Hrs
17th October - Surya Enters Tula Rashi on 23:46:00 Hrs - Neecha or Debilitated Surya
22nd October - Budha Rises on the Horizon
28th October - Shukra Enters Vrischik Rashi on 19:02:00 Hrs
29th October - Budha Enters Vrischik Rashi on 15:19:00 Hrs
30th October - Mangal Enters Singha Rashi on 22:07:00 Hrs

November 2011

9th November - Neptune becomes Margi or Progressive in Kumbha Rashi
15th November - Shani Enters Tula on 10:10:00 Hrs - Uccha Shani or Exalted Saturn
16th November - Surya Enters Vrischik Rashi on 23:34:00 Hrs
21st November - Shukra Enters Dhanu Rashi on 22:35:00 Hrs
24th November - Budha becomes Vakri or Retrograde in Vrischik Rashi
29th November - Budha Asta or Combust

Guru and Hershel are Vakri or Retrograde in this entire month.

December 2011

9th December - Hershel or Uranus becomes Margi or Progressive in Meena Rashi
14th December - Budha becomes Margi or Progressive in Vrischik Rashi
15th December - Shukra Enters Makar Rashi on 27:48:00 Hrs
16th December - Surya Enters Dhanu Rashi on 14:13:00 Hrs
25th December - Guru becomes Margi or Progressive in Mesha Rashi

January 2012

3rd January 2012 - Budha Enters Dhanu on 31:12:00 Hrs
9th January 2012 - Shukra Enters Kumbha Rashi on 13:37:00 Hrs
14th January 2012 - Surya Enters Makar Rashi on 24:58:00 Hrs
18th January 2012 - Budha Asta or Combust in Dhanu Rashi
23rd January 2012 - Budha Enters Makar Rashi on 30:54:00 Hrs
24th January 2012 - Mangal Vakri or Retrograde in Singha Rashi

February 2012

3rd February - Shukra Enters Meena Rashi on 10:28:00 Hrs - Uccha or Exalted Shukra
7th February - Shani Vakri or Retrograde in Tula Rashi
10th February - Budha Enters Kumbha Rashi on 24:10:00 Hrs
13th February - Surya Enters Kumbha Rashi on 13:57:00 Hrs
21st February - Budha Rises on the Horizon in Kumbha Rashi
27th February - Budha Enters Meena Rashi on 16;04;00 Hrs
29th February - Shukra Enters Mesha Rashi on 07:22:00 Hrs

March 2012

12th March - Budha Vakri in Meena Rashi
14th March - Surya Enters Meena Rashi on 10;49:00 Hrs
15th March - Budha Asta or Combust in Meena Rashi

This is the important Graha Gochar for the year 2011-12. I hope it will help you in understanding and planning your own life...! For personalized Kundali Readings or any important issue in your life, you can always reach us directly on my mobile number or email id...!

Do keep reading........!

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

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