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Shani - Saturn - Rahu Yuti - Conjunction in Tula Rashi and It's Effects...!

Shani and Rahu in Tula and their effects…!

Shani and Rahu are in Tula and both are settled well in this Rashi as good amount of time elapsed since these both had their entry in this Rashi.

If you were aware, then these two Grahas already started showing results as well, very loudly and clearly.

To understand what these two Paap Grahas can do to mankind or to an individual, one needs to understand the nature, the Karakatva or the Significations of these two Grahas. Once your fundamentals are clear, then understanding the results will be very simple and an easy task for any learned Astrologer or a Person who is studying Astrology…!

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Shani or The Saturn: Sevak or The Servant

The Graha who moves slowly, The Graha who is Slow, Calm, Thoughtful & Matured……..!

Shani is the exact opposite of Mangal. Mangal is aggressive, energetic, optimistic, Shani is slow, with low energy and Pessimistic nature. 

Shani is hard ship or hard work over a long period of time, Shani is not Emotional, social but he is a thoughtful and lonely persona. If Shukra is the Smiling Face then Shani is the Tensed one. Shani is Secrecy, Privacy; Shani is Darkness, Night and detachment from worldly pleasures…..!

Shani is important in Diplomacy, Politics, Media, Business and Law. Shani has the blessings of Consistency and Hard Work, hence all the works, which have long lasting effects, are to be Governed or studied by Shani.

If Shani is not having enough strength in Kundali, the people turn to be Stressed, Tensed, fall in the trap of Depression, mental imbalance and will never get over with these….!

Shani is also Karaka for Death or Mrityu. The worry, depression, tension, fear, grief, poverty all leads to the ultimate, The Death, which can be studied by the 8th House from Shani in a Kundali.

Shani is suffering; this can be understood mainly from the Sade Sati Period of Shani. When Shani comes in the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the Chandra, one is said to be in Shani Sade Sati. This phase in most of the cases is the challenging times of the entire life span. People loose many things, from name, fame to wealth and one can be left penniless. Shani destroys the respect and honor, makes a person fall in his own eyes. People don’t understand the way out, the Best Mantra is “Get Suffered and Get Free”…………….!

Shani is nothing but change. Shani is a reformer, a Judge who does justice depending upon one’s karma. When people disrespect Society, Elders and Money Shani Dev comes to their Rashi….; When people fly few feet above the Ground, Shani Dev shows them the real color of life…!

Shani is important in the Kundalis of Lawyers, Judges, Businessmen, Media Stars, Government Officers and Politicians etc…….!

The diseases caused by Shani are Cold, Cough, bone Joints, Leprosy, Paralysis, Disease of the Feet, Physical disabilities etc……!

Rahu or The Ascending Lunar Node : The Army of Grahas

The Word RAHU is defined as the one which Seizes, The Seizer or The one which is responsible for ECLIPSE or the Grahan. 

Rahu is the Intersection point of Sun and Moons Orbits over the axis of Earth. This point of intersection is important in the Ganita of Jyotisha and hence it is considered as a Graha. Rahu actually is a Chhaya Graha or The Shadow or the Shadow Planet.

Hence the Bhava, which gets this intersection point in it, needs to be studied carefully. The Graha near Rahu and the Bhava of Rahu is a serious point of Study.

Rahu is considered as the Curse in the Horoscope if not placed well. Most of the qualities are same as Shani, but the few which makes his Characteristics definitive are as follows…….!

Shadow, Darkness, Night, Blackness, Hypnosis, Vashikaran, Gambling, Extreme Tantra like Jaran Maran, Horrifying, Aghor, Diseases, Madness, Calamities, Loss of Sight, Blindness, Disabilities of Body etc are under Rahu Ruler Ship.

If Rahu is not good in a Kundali, simple diseases will get worse without proper diagnosis, resulting in death or Death Like Conditions. Long lasting diseases and illness, continuous misfortune, things which cannot be understood by human minds, Fall of Family, Curse for the Family from past generations, Pitru Dosha, Kaal Sarpa Dosha etc are observed.

So these are the Significations of these two Grahas. So what they will do together in one Rashi. This coming together in one Rashi of Two Grahas is termed as YUTI or Conjunction in Vedic Jyotisha. Let’s understand what Role will Rahu play with Shani in Tula Rashi…! 

Rahu in Yuti with other planets gives problems in the Karakatva or Significations of those planets. If Rahu is with Guru, then rahu will spoil the Significations or areas ruled by Guru in ones life. Guru rules over Putra or Children, Vidya or Education, hence in a case where Rahu is in Yuti with Guru, there will be no children, death of Children, Mentally retarded children, accidents of children etc are observed. Basically no happiness from Children…! 

The same case applies to Education as well, such person will not be able to complete his/her formal education, there will be breaks in Education or the person will not complete his Last year and will not get a degree, might chose a wrong stream of Education and then switch to another stream, create blunders in his Education. If at all manages to complete the Education, will not work in the same stream or if working in the same trade or stream want to do something different etc…!

So Moral of the Story Rahu will Spoil the areas ruled by Guru for this person having Guru Rahu Yuti in his/her Kundali.

If Rahu is with Mangal in Yuti, then all the wrongs will happen in the areas ruled by Mangal. Mangal rules over siblings or coborns, Land, Property, Authority and Leading qualities. So in this case Rahu will spoil all the qualities of Mangal and in this case all the wrongs related to such persons brothers, sisters will happen.  Similarly such person might have to face humiliation, hatred and his Authority, Dominance or Leadership will be at stake and to salvage himself, such person can follow wrong means etc…!

Rahu alone in a House will be a different chapter of Study all together, as in the Strength's of the Graha, Rahu is considered the Most Powerful Graha of all the Navagraha System. Please Read my article following article of 2010. 

We wanted to understand what will be the result of Rahu Shani Yuti or Conjunction…, so again understand the Karakatva of Shani Dev…!

Shani rules the Mass, Society, People, Politics, Government, Oil, Leather, Construction, Labour Class, Workers, Employees, Servants, Mass Media etc. So a Rahu with such Shani will create defects in all the above areas for sure…!

In general I can say for sure that some politicians, some ministers, some Chief Ministers, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Social Workers, Leaders of Political parties, NGO’s, Films and TV Stars, Cricketers, Sportsmen, Public Association Heads, Dharma Guru, Heads of MuTTh’s and Temples, Gurudwaras, Churches, Mosks, Religious Leaders like Mulla’s, Pope, Shankaracharyas…., in short whoever runs the Public Departments or ruling on Mass or Society…, will be forcibly, conditionally or emotionally have to resign, quit, retire from the Public domain as Rahu is spoiling the Shani who rules over the People and Society as a whole…!  

This trend of Mass Hatred and quitting of Mass Leaders or Icons will continue till Rahu exits Tula, i.e. Till 12th June 2014.

Vakri Shani till July 2013 will fuel these results and we will certainly see mass movements against the so called leaders, icons or public figures and they will have to surrender to the public pressure and retire, quit or go into a mode of isolation from the Public Domain…!

We had already noticed that BJP President Nitin Gadkari with public pressure had to quit from his position. Pope Benedict quits Vatican due to his own set of reasons, Bangladesh Saw major public Out Cry on the Death Penalty of their leader against the ruling Government and about a Hundred people killed in the riots, Former Maldives President Nasheed took Refuge in Indian Embassy to save his Life from Mass Revolt against him and many more such things will keep happening…!

These results will get bloody and worse once Mangal enters Meena Rashi on this 4th March. Mangal’s 8th Aspect on this Shani, Rahu of Tula, will create havoc till 23rd May as Mangal will keep aspecting Shani Rahu from Meena and Mesha Rashi. Vakri Shani, With Rahu and an Aspect of Mangal from Meena and Mesha Rashi will be the ugliest phase for the Mass Leaders or Icons of Society. We will see DEATH, Masacre, Genocide, Major Turbulence in Society…!

I am not writing Rashi Wise effects for all the 12 Signs as, I am sorry to say, but there are attempts of copying of my articles on Internet, Print and Electronic Media…! I have no issues if someone is using my article for Public Distribution, I just expect that people should have courtesy to mention my name in doing so….!

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