Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Astrology Services For Corporates, Multi Nationals and Bussiness Owners..!

Dear Corporate and Business Fraternity People......!

A very good new for all of you, Bhakti Dhara Foundation started the Corporate Astrology Services in the New Year 2010, as there was huge demand and requests from our few existing friends...!

Now if your C.E.O is failing to take the organization to the desired height, If your C.F.O is not handling the finances properly, you dont have to worry...! The Astrology services of Bhakti Dhara will fix the Problems astrologically...!

If your second line staff is not giving performance, we do have a answer for that..!

If you want to hire new staff, Bhakti Dhara will check their C.V's and Horoscope too, so that you dont allow any negative force to be an obstacle in the companies growth...!

So it is a win win situation for all of you...!

Personalized horoscope readings of the Top Rank Officials, Checking the Company Horoscope and Guiding the Chair Person the right direction and right time for right ventures..., and many more things....!

To avail the services, kindly email on info@bhaktidhara.com and we will serve you whole-heatedly...!

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Dilip Raut