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Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Meena Rashi - Pisces by Shri Dilip Raut

12. Meena Rashi – Pisces

For Meena Rashi this Rahu Ketu Transit of 2019 is all about Domestic Issues, Parents well being, professional consistency and travel…..the Shastra defines it as follows….

स्वजनतां सुतमित्र सुखं नरो न च् लभेत् सदाभ्रमणं नृणाम् |
This is a very serious observation, It directly suggests that there will be No Happiness of Family, Children, Friends and the person will be aimlessly wandering on distant land….4th House Rahu, Though in Transit gives a Vaastu Dosha as well as A Pitru Dosha as it is the House of Mother and Hence the Person rarely can witness harmonious atmosphere at Home and willingly or unwillingly have to move out of his/her Home and roam around to distant places without any aim and objective…!

It Is certainly Not Great for Your Parents well-being….If You have any Paap Graha or Malefic Planet in Mithun or Sagittarius in your Natal Chart, This Rahu Ketu Transit will be the Most Explosive for you all….With Paap Grahas it gives Murders of Parents, Accidents of Parents, Forcefully some robbers can enter your house and kill the elderly parents etc….It is certainly a problematic phase for your parents and I will advise to Keep someone always with your parents…If Needed install CC Tv cameras for Parental Safety….If Your Parents are physically fit and can take care of theirs then too advise them to take proper safety majors as this Transit is Like the Hanging sword of Damascus on their Head….

Do Not do any property dealings in these 18 Months as I am Sure You will buy some Haunted, Possessed House or Property and it can start the fall of yours in all aspect….If You want to sell some Property then too, be cautious as some wrong deal will happen and you will not get the full money of your property as well as lose the property too….Just Postpone everything for next 18 months….it is certainly advisable…

If You are having your own vehicle or want to buy new vehicle….It will make you go Mad….Defective Vehicles, Some unusual Problems which even your mechanic will not understand can pop up….You vehicle can fail in the middle of road where there is no help for 40-50 Km’s back and forth….If You have some Paap Grahas in these Mithun and Dhanu Rashi then Accidents of Vehicles are promised and it can be fatal and can be deadly….so be cautious about Vehicles….

Ketu on the Other hand suggests कथं यै सुखं पैतृकं वै जनानां तथा कर्मलाभः कथं हृतसुखं स्यात् |It is directly telling that No Paternal Happiness, No Happiness from People, No Professional Happiness and No Gains in terms of Money…..Everything is cent percent Negative….And that is absolutely tried and tested….You will certainly see how your parents suffer and you yourself will suffer professionally and Job Losses, Humiliation, Insults in Office, Demotion, No Increment, No Pay Rise, Office Politics will make you go mad…You will be either sacked or you yourself will quit from your Job or Profession….If In Business be ready for Heavy Losses and Major cash Crunch….

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|| शुभं भवतू ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

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