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Rahu Ketu Transit 2019-2020 Predictions for Mithun Rashi - Gemini by Shri Dilip RAUT

3. Mithun – Gemini

Ok, Mithun / Gemini People The Transit is happening in your Rashi and Hence it is certainly an Important Phase for you all….For Mithun Rashi it’s a bit tacky to understand the results….Let’s divide this into two segments, 1. People who are having Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign as Mithun/Gemini and 2. People born with Mithun / Gemini Ascendant and some other Moon Sign.

If you fall in the first category where you will have the same Sign Mithun as your Lagna and Rashi, Means You have Moon in Mithuna at the time of your Birth and the rising sign is also Mithun then it is going to be a bit of Problematic Phase since it becomes the Grahan Yoga and Rahu will be eclipsing Your Natal or Janma Moon or Chandra. If You are Born with Mithun Lagna/ Ascendant Sign and the Chandra Rashi is different then it will be much better Transit for You for Sure….I will personally advise for a Personalised Readings for Mithun Ascendant as well as Moon Sign People as it is an Important Transit for all of You and is setting up the Tone, Dasha and Disha of next 18 Years of your Life….Anyway, Lets Understand the impact of this Transit on Your Lagna or Rashi….

Since The Rahu will be in Your Rashi / Lagna you will be a different person all together….You will hate your own people and will be working with Other Community, Other ethnicity People. This is a Good Yoga to work with foreigners….There will be complete change in your Outlook, Speech, Behavior and You will be showing Off a Lot….If You are having same Lagna and Rashi then your show off will put you in a major problem and it can make you face mass hatred and Ire and Fire of People…the Shastra says राहु यत्रस्य तत्र कृष्णलांछनम | means you will face a big Blot on your Personality and Activity….Face Blemish and due to that can face major public hatred….Hence be cautious and do not be over adventurous….Remember this is a Phase of 18 months, after that you will be back to your present condition and hence Let not temporary positional elevation make you feel that you are supreme….The Moment you feel that you reached some position in Life, Your fall will begin….Hence control your excitement and respect people….Over confidence may make you regret for Lifetime….

Those people with Mithun Chandra, will be the worst Hit and certainly need Help….for Personalised readings and Help, You can connect me on my contact given at the end of the predictions….

This Rahu also makes one दुष्टमतिः| You will become a Person with wicked mindset….with over smartness Will do hundreds of wrongs शतापराधम| and will have to face the consequences… You will forget the Help you received from other noble people and instead of Gratitude and being humble, will show off your arrogance and tantrums… कृतघ्नों नरः|

Since Rahu and Chandra will be in Mithuna, Your Face, Mouth, Head, ENT issues will pop up….Even your full body is prone to some or the other disease or distress, The Shastra defines it as सर्वांगरोगी |

It further says like विकलाह कुमूर्तिः अधार्मिकः कुकर्मः || means weak body, unpleasant face and personality, will not be religious and will do many wrong deeds…..Oh that’s too much of wrong things at one place….and the base of that is the sudden and instant success due to this Rahu….With more success and money you should be humble and thankful to the almighty like a Tree laden with fruits bends towards the ground….Straight trees broke midway….Hence be Humble and enjoy whatever this Rahu Blesses You with…Ego, Pride and Unnecessarily Loving yourself Too Much will create all the wrongs for you and you will regret it for next 18 years….

On the Other hand Ketu is creating some troubles and the Shastra defines it as कलत्रादिपीड़ाः व्ययो व्यग्रताः न मानं प्रभूणाम कृपा विकृता || this one single line covers many aspects of your Life….Firstly Ketu will spoil your married Life, why? Because since you will get some instant success, You will also get attention from other opposite sex members and hence extra marital affairs etc are possible….or simply you will neglect your spouse and that will mark the beginning of your marital issues….Since the entire Lifestyle is changed, you will certainly be spending a Lot and Hence will be busy managing your expenses and finances….Due to your arrogance you will do many mistakes and hence can be punished by the authorities and can be imprisoned or Jailed for some time….In this Journey you will lose all your respect, repute and will become Vikruta or strange and ugly in Public Life….

God, it’s too much a tight rope walk for you people….You certainly need my Help….May Rahu and Ketu Help and Bless you in keeping you Grounded and Happy…..

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|| शुभम भवतु ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

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