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Guru – Jupiter Gochar – Transit 1st November 2010 and its Effects

Almost after 8 months spending in Meena Rashi, Guru Dev is going to enter in Kumbha Rashi on the 1st November 2010 with Vakri or Retrograde Motion….!

Guru is going to spend 37 days in Kumbha Rashi and then again enter Meena with direct or progressive motion on 6th December 2010. After this Guru will stay in Meena Rashi for next 5 months till May 2011.

Though Guru was in his own Rashi in Meena from last 8 months, he did not delivered that much auspicious result in this phase. The reason is the direct 7th aspect of Kanya Shani on this Meena Rashi Guru. It is like you are giving too much green fodder to a goat and tying a tiger too in front of the poor animal…! In this condition no use of the fodder for the Goat as fear of the Tiger won’t allow him to enjoy food and if he eats then too there will be constant fear of dying….! The same happened with Guru Dev, after 12 years Guru Dev entered in his Home but the aspect of Shani neither made him comfortable nor allowed enjoying the Home freely…!

Now after so many months Guru is going to be free from Shani’s ill aspect. Hence lots many good things are in store for lot many people. So be ready to take advantage in this phase by seeing how the transit or Gochar Guru is going to affect on your Rashi…!

Mesha or Aries Rashi – Guru is going to be in your 11th House on the 1st Nov 2010. The Guru is entering with Silver Paaya to your Rashi. This is going to be very, very good for you people. These 37 days are going to be best of the phase in your life. So hurry, finish your pending jobs, start new undertakings or new works, the phase is going to give you a lot…! Guru in 11th will give influential connections and these will work wonders for you. Suddenly you will be elevated to high circles and elegant places. You will be romantic, creativity will be at its best, best time to conceive child for women seeking babies, welfare of fraternity will be seen, coborns will also be blessed, best time to complete your studies or enrolling for new courses, for unmarried people quick marriage is indicated, the phase is favorable with Guru Kripa, so tie the not in this period, it will give you a lot…! So a Win, win situation till December 6, 2010. After December 6 till May 2011, again Guru will be in Meena Rashi with Shani Aspect, so much of hardship is there in that phase. So earn a lot in these first 40 days so you can just chill in the next 5 months…!

Vrishabh or Taurus Rashi
– For Vrishabh Guru will enter the 10th House. The transit is happening with Iron Paaya, so hard work and tension is promised in this phase. You must have enjoyed the last 8 months, but in these 37 days you need to be cautious on the work front. Just don’t be on the driving seat, take a back seat and don’t do any decisions in this phase. Seniors will try to Humiliate you, insults and suppression will create much more turbulent condition, but stay calm, this is not going to last forever. After 6th December you will bounce back in life and work as well. There might be chances of shifting your base to some other city, or house. You will be tempted to buy a new property and might buy one also. At least shift your house…! Problems with parents’ health are showing till 6th December. Use words very carefully as you might heart people with your words till December 6. New loans can be availed and financials will be strong…! So hardship at work front and parents health are two issues you need to be careful about in this phase…!

Mithun or Gemini Rashi – The Guru will be entering your Bhagya Sthana with Copper Paaya, it is the Best phase for you…! You might go for a short overseas journey or can be transferred overseas for work on deputation. Relations with Coborns and spouse’s Coborns will be at its best. Health will be rocking and you might join some Yoga class or Gym for exercise etc. Love life will be at its peak and control your self as far as one-night stands and short-term relations…! Learning, children, new births, romance and passion is all you are blessed with this transit. You might start writing your diary or putting your thoughts together on paper in this phase, really a fortunate phase till December 6. After December you too need to be cool and don’t take important decisions till may 2011.

Karka or Cancer Rashi – Guru will be entering in your 8th House with Silver Paaya. The entire phase till May 2011 is the blessed phase for you…! Religion and Spirituality will be at its best for you. You will travel to auspicious places and too many Yatra’s and Pooja, Archanas are promised. Spending will be on good and pious causes. Inflow of funds will be tremendous and you will not be able to control the money flow, so be careful and account everything properly. Possibility of Shifting house or buying a new elegant home is cent percent there, so go ahead and buy one for the family…! After December 6, overseas travel and journeys will keep you busy. Will rock like anything in that phase till May 2011 too…! Precautions for Health are advisable…! So great phase for you to regain lost glory, respect and repute….! A sheer blessing of Guru Dev…..!

Singha or Leo Rashi – The Guru is coming to your 7th House with Gold Paaya. These 37 days till 6th December 2010 are very good for you. Some tension will be there but finally you will be the winner…! Spouse will get into Religious mode and you might not understand her or his divine connection. Spouse’s health will be a cause of concern. You are going to be in very good form and shape. All bodily comforts are going to be there…! Siblings, Coborns will be blessed and their pending jobs will be completed, they will get new promising assignments and will rock in their respective careers. Short journeys are promised. Friends and associates will be supportive and you will be introduced into new circle of influential people which will help you a lot…..! After 6th December 2010, the phase will be problematic and much more problems are foreseen…! Health should be taken care of after December 6, take care while driving, traveling or eating out side. There are chances that some sudden health problem can create major problems for you and your family…!

Kanya or Virgo Rashi
– Guru Dev is going to 6th House of your Kundali with Iron Paaya. So Hardship is promised till December 6. Health should be taken care of. Major health related problems would arise in this phase. Debts and enmity can trouble you…! Chant Guru Mantra for getting rid of all wrongs…! After December 6, the phase is good till May 2011. So just 37 days you have to be cautious to enjoy all the best fruits after 6th Dec 2010. Patience will pay. Spending will be on religious causes, Pooja’s, Yatras to Holy places etc…! These offerings will pay back in saving you till 6th December and will give you a lot after that phase. Be careful on work front, some good news can be expected at work front, Money matters will be ok in this phase….!

Tula or Libra Rashi – Guru will enter the 5th House of your Kundali on 1st November 2010 with Golden Paaya. It will be a good phase with a bit of tension and worry. You will be inclined towards learning some spiritual or mystic sciences. For Learning of Yoga, Astrology, Healing therapies etc the period is very good…! Love, Romance and passion will be at its best. With Gurus aspect, friends will be forthcoming and gains are promised. Health, Wealth and Fortune are blessed for you in this phase. After December 6 too things are going to be great till May 2011. Just take care of your health….!

Vrischik or Scorpio Rashi – Guru is going to be in your 4th House with Copper Paaya.
This is going to be the best phase for you…! At work, you are going to be the Best and promotions; new jobs are waiting for you…! New home is a very strong possibility or shifting of location is observed. Parent’s health will be an issue you need to be careful about…! Pilgrimages, offering Pooja’s will be seen…! Spiritual journeys will be there. Fortune will shower a lot on you…!

Dhanu or Sagittarius Rashi
– For Dhanu the Guru transit is happening in your 3rd House with Silver Paaya, so the phase will be very good for you…! Whatever problems or delays you have observed in last 8 months will be no more there. Good Fortune and Gains are promised. Marriage, Auspicious ceremonies at home will be observed. Complete all the important works before 6th December as after that till May 2011, you have to be low profile in all aspects. After 6th December, Guru will be in your 4th House with strong Shani opposition, hence domestic happiness will not be there, problems with parents and work front will make life worse…! So hurry, make the most of the use of this phase and then just chill for next 5 months after December 6.

Makar or Capricorn Rashi
– Guru transit is happening in your 2nd House of Kundali with Iron Paaya, so hardship is promised in this Phase. Finances will be out of control and some problems in the family life are foreseen…! Speech will heart people and spoil relations. Health, Inheritance and work front are the areas will be under this Gurus aspect, so medium growth in these matters can be observed…! After December 6, there will be much more turbulence in fortune and might have to do a lot to sustain regular life….!

Kumbha or Aquarius Rashi – Guru Transit is happening in your Rashi with Copper Paaya, a Very good phase for all aspects of Life. A little discomfort health wise can be observed related to Ear-Nose-Throat system. But Rest all the things will be Great for You…! Financials will see sudden growth, and you will emerge as a friend, philosopher and guide to many people. Love, Romance, Learning, Education, Children, Share Market, Lottery, SaTTa, Partnership, Mass Support, Wife or spouse’s love, fortune and overseas Journeys are all blessed for you in this phase, so make best of the use of this phase till May 2011.

Meena or Pisces Rashi
– Guru is going to your 12th House with Golden Paaya. Hence a bit of tension will be always there. This is the phase of Sadhana, Prayers and Pooja’s. You will do a lot of these religious practices and travel across many holy places and spend a lot. This is going to be a winter retreat for you…! You will be getting blessings for spending next 5 months till May 2011, with peace and happiness. After December 6 your Prayers will do miracle for you and you will be again in great form and will be blessed by everything in Life…! Married life or Partnership will be a cause of worry due to Kanya Shani, but with your Prayers and Pooja’s things should be all well after December 2010…!

So for every body Guru Dev is promising some or the other positive things with these transits…! For wrong effects Chant Guru Beeja Mantra || Om Jhram Jhreem Jroum Sah Gurave Namah || For 108 times on Every Day or on Thursdays…! Or You Can chant The Dattatreya Mantra || Om Shri Guru Dev Datta || for 108 times.

For people having favorable effects of this Transit, wearing Pushkaraj or Yellow Sapphire will help a lot.

Doing Dattatreya Yaag or Padya Pooja will give Amazing Results…!

Offering Yellow items in Donation will help everybody…!

For Dattatreya Yaag or Padya Pooja you can write to us…..!

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|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Dilip Raut

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