Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Annual Astrology Consultation Scheme -2014

Annual Astrology Consultation Scheme - 2014

Dear Readers and Followers, Announcing The Annual Membership Scheme for Astrology Consultation – Year 2014 

The Fees for the Same is Only Rupees 11,000/- You can book the Membership directly by depositing / Transferring the Fees in the account mentioned bellow…!

In the beginning you can discuss your Kundali issues with me for 30-45 minutes on Phone and then every month you can ask couple of questions, if you have any…!

Or You can discreetly ask as and when you need Astrological Help for fixing up issues of your Life or before taking some big decisions…

Life is full of issues and problems….We don’t know what is in store for us in future…with the Help of Vedic Jyotish / Astrology we can be able to see the future events and can take preventive actions and remedial measures to get rid of the Problems…

It is certainly a great service for anyone who wants to be in control of the future…People approach us once the damage is done…, someone comes after a Painful Kidney Transplant, Some comes after losing Job, some after divorce and some after losing a near and dear one…

Very few people are proactive and consult us beforehand and avoid the problem or at least the intensity and potential of the damage, the Loss or The Pain…

So be proactive and get the membership for 2014 Now…This is a Year with too many ups and downs for everyone as most of the time Shani – Rahu, Shani – Mangal – Rahu, Shani – Mangal Yuti / Conjunction is going to create issues for everyone…

It is better to have an insight and understand what area of life is going to suffer so that we can control lot many things beforehand…

Here are the account details for Transfer, deposit of Fees…

A/C Name : Dilip Raut
A/C Type : Saving
A/C Number :  01142470031393
Bank: HDFC Bank, Ganga Jamuna Apts, Gr. Flr, Opp. Shoppers Stop, S.V. Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400058, MH, INDIA
NEFT, IFSC, RTGS Code : HDFC0000114

People from Overseas can Pay us Via Paypal with an additional Paypal charge of 5%. So via Paypal Please pay Rs. 11,550/-

Our id on Paypal is info@bhaktidhara.com

Please do email your full name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth…

The Fees is for a Single Kundali or Single Person, if you want to have the annual consultation membership for more than one person, here are the discounted rates of the Fees..

1+1 = 2 Person’s Kundali Consultation = Rs. 18,000/-
1+2 = 3 Persons’ Kundali Consultation = Rs. 24,000/-

Bookings will be On till 30th March....Hurry can allow a limited memberships....

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip Raut

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