Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 2014 Graha Gochar - Planetary Transits and Nakshatra Gochar of August 2014 in Detail...!

August  2014 Shalivahan Shakey 1936 - Jay Naam Sanvatsara 

7th August - Shukra Enters Karka Rashi at 29:38 Hrs

12th August - Budha Enters Singha Rashi at 30:14 Hrs

16th August - Surya Enters Singha Rashi at 30:14 Hrs

29th August - Budha Enters Kanya at 15:38 Hrs

31st August - Shukra Enters Singha Rashi at 27:14 Hrs

Guru Uday or Rise on 6th August / Budha Uday on 23rd August / Hershel, Neptune and Pluto Vakri or Retrograde for the Entire month of August 2014

Nakshatra Gochar or Planetary Transits from Nkashatra or Constellations....

Surya Leaves Ashlesha 1st Charan on 6th August, 2nd Charan on 10th August, 3rd Charan on 13th August, 4th Charan on 16th August and Enters Magha Nakshatra at 30:14 Hrs....Surya Leaves Magha 1st Charan on 20th August, 2nd Charan on 23rd August, 3rd Charan on 27th August, 4th Charan on 30th August and Enters Purva Falguni at 26:07 Hours, 

Mangal Enters Swati Nakshatra 2nd Charan on 2nd August 21:32 Hrs

Budha Enters Pushya Nakshatra 2nd Charan on 1st August  at 12:45 Hrs, Budha Enters Ashlesha Nakshatra on 6th August at  08:07 Hrs, Budha Enters Purva Falguni on 19th Augst at 21:20 Hrs

Guru Leaves Pushya 2nd Charan and Enters in the 3rd Charan on 3rd August at 23:06 Hrs, Enters Pushya 4th Charan on 18th August at 28:37 Hrs

Shukra Enters Punarvasu on 2nd Charan on 1st August at 28:33 Hrs, Shukra Enters Pushya Nakshatra on 10th August and Aslesha Nakshatra on 21st August at 07:11 Hrs, Shukra Enters Magha Nakshatra on 31st August at 27:14 Hrs

Shani Dev Enters Vishakha 2nd Charan on 20th August at 17;35 Hrs

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|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

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