Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jupiter Transit - Guru Gochar to Virgo - Kanya August 2016 and its effects on the twelve signs....

Namaste and Good Day to all

On this Guru Paurnima day i am sharing the Agust 2016 Jupiter Transit or Guru Gochar Results for all the 12 Rashis....

I have done the videos for every Rashi / Sign for this Jupiter Transit and You can Visit my Youtube Cahnnel HERE or see the Videos on the YouTube window on this page at the right hand side...

If you just want to watch a single video, then Click the Link below in front of Your Sign or Rashi...

1. Mesha or Aries - CLICK HERE

2. Vrishabh or Taurus - CLICK HERE

3. Mithun or Gemini - CLICK HERE

4. Karka or Cancer - CLICK HERE

5. Singha or Leo - CLICK HERE

6. Kanya or Virgo - CLICK HERE

7. Tula or Libra - CLICK HERE

8. Vrischik or Scorpio - CLICK HERE

9. Dhanu or Sagittarius - CLICK HERE

10. Makar or Caprocorn - CLICK HERE

11. Kumbha or Aquarius - CLICK HERE

12. Meena or Pisces - CLICK HERE

Remember, these are the General predictions and the Impact can be Very Positive to Very Negative depending upon your Individual Kundali or Horoscope, I will advise to go for a detailed paid reading to understand the real nature of this Transit....

You can book a paid reading just by filling the form on the right hand side Horoscope Booking window and paying on www.paypal.com

write to me once you are done with the payout and i will start working on your Horoscope or Kundali....

May Guru Dev Bless all....

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip Raut

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