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Saturn – Shani Transit to Dhanu – Sagittarius January 2017 – Predictions for Aries / Mesha Rashi

Saturn – Shani Transit to Dhanu – Sagittarius Jan 2017 – Predictions for Aries / Mesha Rashi People

Ok Arians, Mesha Rashi People…..Please accept my Namaste and Good Wishes.

So the Major Transit of Last 2 & ½ Years is happening on this 26th January 2017. You will be anxious to know what is in store for you people….You can be of Aries / Mesha Lgana [Ascendant] or Rashi [Moon Sign] Person, It will certainly give you the results….

This is Not the Actual Transit of Shani Dev or Saturn, In his Scorpio/Vrischik Transit Due Course Saturn/Shani Dev happen to get Momentum in his Motion and happen to cross into the Sign of Dhanu or Sagittarius….This is called the ATICHARI Gati or Accelerated Motion. So with this ATICHARI Gati Shani Dev will enter and remain in Dhanu till June 26 and again come back in Scorpio/Vrischik with his Vakri Gati or Retrograde Motion on June 26. There he remains for next 4 Months till October 26 and finally enter the Dhanu or Sagittarius Sign for his next Full Transit…

So lets Understand what are the Impact and Effects on You Aries/Mesha Rashi People….

While predicting I will not Only consider Saturn/Shani Dev but will also consider the Guru Dev of Kanya Rashi and Rahu of Leo or Singha Rashi….Also will take note of Other Grahas too….Just Judging by One Planet will be Injustice to Astrology as a whole….

Will be highlighting key areas which will affect positively or Negatively and won’t be able to cover the Full Effects as one cannot cover all the aspects in this kind of brief write up about Transit Predictions…


You people must have had gone through a lot in Last 2 and ½ Years Time… I know you people have suffered from September 2014 like anything….Life went upward down and some or the other positivity of your Kundali/Horoscope saved you up till now….If You are reading this Article then you are the chosen one as the Astham Shani or Kantak Shani spared you with whatever hardship he had given you….But in Astrology and Life Nothing is Permanent, Only the CHANGE is Permanent and whatever Hardship, Issues, Problems you have had gone through, Shani Dev or Saturn will reward you for the same….and take my word Saturn gives a Lot, There is No Graha in Nava Graha System who blesses Like Shani Dev or Saturn….He makes People, He makes Destiny….He shows the Pinnacle of Success and Glory….Only One Condition, Accept Him, Go through the Grind and Once You are out of His Phase He will Bless You with whatever you have Lost and much more in the Future….

So Shani Dev or Saturn is Certainly Happy with you People as You have accepted him in Last 2.5 Years….Now take my word, next 10 Years, Till Shani Dev moves into Meena Rashi or Pisces, You people will rock like a rock star in your respective fields and in turn, in your personal, social, financial Life….Whatever you will touch will turn Gold, You people not only will reclaim your Lost Glory, Respect, Repute and Charm but also be Very successful in all your ventures. You will Help Others too and make many Lives Bloom, Flourish and Smile….

One word of Caution; Just be cautious from June 21st to October 26, 2017 as Shani Dev will be back in Scorpio in this Phase….Do Shani Poojas, Havans, Oil Abhishek of Shani Dev in that Phase and the Phase Should be All Right….

You will or must be already visiting Holy Places, Will do Pilgrimage, will spend money on Rituals, Poojas etc will donate to Holy Places and to Needy Brahmins etc.

Professionally from Jan 26th, things will happen, a bit delay is certain, but things will happen for the best in Life and whatever will happen in this phase will remain for a good amount of time in your Life, we can say some concrete work will happen….

Childrens or Child Birth in this Phase till September is a cause of concern and proper care, attention is Needed for Sure….

And this is for the Young Friends and People with Young Hearts, You are going to be adventurous and courageous in Love and Romance and will break all the barriers and will go against your parents and society and due to that may have to face a Lot….So beware !

Elderly People, If you have young children then a dialogue with them is much needed, proper counseling of Young Children is a MUST else You and your entire Family will get trapped into worse Kind of Relationship Issue of your Children….

Elderly Men with Young Hearts, you might feel for someone and would want to go full-on to be with your new found Love, take my word, there are cent percent chances that you will land up in a much problematic phase and might have to face mass hatred due to your Romantic Adventure…..

You will be at your best in creative Pursuits, New Ideas, Concepts, Projects has the ability to take you to new High in Life, so do the brain storming, You are cent percent into creation and receiving mode and Nature will Say TATHASTU, So be it….Your Demand is his Command…So Just Go On and Explore your own Brain, The Most Complicated Computer of the Universe and it will give you awesome ideas and concepts which can make your destiny, and I Mean This for Sure…

If You are trying to plan some Foreign Trip, Immigration or some Business Venture with Foreigners, You will face delay and denials, better wait till September 2017

Friends, Influential People of Life must be taken care of, chances are there, that you might lose some of these people in next 3 years time

Your Coborns or Siblings will be troubled and will stuck in this Transit in their professional and personal Life….They will be a direct Hit with This Shani Transit and you should tell them to spend these 3 years till January 2020 with much of discipline and caution, if needed help them financially and do some Shani Appeasement for their well being….

In Overseas Travel be careful as some or the other issues can make you go Mad….

If You have taken some Loans, had Bad Debt then this is the settlement Time….You will be forced to settle all the accounts in this span of Time. Or I can even say that you will yourself willingly come ahead to settle those financial accounts or bad debt which were haunting you up till now….Just get rid of it as you need to be free to get many things in Life and I am sure by the Grace of Guru Dev you will get adequate funds to settle all your pending loans, bad debts etc….

And this is not only Settling the Bad Debts, Loans, You will settle all the issues of your life, whether you have heart some of your relatives, family members, coborns or any one for that matter, you yourself will initiate a dialogue and settle the score with all of them….This is the time to move on, this is the time to to clean the past and let not The BHOOT KAAL or Past Haunt you any more in the bright times of Life….

And I am sure you people will Learn some Vedic Wisdom as well Like Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vaastu, Yoga or just go into some spiritual path and it will give you a lot in return for sure…..If You want To Learn Vedic Astrology, don’t dare to Learn from anywhere else, You have to Learn it from Me Only -:))

Just Enjoy the Blessings of Shani Dev and witness the Bright 10 Years of Life Ahead….

All my Best Wishes and Blessings To You all…..

Remember, these are generic predictions based on the Transit Planets and for Individual Kundalis / Horoscope the Impact can be Less or more or complete opposite depending upon the Individual Horoscope…..

You can always go for a Paid Reading for your own Kundali / Horoscope Reading / consultation by booking it on the Horoscope Booking window on the right side Menue Bar…..and I will connect with you….

Will post other Rashi Predictions one by one in next couple of days....regret the delay as some or the other activity keeps me occupied and not get enough time....stay tune, coming back soon...

Take Care, God Bless



Shri Dilip Raut

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