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Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Vrishabh Rashi - Taurus by Shri Dilip Raut

2. Vrishabh – Taurus

Vrishabh or Taurus People it’s a mixed result for you….This Rahu Ketu Transit will be Helpful in some manner but mostly it’s a time to be cautious….Its all about Your Finances, Wealth and Health if I have to put it in one line….Lets check what does this Transit of Rahu Ketu has in store for you for the next 18 Months….

Rahu is The Grahan Karaka or the seizure….He Eats the Sun and Moon symbolically which causes the Eclipses…Rahu doesn't know where to Stop and this is The One Defining Quality of Rahu which specifically gives the Good, Bad or Ugly Results. So the base Line of this motion of the Rahu Ketu is, You must Know where to Stop!!!

Since Rahu is transiting from the House of Family, Finance, Food, Mouth and Speech….Exponential Growth in all these aspects of Life is promised….But as briefed earlier, anything Too Much is a Problem in itself….So You might eat and drink a Lot which will create havoc in your Health….You might start a new Habit of smoking, drinking or might eat unusual stuff which you were not comfortable up till now or might switch to Non Veg, Spicy, Oily food etc….Some or the other Abnormality in your Eating Patterns is on the card and excess of eating will create physical and medical issues….

The Shastra says मुखरतन्कितः | means you will speak a Lot, and due to the speech might create enemies, why? Because in the flow of the speech you might tell lot of lies unnecessarily and those Lies will get you caught and people will start hating you…the Shastra defines it as सदामिथ्यावादि always, only Lies will come out of your Mouth…so let not your words spoil your prospects of life and happiness….

It also defines this as विषयानृपदण्ड: | So you will also get addicted with Vices or wrong habits of smoking, drinking and eating wrong type of food…This is also a Yoga to become a Drug Addict, trying different drugs, LSD, Psychedelic Drugs etc….So beware…do not fall in the Trap of Destiny….When things are in Abundance….Live a Humble and low profile Life…Do Not Show Off Your Affluence and get carried away…these things start as a Fun, One Time Adventure but Once You fall in the Trap, recovery is very Hard and It can cost your all wealth, Respect, Repute and finally Health….so be cautious….Distant Family members can set the Trap for You and You can be a Pray at the Hands of this Rahu Transit….It also means that due to all these Vices you might commit some crime and will be punished by the Authorities…So Imprisonment, Jail, Isolation, Confinement etc is Possible due to this Yoga….Hence it’s a forewarning for you if you are reading this…Once you know that the problem is there, half the battle is won….

The Shastra further defines it as कृतचौरवृत्तिः | परर्थाधीन |Since Rahu is in the House of Finances, There will be Hunger for Money, Creation of Wealth and Opportunities to create easy money will be served on a Platter to You! People will approach you and offer money for doing their work…If You are into Accounts, Purchase, CA, Client Servicing, Purchase Dept, Auditor or dealing with financial settlements etc there will be opportunities to Earn from your clients for settling their bills etc….Black Money, Under the table Money, Easy Money, Unearned Money all can be realized in this time frame…But remember….if you accept it, It can Ruin your Life for next several Years to come and you will regret your malpractices for Lifetime…It’s a Trap….You should know where to stop, Where to Say a “BIG NO”.

Your attitude will be Like a Thief or Robber and you will have an Eye on Others Money and can become successful in your attempt to make some quick and easy money as well….but as briefed earlier, it’s a Trap of Destiny and I am forewarning You to Not fall Prey to the same and ruin your Life..

Ketu on the Other Hand is creating Health Issues….the Shastra narrates it as गुदेपीडा भयम् वाहनादेः वक्त्ररोगी दन्तघातिः स्वल्पायुः अरिष्टं विरहं So Piles, Anal System Disorders can create problems in Life….If You are a Biker or Drive your vehicle yourself then Accidents are certain and you will be down with a Major Accident for several days for sure in this time frame….Hospitalization is on the cards….Mouth and Teeth diseases or Issues can also disturb you in this time frame…..Threat to Life and Lonivity and separation from your own people is on the cards….

Remember these Predictions are for ideal conditions where you do not have any Planet in Mithun or Dhanu Rashi in your Birth Chart….If You have any Planet, and I mean any planet in these signs in the Natal Chart the results can be more severe…In Such Cases you Need a Personalized Reading and for that You can connect me with the bellow mentioned ways…

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|| शुभं भवतु ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

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