Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Singha Rashi - Leo by Shri Dilip RAUT

5. Singha Rashi – Leo

For Singha Rashi It is certainly a Promising Transit and Rahu in Particular will be a Boon in The Labha Sthana or House of Gain….Lets Understand the specific results in detail….

The Shastra defines it as 

सदा म्लेंछतो अर्थम् सदावित्तप्राप्तिः चतुरजनमित्रः मतिश्चांडो गर्वः हरेद धूर्त बन्धुः |

This means the person will mingle with people from different ethnicity and communities….His own people are of no use….Only Mlenchha or other community, ethnicity or even a foreigner can write his/her destiny…! In general I can bet on this that in these 18 months you will befriend some Very Influential People and these New found Affluent people will write your destiny…So be good to people, be humble, Go an extra mile to help friends and influential people of your Life….Remember a couple of such people can Give you Lifetime of work or New Projects or give you an opportunity which will turn the table around for Lifetime….

Wealth and Money will always be there and day by day you will become more Wealthy….Your friends will be very Smart and their Smartness will be beneficial for you….Since it’s a very fertile and positive phase you will certainly be proud of your achievements, Pride is Great but remember it should not turn into EGO. There are chances that You will become Egoistic and in turn can lose many new and promising things of Life….Beware of Your own Coborns as they can make a Hole in Your Pocket….Yes, In Such span siblings can be a Burden as their Problems will keep popping up and eating your finances….

A Hearing disorder can also happen for some time in this Period…So Ears care is advisable….

On The Other Hand Ketu is Saying सोदरे घात वात आदी कष्ठं स्वबुद्धिव्यथा दासोभवेत वीर्ययुक्तो नरोपि |

Means Misfortune of coborns / Siblings, Misfortune by using your own Intellect….Yes, this aspect is really troublesome as only you can harm your Progress Yourself….Do not trust your intellect, take help and advice from your friends and influential people of your Life….If You trust Others You will go Long way…If You Trust Your Own Intelligence, fall from position is certain….

The Last and the Important Learning is that You will serve someone though you can Rule Yourself….Now what we need to understand here is that sometimes it is better to Not Be in the Driving Seat and Enjoy The Ride, Instead of taking the Pain of Driving yourself with full alertness….So Enjoy The Ride…Let someone Drive for You……

The Most Important thing here for newly Married couples or for people who want to Plan a Child in this 18 months….It is certainly not a Fertile Phase for child Birth….If You can Postpone the Child, that will be great…but if the Child has to be born in these 18 Months, then there are threats of miscarriage, abortion, some or the other issues with the child….Proper care is advisable and the Delivery of the Child will be only possible with C-Section or Cesarean Delivery…..

If you are studying something then this is not the right time and hence do not expect good score etc….Just Pass the Year somehow….

And If You want to take full advantage of this Transit with some specialized Kriyas, You can reach me for Sure…Happy to Help!!!

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|| शुभम भवतु ||

Shri Dilip RAUT


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