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Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Tula Rashi - Libra by Shri Dilip Raut

7.        Tula Rashi – Libra

राहौ धर्मस्थे धर्मनाशः वै भ्रमणं नरस्यधर्महिनो कर्महिनो निर्धनो अतिधुर्तो धुर्तप्रियः || This is a Good Transit though Shastra defines it in some Problematic manner…Lets understand it in detail so that you people can put your curiosity at rest….

Rahu’s transit in particular for you Librans in 2019 – 2020 is going to be Fortunate….so why the Shastra is suggesting all wrong effects…That’s because you will become a rebellious person….You will question the set Traditions and Customs….You will reject the age old principles of religion and spirituality…You will be having your own views and opinions and you will disown your own religion and the Principles of your own traditions….

The deep churning of Beliefs, Truth and Reality will keep you busy in this phase….I Personally believe that you need to question things in a logical manner….a few things are certainly above Logic and where Logic ends wisdom begins…But an inquiry into your own belief system is a must…This is a time to understand the same thing….If You do not have any Planet in Mithun or Gemini in your Natal Chart, I am sure the results of this Inner Churning will be almost Positive…But if you have any Planets in Mithun in Natal Chart, Then it is a question mark and that time whatever the Shastra says above can be true in its every sense for sure…In Such conditions You Might change your religion, Might Disown your own Religion and Customs, Might become an Atheist and roam around Places aimlessly….

In Ideal conditions You will be Very Positive if there is no Planet in Mithun Rashi in your Chart…You will understand some sacred principle or Sutra of Shastra or Religion and can create your own set of Views, Opinions and Understanding of the same….

So Basically You will question the Dharma or Religion and Spirituality and set traditions….This is a Good Yoga for Foreign Tours, Foreign Settlements…

The Shastra further says that You will be Nirdhana or Poor….For Miracles one needs to have the Hunger…Without Hunger No Rebellion will Happen….If You are Hungry for Wealth then only You will see the Sources from where you can create Wealth….In The Start of transiting phase, You might not be in the Great Financial State, but as the Transit moves ahead….as the Rahu starts gaining strength You will start gaining Money and Wealth….Remember a Hungry person for Food will always see Food everywhere and will even be successful in having and eating it, A Alcoholic can get alcohol in the dead of night as well, a Drug Addict will do anything to get his Drugs….Similarly a Hungry Person for Money and Wealth, with the Blessings of this Rahu will be successful in achieving his target to become Wealthy….Its just the Matter of HUNGER…..

It further says that You will be Dhoorta or a Cunning Person, Deceitful Person, a Shrewd and a Crook….and you will Love the company of Such People….So with Deception, Misdirection, Crooked Nature You will certainly have an eye on others Wealth and will be successful in Making them Pay you themselves….That’s the reason the Shastra termed this Transit so wrong….But on this Planet, we encounter all types of People….If You are destined to be blessed by these so called Smart Ways of Earning money and creation Wealth….What can one say…Just Bow Down To Rahu Maharaj and do Your Karma….Just keep in Mind that whatever You do, do Not Heart People emotionally….People should realized that they have given you their money or wealth but at the same time they must appreciate your smartness, charm and Loving Touch….

On The Other Side Ketu is Giving results as follows….शिखी विक्रमे शत्रुनाशं वादम् | भवेद् बन्धुनाशः सदा बाहुपीडा ||  It is certainly making You a Self made person in these 18 Months. All Your Enemies will be destroyed and there will be some or the other issues in Life…Quarrels, Fights and confrontations will be the tone of this Transit and It is certainly a wrong Transit in Terms of your Siblings or coborns….At The same time Neck, Shoulder and Hand Issues can create Physical discomfit and diseases…so take care o those parts of the Body….

Overall this is the Time to test Your own Beliefs and Try New Things to explore the Best of the Possibilities Rahu and Ketu are offering You…This is a Phase of Creating a New Persona who has his own Views, Opinions and Understanding of all aspects of Life…..Its a New Beginning for You all I am Sure and You will Interact with Foreigners, Can Settle on Foreign Land, Can roam around distant places and foreign countries….So Go On…..Life is offering something Great….Come out of your Cocoon, Question Things, Venture into new things…come out of your comfort zone…Life is Much more than you think or believe….It’s a Ride To Explore Life at its Best….The Nature will be Your Teacher…..And any time in your Journey, If You Need my Help….Always there for you People….Happy to Help!!!

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|| शुभं भवतु ||

Shri Dilip Raut

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