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Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Vrischik Rashi - Scorpio by Shri Dilip RAUT

8. Vrischik Rashi – Scorpio 

Ok, Scorpions….Almost all the Classical texts suggest wrong effects of this Rahu Transit. Certainly Since the Transit is happening from the House of Death and Rahu is The Grahana Karaka….Wrongs can automatically get associated with this Transit….But in every wrong, there is also scope and hope for some great right things…Lets explore it in detail….

The Shastra defines it as अष्ठमो रोगन्वितं पापरतं प्रगल्भं | You will be prone to Diseases, physical discomforts and illness in these 18 months time. You will commit many sins and wrongs as well….the most important reason for this is the Need for Money and Urge for wealth Creation. You will have an eye on others Properties and wealth and will successfully Rob Others, Cheat Others…..This is sad as this is the Not the Righteous way of Wealth Creation…But That’s going to be Your fate for next 18 Months….You will have to face the consequences of this after these 18 Months and you will even create Karma which will have to repay you in your next several births to come….as Shastra defines this Nidhansthana or House of Death as गत्यानुगत्यः or the House of Many past and future Lives....!

It also suggests that you will become Pragalbha or Thoughtful, Creative….Certainly one needs lots of brain to fool people….all those people who con the Masses on the name of Religion, Spirituality, Ponzy Monetary schemes, Instant doubling of money in short span of time, Multi Level Marketing they all have this Kind of Rahu in their 8th House and they amass huge wealth by cheating and robbing others….In Kaliyuga some will say this Rahu is a Blessing….Yes we have seen so many businessmen from India migrating to Other countries by Looting the Poor People….They are having a Royal and Luxurious Life….Its your own choice whether you want to fool people for Instant Money or Use the same Planetary configuration for creating a Legacy in Public Life…..I Leave it on to You to Decide….

To support this it further underlines what I say चौरं,कृशं,कापुरुषं धनाढ्यम् मायासमेतं | It directly predicts that you will be a Thief or robber, You will be a weak by bodily constitution in these 18 months, You will become a Coward and cunning Person But Still manage to become Wealthy and Mayavi or Blessed with All the Luxuries’ and Pleasures of this Material World….

One more Important aspects of this Transit is The word Mayavi….Maaya in itself is the Supernatural Powers of this world….Since 8th House is the House of Occult it will certainly give you the benefits of these Supernatural Powers….You will meet some Guru, Guide, Astrologer, Occultist who can certainly activate the Positive sides of this Rahu and can make you a Great Success in these 18 Months….I have seen People in search of that One single thing which can open the doors of the Hidden Treasure for them, It Just need that One Thing, One Sutra, One Mantra or One Guru, Guide….This is your Time to find that Thing or that Person….Keep your doors open, Let your Mind be Open to any Occult, Supernatural, Tantrik, Mantrik suggestion….Do not out rightly reject any suggestion….The Time is fertile for Blessings of Rahu in a real manner….some kind of activation is needed…It can be Initiated by the Help of Some Siddha Purusha or Guru, Guide….Keep Listening and your heart will tell you about the right person….Nature is miraculous….It listens to the rightfully done Kriyas….and I am sure If You are reading this then you are at the right Place….Let’s do activation of this Rahu once and for all to shower you with all the Grace of the Universe in a Rightful Manner….You can always connect with me for the same….Happy to Help-J

You will be Honored by Authorities and the Learned People and You will disown your own People. In Such Transits, You will Understand the Reality of your relations and your own People….You will understand that No one is bothered about you, You did Lot about Everyone but Now No one is having any concern about you, rather your own people are spoiling your name and reputation….Once you understand this fact the result will be nothing less than disowning them and focusing on your own welfare and well being….Success is the best answer for everything….

Ketu on the other hand suggests धन धन्य नाशो च् कुटुम्बात् विरोधो | Loss of Wealth and Foodgrains and Opposition from your own family members…..This is underlying the same facts what Rahu is saying in a Much Loud and Clear ways….Why Rahu will do what he wants is based on these principles of Ketu’s Effects….Since you are concerned and worried about your wellbeing and no family member is supportive of you, you are push to the wall….AND IT IS Human Nature that he or she will do something to salvage his / her interests…Once you understand that world is Very Cruel with you….You will flung into action and take full advantage of the Rahu’s Grace and make your Fortune….off course by using some wrong means to fool people and amass a Great Wealth and Huge Fortune….

It Further suggests what will happen once you earn a Fortune out of your wicked brain games….it says रुक्षवाणि तथा नृपाद द्रव्यचिन्ता || you will become bitter, your speech will become bitter and will heart many who have had helped you to reach the Position and you will make enemies due to your wrong and cruel speech and words….and with that you will be faced with some Complaints, court cases, Tax Notices and will Live under the Fear of Losing your wealth to Government or Tax Authorities…..Wow, in few words it describes the entire flow of Activity…that’s the beuty of Shastra and Sanskrit Language….You are smart enough to understand what to Do and what to Not Do.

Overall I am telling you, if You use this Transit in a Rightful manner, I am sure You will Do Great and can write your own Destiny….If you use all wicked means to create the Wealth, It will be a Joyride for some time, but eventually It will be a Shocking and Sudden fall from the Position….So Use Your Mind and Common Sense Dear….

And If You really want to to make it Big and take full advantage of this Transit….You can certainly connect with me and I will do some Secret, Sacred Remedies to Activate the Positivity of this Rahu for You….Remember these 18 Months can set the Tone for your entire Life Time….So Take Advatage of the same….My Blessings to all of You….!

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|| शुभं भवतू ||

Shri Dilip Raut

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