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Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Dhanu Rashi - Sagittarius by Shri Dilip RAUT

9.   Dhanu Rashi – Sagittarius

Ok Dhanu Rashi People, Since Rahu is in your 7th House and Ketu is in Your Rashi, And Since Ketu is the Body and Rahu is the Head…..You are into a real weird condition right now….The Shastra defined it in a Single word and it is So Apt and So defining that no other elaboration is required for the same….It says वेतालम् भवेत् |You will Become a Vetaalaa or the King of Ghost…..Ha ha ha…..This is certainly a great definition….You will be A Body with a Ghost Spirit riding over You….You will be Inhuman, Illogical, Threat to the Humanity and Your own People….A Curse in Itself….always into wrong things……Moral of the Story B E W A R E….!!! These 18 Months you will become a Demon and Monstrous Activity, Devilish Thinking will Ruin You and these things will haunt you for next 18 Years…..This is the Time to Introspect your Words, Speech, Actions and Karma….You are going to do Lot of Harm To Your Own Self and Only You will be Responsible for the Fall of Yours….You will certainly Not have a Respectful Place In this world of Humans….

Having said so, this is certainly a great phase for Learning Black Magic, Aghor Tantra, Magical Spells, Supernatural and Paranormal Activity, Jaran Maran Tantra, Pret Sadhana, Smashan Sadhana and related Occult Vidyas or Shastras….Whatever is against the Human Traditions and set customs, You can Learn That…and Can use it in a rightful manner for rest of the Life for Sure….Now since these are the Vidya, Sadhanas and Kriyas which are extremely dangerous and can put your life at stake, and not only this Life, if you do something wrong, it can haunt you for next several Lives, and hence You must and Must Learn it from some Guru, Guide or a Learned person Only…..Only Guided Sadhanas and Vidya can be Helpful, else as it is mentioned, You can enter wrongly into the world of the Dead and Then it can be a Curse for your next several Births for Sure…..

Lets further understand what is in store for next 18 months….

The Shastra further says that, जायाविरोधम खलु वा प्रणाशं प्रचण्डरूपामथकोपयुक्तम | विनाशंचरेत सप्तमेसैंहिकैय: कलत्रादिनाशम करोत्येवनित्यं ||

It is all related with Your Marriage, Marital Life and Spouse….In These 18 Months You will go mad over your relations with your spouse…Separation by means of death, divorce or distance is certain as Your spouse and you will be always in difference of opinion, will start getting angry on him / her and eventually this anger will get converted into Hate, Rage, Frustration, Fear, Anxiety, Trauma….You will roam to distant places aimlessly, even getting away from the Spouse for wandering will not be fruitful and it will only promise destruction of your relationship…..

The Spouse will be extremely difficult to handle and always quarrelsome, fighting and nagging and do whatever you can you will not be able to save the Bond of Marriage….

The Wife will have N Number of Physical Health Hazards and especially Her Menstruation, Periods, Uterus issues will create major problems….There will be No Sexual Intimacy between the Partners and due to No Happiness in Physical Relations, People will try to accept other ways to satisfy his / her sexual needs….Adultery is common in this combination and it is better to have a temporary separation for 2-3 months than to break the bond permanently….!

Ketu also Promising almost same results as it says बान्धव क्लेषकर्ता तथा दुर्जनेभ्यो भयं व्याकुलत्वम् | भार्या विनाशम तदा रोगवृध्हिः भवेत्घात्पातः || that you will be a reason of the problems to your coborns / siblings and fraternity…You will make their life worse by asking help and reiterating whatever you have done for them in your good times…You will cross all your limits to humiliate, insult them and make them fall in their own eyes, hence your own people will maintain distance from you and you will be forced to be left alone, stresses and helpless….      

You will be afraid of The Unknown Dangers which cannot be understood by Human Minds…at the same time there will be fear of wrong people as you must be having something to hide, you must be doing something which if revealed some wrong people can take advantage of the same….There will be no peace of mind and day by day your Emotional, Mental and Physical Health will deteriorate….There are chances of some Assault and you are prone to getting Hit by Weapons, Vehicles or a Physical Assault by someone…..

Your Public Perception and Image will Hit the Nadir….means you will see the Lowest point of your Public Life in these Times and will Lose all Respect, Repute and will face major Public Hatred and Social Boycott….

So it’s a major problematic Phase for You….I will advise you to Lie Low and Practice some Sadhanas or some Kriyas in these 18 months which can help you in coming times…Do Not try to establish yourself in Public Domain as the Nature is Not Supportive….

I think you certainly need my Help to use this Transit to its greatest strengths and take full advantage of this and to turn the table around in a positive sense….You can always write to me for some special secret and sacred remedies which can bring in the fortune for you and control the damage of this Transit….You can connect me any time, Happy to Help - J My Blessings to You All…..

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|| शुभं भवतू ||

Shri Dilip Raut


  1. I m in the same condition how i will be saved

  2. Absolutely. ...the things happened in this period