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Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 - 2020 Predictions for Kumbha Rashi - Aquarius by Shri Dilip Raut

11. Kumbha Rashi – Aquarius

So for Kumbha Rashi, it is all about Children, Child Birth, Love, Romance, Creativity and Loss of Important Friends as well as Influential People…..

The Shastra narrates it as
सुतोत्पत्ति सिंहिकायाः सुतोभामिनिचिन्तया चित्ततापः | 

Those Just married or want to Plan a Child will be blessed with Children but there is a catch….Since Rahu is in Putra Sthana for you people, there will be some issues mentioned as सर्पशापात सुतक्षयः | this means that the Sarpa Pasha or Naag Pasha is active and due to that there is the danger of Loss of Child or miscarriage or abortion or some or the other complex conditions due to which there will be a question mark in the delivery of the child….Many a times premature delivery, still born child birth is observed…! The remedy for the same is नागप्रतिष्ठया पुत्रप्रप्तिः |Yes, Establishing The Idol of Naaga or Snake at some temple or Holy Place and doing the Naag Pooja as per Shastra will bless the couple with The Child…!

If You are in Love or in relationship, This will be a Good Phase….If You are already married then there are chances that you might fall in love with someone else, Yes, Extra Marital Affair is Promised in this Phase…If You are a protective parent and your daughter or son has the Kumbha Lagna or Kumbha Rashi, then You better do proper counseling of your children as they will get into relationship and that can imbalance the harmony and peace of the family and you can face mass hatred etc due to the children’s relationship….If You have the Kumbha Lagna in your Kundali or Kumbha Rashi then you better be cautious in your illicit relations…It can bring in Bad Name and defamation from all corners of the Society.

Do not expect great things if you are a student, but if you are excited about learning some Occult Vidya or Education, then this is the great Time….Ideal for Devi Worship and The Goddess will Bless you with all that you need and deserve….

You will be concerned and worried about the well being of your children and spouse….

On the Other Hand Ketu is suggesting सुभाग्यो सुविद्यधिको दर्शनीय दरे पीड्यति संततिः दुर्भगा च् | Good Fortune, Progress in Studies of Vidyas or any stream of Vedic Wisdom and again reiterating the Misfortune to and from the Children….

On Personal and professional front there will be fights, quarrels, misunderstandings with Close Friends and with Important Influential People of Your Life…You will certainly create a bad name and bad image of yours and lose some of them who could have made your destiny….But that’s the trend of the times….If You are destined to lose some of your close Friends and associates, let it be…may be just because of losing them you can witness a new dawn in your Life….and Losses due to Ketu is nothing but a cleaning exercise….sometimes its good to remove the clutter of the House, you feel lot more easy, comfortable and enjoy the space freely….

The Shastra proudly underlines one fact loudly and clearly and it is,
“भाग्यम् फ़लति सर्वत्रम् न च् विद्या न च् पौरुषम ||”, It Is Only your Fate which is fruitful everywhere, always and not your Education or (Masculinity or) Your Professional Expertise…..Only Fate or Destiny is reliable, rest everything is just for the sake of it….

So Just take care of your Children, Lover and If You ever thought of Learning Any Vidya like Astrology etc, do not dare to Learn it from anywhere….I am There to Teach You…-J Happy to Help

And if Possible Just stay good with friends unless and until you reach a Phase where you have to Say E N O U G H !!!

Rest for any kind of Issues, Consultation, Remedies, Poojas etc you can always connect with me and I will be there for all of you….My Blessings!!!

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||शुभं भवतू ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

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