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Monthly Paurnima and Amavasya 2013 - 2014

Monthly Paurnima and Amavasya – Full Moon and New Moon Days 2013 -14

Month – ekLk           Paurnima – IkkSf.kZek       Amavasya – vekoL;k

Chaitra   PkS=           25th April – Guru Vaar             9th May – Guru Vaar

Vaishakh – oS’kk£          25th May – Shani Vaar             8th June – Shani Vaar

Jeshtha ts”B             23rd June – Ravi Vaar             8th July – Soma Vaar

Aashadh vk”kk<          22nd July – Soma Vaar             6th August – Mangal Vaar

Shravan Jko.k           21st August – Budha Vaar        5th September – Guru Vaar

Bhadrapada Òkæin        19th September – Guru Vaar    4th October – Shukra Vaar

Ashwin vfÜou          18th October – Shukra Vaar      3rd November – Ravi Vaar

Kartik dkfrZd           17th November – Ravi Vaar      2nd December – Soma Vaar

Margashirsha ekxZf’k"kZ      17th December – Mangal Vaar  1st January – Budha Vaar      

Paush ikS"k              16th January – Guru Vaar          30th January – Guru Vaar

Magh ek?k             14th February – Shukra Vaar     1st March – Shani Vaar

Falgun QkYXkqu          16th March – Ravi Vaar             30th March – Ravi Vaar

SHANI Amavasya – 8th June 2013 and 1st March 2014

SOMAVATI Amavasya – 8th July 2013 and 2nd December 2013

SHANI Jayanti – Birth Day of Shani Dev – 8th June 2013

Dattatreya Jayanti – Birth Day of Shri Guru Dev Dattatreya – 16th December 2013

Hanumaan Jayanti – 25th April / Buddha Paurnima – 25th May

VaTa Paurnima – 23rd June / Guru Paurnima – 22nd July

Narali Paurnima – 21st August / Praushthapadi Paurnima – 19th September

Kojagiri Paurnima – 18th October / Tripurarri Paurnima – 17th November

Margashirsha Paurnima – 17th December / Shakambhari Paurnima – 16th January

Maagha Paurnima – 14th February / Holi Paurnima – 16th March

Pooja's, Fasting, Daan, Mantra Jaap, Chanting etc are considered Auspicious on Paurnima and Amavasya.

The Paurnima happens when Chandra and Surya are exactly opposite, 180 degrees from Each Other. The Amavasya happens when Chandra and Surya are on the same Degrees or when they are in the same Rashi.

On Paurnima, Chandra is having full strength and on Amavasya Chandra is having No strength.

Many Yogas are related with Surya and Chandra in Vedic Astrology....!

The ones who have negative chandra in their Kundalis should do Fasting on Paurnimas and Danam on Amavasyas.

Poojas of Shiva on Paurnima is Very good for people with afflicted Chandra.

Chandra is the Mind, if the Mind is weak, no matter how strong other Yogas are there in the Kundali, the person can not be a winner. 

Moral of the Story, these days are very important for one's own Journey towards peace, happiness and success. So Mark these Days and follow some Niyam or Rules for yourself...!

I will write some day a detailed article on Chandra and the Paurnima/Amavasya and how they impact us to the max...! 

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

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