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The Fate of Subrato Roy Sahara - SAHARA SHRI

Lagna Chart – Sahara Shri Subrato Roy Sahara

10/06/1948 – 12:00:00 Hrs – Araria / Bihar / India

Surya Mahadasha Activated from January 2012 running till 2018
Rahu Antardasha Activated from 22nd March 2013 running till Feb 2014

The Kundali of Sahara Shri is a Loud example of How we people are Just the Pawns in the Hands of Destiny. Everything is written for everyone.

If you see his Chart he is having Guru, Budha and Chandra in own Houses. The Bright Half of Kundali is raring to create fortune with Grahas Like Surya, Chandra, Budha, Shukra, Shani, Uranus etc.

There are two Pancha Mahapurush Yogas in his Kundali. The Guru is creating a Hansa Yoga and the Budha is Creating the Bhadra Yoga. Pancha Mahapurush Yoga creates Living Legends and they leave behind a Leagacy of their own...!

The Lagnesh, Karmesh, Sukhesh and Saptamesh all are in Kendra and that too in their own Houses.

The Bhagyesh is in Karma with Karmesh.

The 5th House Lord Shani is in Labha with Labhesh Chandra.

What an amazing Journey of Life to reckon with…!

He was 20 when he got the Mahadasha of Budha and entered into the field of small business of Chit Fund and lived a good successful life in those 17 years of Budha.
Ketu Mahadasha from 1985 to 92 must be a mixed phase of life with family and finances as prime concerns..!

From 1992 he was in the Mahadasha of Shukra, and look at his phenomenal rise in the 20 years of Shukra. All the possible luxuries, pleasures, all sorts of Bhoga, be it business, property, money, personal assets, name, fame, wealth everything was at his feet.

Shukra is a Raj Yoga Karaka for him as he is the Lord of Bhagya and Dhana Sthana and placed in the Karma with the Karma Lord. An amazing yoga for the riches…!

And Now he is in Surya Mahadasha from January 2012. From the same time he is facing many problems, issues like withdrawing his support/sponsorship for the Indian Cricket Team, The Pune Warrior Team Issue, The investment flaws and subsequent action from SEBI, The fights in Supreme Court etc..!

What happened from 2012 January????

His Surya Mahadasha is not producing good results, Surya is sitting in Shukra’s Rashi, in Bhagya Sthana and Shukra is also in good condition with Karmesh Budha and that too with a Drishti or Aspect from Guru.

So this Surya should have given good results to Him, but it didn’t. The reason is Surya is the Lord of the Vyaya Sthana or Lord of the House of Loss and is placed in Bhagya. Hence Loss of Bhagya or Fortune is seen by him in this phase.

He was in Mangal Antardasha in Surya from December 2012 to March 2013. Mangal is placed in Surya’s Rashi and in 12th House being the 3rd and 8th Lord, Lord of the Ashubha Sthana. 12th House position of an Antardasha Lord will not result into favorable results. In his case, till March the damage should have been done and he must have had to pay the Rs. 18,000,00,00,000/- (too many zeroes…-J it is Eighteen Thousand Crores of Rupees) back to the Investors…!

But as this 12th House Mangal was having a Drishti of Guru from the 4th House, the damage got controlled in that phase and he received a notice from SEBI to payback or his Assets and Wealth will be attached by the Court etc.

Now he is running into Rahu Antardasha in Surya Mahadasha. Rahu is placed in the 8th House and 12th from the Mahadashas Lord. 12th position of Rahu from Mahadashs Lord and a Placement in 8th House with Shani's 10th Drishti will never give him that kind of relief.

So till 2014 Feb this matter is going to be a Tug of WAR between him and the Government and Government Bodies as Surya is nothing but the Raja or the Government…!

Since Rahu is also in Guru’s 5th Drishti, the struggle will be a bit bearable but there are Losses forseen for him and he have to go for corrective measures as far as Money matters are concerned.

The Present Transit of Shani Rahu is happening from his Dhana Sthana and that is also underlining the same fact. Shani, Rahu in Dhana Sthana will force him to pay back the money or get into correction mode in financial matters as Shani is nothing but Justice…!

As I had already mentioned in my previous articles of  “Shani Rahu Yuti or conjunction” people from Public domain, Public figures, icons, politicians, sportsman, media and business people will be willingly or unwillingly retire, quit or go into Isolation…!

The same thing is happening with him…! And there will be certainly damage to his image, reputation, business and self made wealth..!

Look what happened to Vijay Malya, Sanjay Dutt, Maharashtra Deputy CM and Sharad Pawar’s Nephew Ajit Pawar, Today learnt that Margaret Thatcher, the EX Prime Minister of United Kingdom Passed Away…!

So many things are happening and will happen with the Public personalities due to Shani Rahu Yuti..!

Sahara Shri must follow the corrective measures for the wrongs of his Kundali to get over with the Dosha’s and most important the common man who had invested in his firms should not suffer due to his problems/cold war with the Government and the Authorities..!

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Dilip Raut

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