Saturday, July 6, 2013

Guru Paurnima 22nd July 2013 - Guru Dattatreya & Mother Mahalakshmi Pooja...!

Dear All

On this 22nd July it is Guru Paurnima, The Day to worship The Guru who enlightens our Life and Guides us on the right Path…!

We should Express our Devotion and Surrender at the Holy Feet of Guru Dev.

In Guru GeeTa, Lord Shiva Tells the Famous Verse We All Know, Chant or Heard in Temples as follows..

Lord Shiva Tells Mother Parvati, That Guru is The Brahma, Guru is the Vishnu, Guru is the Maheshwara or Sakshat Shiva… and this combined force of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is the Supreme Force of the Universe, The Parabrahma..!

This Supreme Force of Parbrahma, The Trinity is the Strongest Force of the Universe and it is Lord Dattatreya or Shree Guru Dev Dautta…!

Further Lord Shiva Tells Mother Parvati that the Worship or Pooja of Guru’s Lotus Feet is the Supreme Offering to Get Blessed By the Guru Dev in following Verses..

All Sins are purified by worshipping Guru’s Lotus Feet and The Pinda or The Body get’s attuned to The Brahmanda by the Grace of Guru Dev..!

Lord Shiva further Ads, Don’t forget to Apply The Holy Waters of Guru Padya Pooja  (The Tirtha) on Your Forehead and sprinkling it on your Head…! With this single act you get the Punya of Bathing in All the Holy Rivers Like Ganga, Godavari Etc…!

With The Radiant or Tejomaya Wisdom or Pure Gyan of Guru one will be saved from the Dungeon Or Mud, Murk of Life and With the Holy Water of Guru Padya Pooja, one will be sailed through smoothly from the Bhava Sagara or in this Journey of Life…!

And in Many more Verses Lord Shiva recites the Greatness of Guru and Especially The Padya Pooja, the Pooja of Guru Paduka, The Pooja & Worship of The Holy Lotus Feet of Guru Dev…!

Every One Must Touch the Holy Feet of their respected Guru, Be it a Teacher, Friend, Guide, Philosopher, Astrologer, Spiritual Master or Even an objects which inspires and motivates You…! Just Bow down to those In Gratification as they have had taught you something which gave You some Knowledge, Some Gyan which will help you in the Journey of Life…!

On This Day we will be carrying Out Shri Guru Dattatreya’s Padya Pooja at Ganagapur, In Karnataka.

Dattatreya is the Guru Dev, Lord Shiva describes the Guru as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, The Strongest Force of TRINITY and the Aadya Guru, The Master of all Masters, The Supreme Master, The Supreme Lord, The Param PeeTa Parmeshwar…!

Shrimad Bhagwatam describes the 24 incarnations or Avatar of Lord Maha Vishnu and Guru Dattatreya is one of the Avatar of Shri Maha Vishnu…!

So A Guru Dattatreya Padya Pooja is something Very, Very Special on this Occasion…, So go ahead and get the advantage of this Pooja Vidhi..!

If you want to offer a Pooja on your behalf and get the Prasad at your Home, You can book the Pooja from our website by registering and going to the Online Pooja Page and clicking on the Guru Paurnima Pooja Link..!

It will redirect you to Paypal Payment Gateway and You can pay the Dakshina online by using your credit or debit card…!

If You are registered to, you can directly pay us on Paypal and our id is

On Guru Paurnima, You can also offer Pooja to Mother Mahalakshmi, at Siddha PeeTha Kolhapur…!

You can book the Mahalakshmi Pooja in the same manner described above…!

 || Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip Raut


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