Tuesday, January 12, 2016

International WEBINAR Course - Astrology Of TRANSITS - Gochar Astrology - February 2016

Dear Readers, Followers and Students of Astrology and Budding Astrologers from Across the Globe....

Here we are announcing the first of It's Kind Vedic Astrology Course on The Astrology of Transits or Gochar Astrology.

This is a Tight, Intense Course to Learn the Transits of Planets and How they affect the Nature and Humans. If you have basic Knowledge of Astrology Like the Houses, Signs and Planets, Yes this is for You....I will teach you the secrets of Transits and How to Plan once Life as per the Transiting Energy Force of Planets.

I will not only teach you Transits and their Effects but also will teach You how to Guide a Person who will come to you for a consultation by Just MAKING USE OF TRANSITS....

This is a Special and Near to Heart Course of Mine and will open new Avenue for all of You and i Mean It....So dont wait, Register ASAP....

You can be from any City, Province or Country..., You Can be of Any Nationality.., You Can be of Any Gender.., You can Learn the Secrets Of Astrology of Transits in this Course....

You will Learn through Webinars - Online Audeo- Video real time Lectures Sitting at your Home or Office in Comfort, Directly from Shri Dilip Raut Ji...!

Here are the details of the Course..

Course : Astrology of Transits

Timing : 1.5 to 2 Hours - Every Saturday at 18:00 Hrs IST

Course Commencement - 20th February 2016

Duration: 3 Months [If the Portion is not finished in 3 Months, Extra Lectures will be added without any Extra Fees]

Batch Size; 50 Students max from various parts of the World
[Private Coaching on Individual Basis is also Available for People who don't want to mix with others and would like to Learn Privately respecting their Privacy - If You want to Learn Privately, Please mention that in the Email Communication]

Registration: On or Before 30th January - Limited Seats Hence book ASAP. Will close Admission once the Batch is Full....

Fees : USD $ 550
Payment : Pls Pay to info@bhaktidhara.com on www.paypal.com
write to me once you are done with the Payout...Will send confirmation asap...

Subjects Covered: Planetary Transits from Basics to Predictions all aspects covered

Notes & Literature: Basic Literature will be Provided Via Email before, during or after the Lectures...
Technical Requirements: You need to have a Webcam enabled Computer with Microphone....
You will connect via Go to Meeting tool, You dont have to do anything, Just accept the Invite and You are on for the Lecture with Me....

Medium of Instructions : English
Eligibility : You need to have the basic knowledge of Vedic Astrology Like the Houses, Grahas etc

So Hurry, Grab the Opportunity..., Write to dilipr@bhaktidhara.com...!

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip Raut

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