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Saturn Shani Transit of 2017-2020 is a CURSE for people Born in some Specific Years...Shri Dilip Raut's Stunning Revelations

To all my Students, Clients and General Mass of the Global Society and Followers....

The Dhanu or Sagittarius Transit of Saturn from 2017 to 2020 is going to be "THE CURSE" if you are born in following Years....

1 November 1916 to June 1918 

2. June 1935 to November 1937

3. January 1954 to August 1955

4. May 1972 to March 1974

5. December 1991 to October 1992

6. November 2009 to June 2011

AND why is that so, because at this time intervals Rahu was present in the Dhanu Rashi and hence if you are born in the above periods You will be having Natal Rahu or Janma Rahu in Dhanu or Sagittarius Rashi.

So what is Happening in 2017 to 2020? in this Transit or Gochara, Saturn, the Shani Dev is transiting Over Your Natal Rahu...So The Shrapit Yoga, The Shrap or The Curse is Getting activated as Shani Rahu Conjunction or Yuti Happening in Dhanu Rashi in Your Natal Chart. Whether Rahu Transits over Natal Shani or Shani Transits over Natal Rahu, in either case the Curse of Past Lives get Activated and the Impact is disastrous....Believe me, this is my 25 Years Study and have witnessed this N Number of Times.

Now Since Shani Dev is Retrograde or Vakri and will be coming back to Scorpio and re-entering the Dhanu/Sagittarius on October 26, 2017. Some of you might neglect or out rightly reject Vakri Shani will not trouble and due to other Grahas positivity you people might witness some good time till October 26, 2017....But caution is highly advisable....Traps of destiny are laid for you. Do not be careless and over confident....It needs one moment to ruin a Life. Alertness is very Important and at the same time be humble, do not confront, do not try to justify yourself as the more you will fight the more you will sink and the more you will neglect this the more you will be in unprecedented problematic conditions....

I know many celebrities and Neecha Bhanga Raj Yogis who are shining on the Horizon like bright Stars, I have advised personally to those who i personally Know, to those who i do not know, this is a alarming moment  and they should take note of this....

To people who work in Public Domain, Public Personalities, Administrative officers, Lawyers and Judges, Liaising Officers and Public figures Like Film and TV Stars, Politicians, Famous Personalities of any field all must be careful as this phase of 3 years will be devastating phase for You....If You Lose Balance or get stuck with any issue, it will take the whole 18 Years to regain your Lost Glory, respect and charm....But 18 Years, almost 2 decades is a very Long Period and Many Lives will be finished and You might not get the second chance and hence be cautious...

Misconception is Rahu is in Neecha Rashi Dhanu at the Given Birth Years, Neecha Rashi Rahu will have No Powers to do any harm....But in reality Neecha Rashi Rahu is the Deadly Rahu, He will Not Give You a Second Chance and Life can come to a Standstill....

Those in Public Life has to quit, retire, lose their Jobs, Position and Respect and and will go into Isolation, Confinement and Even worse Things Like Jail, Imprisonment or might get bed ridden due to some accident, poisoning or some medical conditions....Quitting and Isolation becomes destiny in such conditions....One single mistake and you people have to face mass hatred, abuse, humiliation and only and only if you are having some blessings in the Natal Horoscope/Kundali, You can survive this Phase...

Exception for the Rule if Natal Guru is aspecting the said Dhanu Rahu and Transiting Dhanu/Sagittarius Saturn.... Only Guru Kripa, The Grace of Jupiter or Guru Dev can save you from this Curse. And If You have a debilitated Guru, or Neecha Guru in Makar or Capricorn in Natal Kundali or Horoscope, Then it is a sad state of affairs for Sure....I care for Such People and will Pray for them....

can we do something for this, is there any remedial measures for this Shrapit Yoga Shanti, Yes, Certainly....You can do the traditional Graha Shanti Pooja, Havan, Jaap, Wear Gems and donate alms of these Grahas i.e. Shani and Rahu and it should Help. Do this Every Year till 2020 January....It will lessen the Intensity for sure....Gems Should be avoided if the Dhanu Rashi falls in your 2,6,7,8,12 Houses from the Lagna or Ascendant....

Apart from this Giving Rahu Stotra here, You can Chant this on Saturdays or Daily at least Once...It will give good relief....It is a downloadable file....Pls do download HERE and chant...

If You Need Special Secret sacred Rituals to be done for you and a Special Amulet as a Protection from this Graha Yoga you can write to me on and i will revert accordingly.....

राहु स्तोत्रम् 
ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः  राहवे नमः |
राहुदानवमन्त्री च सिम्हिकाचित्तनन्दन |
अर्धकायः सदा क्रोधि चन्द्रादित्य विमर्दनः ||
रौद्रो रुद्राप्रियो दैत्यः स्वर्भनुर्भानुभितिदः |
ग्रहराजा सुधपायि राकातिथ्याभिलाषुकः ||
कालदृष्टि कालरुपः श्रिकण्ठम् हृदयाश्रयः |
विधुन्तुदः सैंहिकेयो घोररूपो महाबलाः ||
ग्रहपीडा करो दन्ष्ट्रि रक्तनेत्रो महोदरः |
पञ्चविशतिनामाति स्मृत्वा राहु सदानमः ||
यः पठेत् महति पीडा तस्य नश्यति केवलम् |
आरोग्यं पुत्रमतुलां श्रियं धन्यम् पशुम्स्तथा ||
ददाति राहुस्तमै यः पठते स्तोत्रमुत्तमम् |
सततम्  पठते यस्तु जीवेद्वेर्षशतं नरः ||
कायहिनः महाशक्तिः ग्रसते शशिभास्करौ | 
सैन्हिकेयो  महाविर्यो राहुः प्रीतो  भवेन्मम् ||
महाशिरो महावक्यो दीर्घद्रन्ष्टो महाबलः |
अतनुश्चोर्ध्वकेशिश्च पीदं हरतो मे शिखी ||
राहुग्रहः सदा क्रूरः सोम सूर्यस्य पीडकः |
शान्त्यर्थ तु मया दजः अर्थोऽयं प्रतिगुह्यताम् ||
ॐ रां राहवे नमः 

|| शुभं भवतु ||

Hope this will Help, For any Issues, problems with this Rahu - Shnai Combination of Dhanu - Sagittarius you can write to me for consultation or remedial measures....

May Lord Bless All....

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip Raut

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