Thursday, October 24, 2019

Guru Transit Dhanu Rashi - Sagittarius - 5th November 2019 - Singha - Leo Predictions by Shri Dilip RAUT

Singha Rashi - Leo

Singha or Leo people you must take care of your children till 22nd March 2020. Something wrong, irreversible is foreseen for your children. Post 22nd March 2020 children will shine brightly in Schools, Colleges and society….

If you are a student yourself then till March 22, 2020 it is not a good time for you…beware and at least try to stick to whatever studies you are doing, do not expect great results, but take my word from March 22 onwards you will reclaim your respect in the studies for Sure.

If you are in Love or relationship then till March 22,2020 I can see many hurdles in relationship….Heart breaks are certain…but post that date you will be blessed with multiple relations and a great Love Life.

If you are a lady and pregnant, delivery due before March 22nd, 2020 then must be careful, miscarriage, premature delivery, c-section cannot be ruled out. Take care of yourself and your baby…

Inheritance, Insurance is promised….

Marital discord, differences with spouse, separation, divorce, death of Spouse all is foreseen for you post January 2020, so be utmost cautious on that front.

Loans, Enemies, Opposition, Court cases and at the same time a bit of health hazards is the tone of this Year….Be strong and be focused……

Good Time for you to upgrade your skills, learn new Shastras like Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Mantra Shastra, Tantra or even Occult. You will certainly be a success in Vidyabhasa.

Speculations, Stock Exchange, Share, Debentures, Securities and Mutual Funds will give Returns like anything…..

Time Not ripe for Business Partnership, If possible stay away from partnership and work on your own…..March 30th to June 30th You might avail some Huge Funds and might face some court case as well…..

September 23rd 2020 to November 20th 2020 is a romantic phase and I can see too much Love and Gr8 relationships…. 

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My Blessings to you all….

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

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