Saturday, June 6, 2020

India Predictions post Covid 19 - Corona Virus by Shri Dilip Raut

Dear all

As Predicted in my last article, Post May 4th 2020 the Opening up had begun and now in the first week of June we are almost on the verge of complete Opening of Country and Economy....

Corona is dying its own Death without a Vaccine as Predicted, People and Euntrepreuners are tightening their belts and pulling up their socks to take a new Leap in the Business and Industry. But what is the Fate of India in next few Years.....? I am seeing a major problematic future for a few sectors in coming years and if you all trust me, Individuals and business people, please take me seriously if you want to save yourself in the coming times...

The Bellow mentioned Sectors are going to be troubled severely and there will be no mercy or people will not get time to safeguard their interests as in case of Note Bandi and Lockdown....

1. Farmers
2. Land Owners, Aggriculture as well as commercial or Non Aggricultural land
3. Food Grains, Vegetable, Pulses, Oil etc all edible food products will be expensive
4. Builders and Realty People
5. People who will buy New Property or Houses or Land
6. Transportation, Travel, Hospitality, Hotels and Automobile Industry
7. Overseas Business People or Export Import
8. Marriage related Businesses and Legal Expertise
9. Labour Market
10. Courts, Legal Matters, Lawyers and Judges and related businesses
11. Academic Institutions and Industry as a Whole
12. New Born Children and their Mothers, Nursing
13. Media, Television, Fashion and Related Business, TV Channels, Cinema Halls, Movie Making etc

So these are the Prime Targets till 2023....So if you are working in any of the above sectors or have a major Investment etc in these areas you better be cautious. Either get out of that Industry or keep yourself safeguarded against all odds foreseen in coming times....I am not here to create Fear.....Last Time also I have warned about the Massive Yoga for Death, Unfortunately Astrology and Astrologer do not get Official Patronage from Governments though many of the Government People do take our advise in Private....This Time please take it seriously.....

To common people Please do not Buy new Houses, Land, Property or Vehicles....I am sure you will regret your decision in coming times....

If You are Into Land, Farming etc and Not doing well up till now then you better exit from the Business Now else it will eat all your Money and Fortune....

If You are in any of the above sector you all will suffer and the Losses might be in tune with your entire Life's NET WORTH....So be cautious....

I will advise a Personalised reading of your Kundali to see whether you have Immunity against the Coming Turbulent times and what best we can do to safeguard and salvage your Interests and TO SAVE YOU....!

You can directly book a reading by using the Horoscope Reading Section on this page's top right window or write to me a Text Message to whats app # +91 9322890481

Do not worry, I can certainly Help....The Days are good, The Days are bad, But by Helping each Other we can certainly come Over It for Sure.....



Shri Dilip RAUT
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