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For Karka Rashi - Cancer people it is time for you to be friends with Very Influential people, people who are so powerful that in general it takes years to reach them will be your friends in no time. So you have to be humble, good and extra helpful while treating these people or even a common friend of yours, you never know a simple, not so influential friend can lead you to someone major powerful with just a phone call....simple simple things like giving attention, taking their care, inquiring about their well being and if needed helping wherever you can can lead to major strong leads and connections. And believe me these friends are going to write your destiny for next 18 years at least or even for lifetime. Remember one Raj Kapoor made the career of Lata Mangeshkar, One R.D. Burman made the career of Asha Bhosale, One L. K. Advani made the Life of Narendra Modi, and many successful people who reached their desired and destined positions in life due to so many unknown powerful people who stood behind them like a rock...

So being good and nice with friends and rather to everyone is the Key which can unlock the doors of fortune for all of you people of Karka Rashi or Cancer. If You were down with some kind of physical discomfort, disease then you will be free from that with this transit. You will gain great amount of money and wealth in these 18 months for sure, Keep some percent Guru Dakshina for me too :-))😇 

If you are elderly people then son in laws and daughters in law will should stay away from them for sure. Your own children will also be prone to cuts, falls, accidents, bone fractures etc, so a word of caution for them is advisable for sure.

If You are in Love then this period will be a testing period....Relationships will break due to some or the other reason. If You are expecting a child in these 18 months till April 2022 then there will be premature delivery, miscarriage, c-section delivery etc....proper care is advisable of the mother and the child. If You are planning a child in these 18 months, please do not, postpone your plans of child for these 18 months, and please take me is certainly not a great phase for child birth.

If You are Married then major chances of separation are active in this period. If You want to Marry then you are getting into a worse kind of phase and it will be a Hell kind of marital life till April 2025....Karka Rashi or Lagna People should avoid marrying in next almost 5 years till Shani Dev enters Meena Rashi in April 2025. Take my word very seriously as It will create havoc in your Life. Separation is cent percent possible but the Trauma of the separation will be worse, You will regret for your decision of marriage forever your Life....This one decision can ruin Lives of many Karka Rashi and Karka Lagna People....Yes A LITTLE MERCY CAN BE THERE If your Janma Kundali has some saving grace, so a thorough reading of the Kundali is must. If you are planning your marriage in this span then do write to me or just book a reading directly and we will connect on this.

Generally apart from Love, Marriage and Children all seems Good for you all. And remember these are the predictions for an Ideal case where there is no Planet in Natal Kundali Vrishabh and Vrischik Rashi...If You have any planets over there then check out the bellow segment.

Transit Vrishabh Rahu over Natal Grahas for Karka Rashi / Lagna

If you have Chandra in Vrishabh Rashi considering you are of Karka Lagna and Vrishabh Rashi then it is going to be a bit problematic yoga for all of you. In such cases something wrong can happen to you and there is great danger to your well being and longevity. Your friends can be the reason for that. They can frame you in wrong cases, wrong acts, to salvage their own interests you will become their scapegoat. But this can even become grave and killing, murder, irreversible damage to body and mind due to stabbing, physical assault etc is possible...Your one point program should be stay away from friends and safeguard yourself from friends....Do Not be a "True Friend" and try to help your friend as while saving him/her you will be sacrificed for sure....Just say NO to friends...a Big NO. Ladies of your Life will suffer,especially mother but others will also not be spared. Your Own Health is in question mark and Lung Infection, Heart Issues, Lung Cancer, Nervous System Disorders, Brain Issues, Depression, Fear, Anxiety etc can not be ruled out. Be proactive and keep your Lungs healthy, Prananyam, Yoga, Inhaling Steam, Daily walk or exercise in limited manner is advisable....For Mental Fitness Dhyana/Meditation is must, Jaap of || Om Namah Shivay || will help a lot. Once a Month or on Mondays Shiva Abhishek by water or Milk is advisable. Donate Silver Naagas [1 pair = two Nagas as Rahu and Ketu] to Shiva Temple or Offer it on the Linga Every 3-6 months as per your Faith. Apart from this as Chandra is Your Lagna Lord and it is in rahana with Rahu, You are susceptible to Tantra, Mantra, Black Magic Spells as well as Muslim Tantrik spells like Jinnat and Possession etc. You have to protect yourself from this Unseen Unknown Spells from your Hidden Enemies for Sure. You certainly need Help, You can reach me on my below mentioned contact details and will help you certainly.

If You have Surya in Natal or Janma Kundali Vrishabh Rashi where the Rahu transit is happening then Your Money, Wealth and Finances are in Grahan Including your Family. So do not fall prey to any scheme, Investment, House, Property booking, too much interest promising financial schemes etc as you will be fooled, cheated and robbed in a big way. Your Lifetime worth Savings will be washed away in front of your eyes and then with Despair and No Hope you can do wrong to Your Family Members as well as to yourself too....Do Not Trust your family members with respect to Money Matters. Do Not Blindly Help them financially in any which manner...It i a Trap of Destiny and it will try to entrap you by using all tricks and firm, no investment and no help to any family member means absolutely NO. Food Poisoning is common in such phases, beware eating outside, from the hands of elderly people or eating at any government run will backfire for sure and you can be bed ridden for a good amount of time....

If You have Guru in Vrishabh Rashi in Natal Kundali then This Rahu makes you prone to Cancer, Tumour, Bile's etc. Do Thorough Physical check of yours. Do Not Trust one doctor as doctors will not be able to diagnose the disease due to Rahu's Deceiving Nature. Go for second opinion before going for any major Medication, Hospitalisation etc. As Guru is Rog Karaka for you you will start feeling uneasy and not well, some or the other Unknown Bodily discomfort, Bodyache, Headache, Fear of the Unknown,Unnecessarily getting anxious and afraid are the signs of some weird Unknown Energy at work. The reason is too dark and deep to understand or comprehend for any sane mind, this Rahu Transit over Natal Guru will make you meet Occultist, Pir Fakir, Maulavi etc [ Since Rahu is an Out Caste and Termed as Mlenchha which is Muslim as per Shastra, No Communal hatred here] but beware of the Muslim Talismanic Activities....They can ruin your entire Life and hence do not fall for their magic or occult powers....This is a phase where you are susceptible for Tantrik Spells, Black Magic, Occult Spells and Spells from Muslim people....If You have any Muslim friends etc just stay away from them. Do Not Share Your Problems as well as Good things with them....They can Inflict your Life with their Jealousy and hatred and can do some solid strong kriyas difficult to break or negate....Since I am Writing this at the wee hours of 14th September and The Transit is Just exact 10 days away, I am sure some of you may already must have had became the Target of such Spells and Kriyas and Rahu Ketu gets Activated minimum 45 days before the Transit, hence chances are that the damage must have been already done....If You are witnessing whatever I have written above then you will need to break the Spell and safeguard Yourself. The more and more time pass the spells will be more stronger and difficult to break...hence if you feel you need help in this regard, write to me in detail....Let me understand whats happening with you, let me check your Kundali and we will take it ahead from there...

If You have Shani in Vrishabh Rashi in Birth Kundali then You will get stuck into some huge financial or marital matter, it will be difficult to get out of it....There will be Non Bailable Warrant against you and you can be arrested for Sure. Hence You will run for your Life and run away to some distant city, state or Country. This is a Yoga for Vanavasa for You....And If You do not do any proper remedies for this then Coming back home will be difficult for you for sure. Your spouse will suffer too, to the max. Her/His Character, Behaviour and all life will come under scanner and scrutiny. Bad Name in Public Life is Assured, Business will be ruined, profession and wealth will all get finished, Inheritance, Insurance will be gutted by someone else....Its a sad story for those who are having Vrishabh Rashi Shani....The simplest easy remedy is fulfil the Yoga Yourself....If Destiny is saying Problems in Marriage as well as Finances, Forced to run away from Public it Voluntarily...Yes You read it correctly...sometimes it is good to do it yourself...Just find some Job or assignment or if you are well Off then take a break for 18 months and go away from Spouse, Business, Profession, away from Public domain yourself....Get back to Life after 18 months....Plan it that the Yog is Fulfilled and there is no major damage as well....or else You have to face the Nature's FURY.  To control this Graha Yoga and to lessen its Impact and Potential to minimal level you can certainly contact me, no doubt you need help....Just book a reading and we will connect or write to me in detail and we will take it ahead....

If You have Shukra in Vrishabha Rashi in Birth Chart then This Rahu will make you adulterous, womenises, nymphomaniac, casanova and what not...  Pleasure and Happiness from Opposite sex to the max, all luxuries, pleasures and best of the worldly things will be at your feet. Your Wealth will Soar Like anything, Day by day the Inflow of Money will Increase and you will not be able to understand what is happening with You....Friends can be a major assets and key to Wealth and Success. However If You are buying or selling House, Land, Property or Vehicles from a Muslim person then you have to be careful....It is not advisable and I will advise Not to do any Transaction with them at least for House, Land or Vehicles....Muslim Friends and Drivers, Servants etc will be beneficial for You. You need to take care of Mother, do not take her sickness lightly, proper medication and treatment is must for her....One more aspect you have to be careful with, if someone is coming to stay at your place, if someone wants your vehicle, or if you are going for a Lunch, Dinner etc to someone's house....You need to be careful as some evil eye can be casted upon you, some black magic, some tantrik spell can be activated upon you for sure....Do Not eat or drink anything, not even prasad of some pooja or some god, from anyone in your house or in someone's House or anywhere unless and until you trust the person seriously and totally as these spells get active mostly by eatables and drinks....Some Jealous people do not see growth of their own relatives or be smart to judge such people as well and keep distance from them. RestCareer, Wealth etc is all great....If You need my Help you can connect me for Sure...

If You have Budha in Vrishabh Rashi in Birth Kundali then Your dream to go to foreign land will be shattered in next 18 months. You will spend too much on Visa, P.R. Immigration etc but nothing will work. If you are already in Foreign Country or Distant state, city etc from your birthplace then you will suffer too much for next 18 months...Keep Your Papers, Status etc properly organised so that there is less trouble for you. If You are planning for the Foreign Travel then I will advise to postpone your plans till April 2022. Apart from that Your siblings will suffer massively on many fronts in their Lives. Even your bond with them will be at risk due to this Transit. You will be prone to Ear, Throat, Neck, Shoulder and Hand related complications and Diseases....Take care.

If You have Rahu in Vrishabh Rashi in Birth Chart then You will be Blessed Like anything....It is absolute Yoga for Authority and Royalty. You will become Very Successful and Influential Friends and will be dealing with Very Powerful and Wealthy as well as Influential People.....Rest if You want to donate some Guru Dakshina Feel Free Dear....You are Having a Huge Heart....✌✌✌👍👍👍     

If You have Ketu in Vrishabh Rashi in Natal Birth Chart then The Rajyoga will get Nullified. Your Friends and connections will not help you the way you want them. You will fight with them and might lose some very close and powerful people as well as friends...Stop expecting from them and start safeguarding your Interests and Wealth....Yes You will certainly face considerable amount of losses in these 18 months, but remember it is a Transient phenomenon for 18 months and then you will be back to Normalcy. And sometime giving up a few things or a few people or a few relationships clears the clutter of Life and Life becomes clean and then there is much peace and happiness....If You feel to take my guidance in this Phase, will be Happy To Help....

The Mantras are below to appease Rahu Ketu, Chant Any Mantra Daily or on Saturday/Mondays 108 times...It will Help for Sure.

|| ॐ भुजङ्गाय् नमः || || ॐ नवकुलाय विद्महे विषदन्ताय धिमहे तन्नोः सर्पः प्रचोदयात  ||

Hope this will Help....!

For Personal Reading of Kundali, remedies, answer to your queries book a reading directly or write to me on below mentioned contact details.....

|| शुभम् भवतु ||

My Blessings to ALL

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