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For Dhanu - Sagittarius the Transit Axis is 6-12 and hence its all about Health and Foreign Travel, Debt and Enemies. The Rahu's 6th House placement in Transit shows that you will be prone to diseases and bodily discomforts. 'The Deceiver' Rahu in the Rog Sthana is a major concern as Rahu gives worse results in this Transit. First of all, The disease will not be diagnosed correctly, as Rahu itself is Maaya - an Illusion, What is there, is Not really there in reality and what is Not there is Present in real Terms. This Illusion deceives even the doctors and they come up with a wrong diagnosis and in turn wrong medication. Which in turn complicates the disease further and till the time the correct diagnosis is done the damage is far more to recover from. Hence it is very much important not to trust One doctor, Instead go for a second opinion, third opinion and unless and until you are very sure of the disease do not allow the doctors to treat you with any strong drugs or surgeries etc. It is a proven fact globally that the most of the deaths happens due to wrong diagnosis, medication and medical negligence world over. The doctors are having a license to kill, they are not responsible for the Death of the Patient as they have the relatives consent. 

Hence Here the Relatives Role is very Critical, as the Patient is already suffering and not in a good physical or mental state, their Health and Longevity entirely depends on what the relatives decide for their own person, The Patient. I have witnessed that in most of the cases The Learned, Well Educated and Even Smart people also fall for the Doctors wrong advice or Diagnosis and surrender their own loved ones to the Doctors and many a times the Patients get Butchered by the Medical Professionals with unwanted strong dosage of Drugs, Surgeries and treatment....and eventually the patient succumb to the wrong Treatment and a Person with simple disease dies in the Hospital in a very sad state.....Hence if You are of Dhanu Rashi or Lagna it is your duty to tell your relatives, your spouse, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters not to trust The Doctors Blindly and question them of their every move and prescription of any medicines or treatments, 2nd and 3rd opinion is advisable before the treatment starts. If Possible rely on tried and tested Home Remedies, Ayurveda or Alternative Healing System before surrendering to the so called Experts of their Allopathic Fields....And Trust my word, I have advised so many people not to surrender to Doctors and Hospitals and not fall for their Pathology report numbers, but still the fearful family surrenders and lose their near and dear ones. What can you say when a Doctor starts some very strong drug for a Lung infection of a senior citizen, a couple of days seems good and again the person starts major issues with Lungs, and then starts the vicious cycle of imposing N Number of Drugs which affects other Body Parts....Then They do the Blood test and in 2 days they noticed Potassium is increasing, then they start something else and the test shows Lactic Acid is Increasing, then they again start some other strong Drug, Then they test and finds IL 6 count is Increasing, Then they Again Suggest Blood Dialysis for reducing IL6 Count, Then again they test and find Creatinine Level are problematic and Kidney Failure might happen....They next 2 days they tell the relatives Blood Pressure gone too down or too high and No Life is remained in him and he is not responding to drugs....This is so Cruel, Step by step you puncture all organs and then say The Patient is not responding and Ventilator is a must and after 4 days you say He is Cold, Its Time You should take the decision to remove the Life Support....and sadly the relatives gives permission, Ventilator is gone and so is the Patient....Hence think twice before getting yourself admitted in any Hospital. You will say oh this is a small and safe Hospital and the dean or Chief Doctor is your Friend, but my friend he will send you to the superspeciality hospital in next 10-15 not trust them....Use these Hospitals and Doctors for Quick Fixes and not for a extended treatment for many days....Just take the Medicine, do the tastes and come home....Trust me you will be good at Home, Keep the Treatment till you feels good, do not rely too much on lab reports as I guarantee you that if you do full body test of even a Healthy Man, he will be having 10 issues in his report...these lab reports are kea to fool you as it is printed paper and in front of your eyes...You will say yes, Potassium is High, Sodium is High, Sugar is High....and only high numbers and with each number a new strong medicine.....Hence be Cautious, This Rahu is granting permission for the same kind of fate of yours....Hence do not fall in the trap of Destiny....Do Not Trust doctors, Trust your Conscience and be Strong Minded....If Your Mind is Strong nothing wrong will Happen with you...and I Mean It....Only Doctors can Harm You in This Phase if You Blindly Trust Them....Else No One Can Do Any Wrongs With You....

You will be troubled due to bad Loans or Debts and will need to settle them for Sure. At the Same time there will be Opportunities to avail fresh Loans, Funding or even borrow from near and dear ones...whatever it is, use money properly and do not create a bad name for yourself.

Opposition, Animosity, Jealous people will keep troubling You. A Court case or Police case is Very Much Likely....Being strong will Help Here, do not surrender to Pressure, Stay Calm Yet Stay Firm.... 

Take care of Eyes and Legs, Some Issue in those areas foreseen for you all. Avoid Foreign Travel or Travelling to Distant Places. Stop creating trouble for people and Live as much Calm, Contended Life as You can, But at the same time do not take your safety and security Lightly. If You are alarmed about some Jealous or Angry people do not take them Lightly, Chances are your negligence can make you pay hefty price of Your Life or Health. While starting to and reaching any destination, be careful as some or the other Physical Assault can not be ruled out in such times. Remember one Thing that "The Safe is Always Unsafe", and hence do not trust people who you feel are the Most Trustworthy, A Betrayal is On The Cards...For Sure.

Let's Understand The Transit Rahu impact Over Natal Grahas for Dhanu Rashi/Sagittarius. 

If You have Chandra in Vrishabh Rashi in Natal Kundali [Assuming it is a Dhanu Lagna and Vrishabh Rashi Kundali] Then It is a serious kind of Condition and you have to take care of your Health like anything. Small Diseases and Body Discomforts can harm you like anything. Constant Vigil on Health, Good Food, Diet, Exercise all is advisable for You. Do Not Fight and I repeat here, do not fight Over Inheritance, Parental Property, Insurance etc as It will create too many Enemies and Opposition. This is not a period for claiming your rights for Inheritance....It will spoil the things out of control and you will regret your decision for Lifetime. You are prone to Blackmagic, tantra spells and your Opposition can cast so much strong spells that even a Strong Sadhaka will not be easily break those....Hence Just work on your own self, work on Your Mind Powers, Do Dhyana or Meditation, Do Positive Affirmations and Self Talk. Take this phase as a phase of self discovery. And remember When You are Mentally Strong and Ignore your enemies their powers are worthless, They are strong till the time You focus on them and get disturbed. The Moment Your Focus shifts to some great Positive goal of Life, They become powerless. Take care of Mother and Ladies of Your Life....You might get stuck with some black money, money laundering or some Unclaimed Money Case for Sure....That Means There are Promises of Hidden Treasure, Now How You Manage that is Your Skill and Luck....Yes due to that some questioning, cases etc can happen....Try Your Luck, Keep your Eyes and Ears Open, Be Alert yet calm, Observe what's Happening around You.....You will be guided towards That Treasure by Nature for Sure...Best Luck for That HUGE UNEXPECTED TREASURE....Keep a share of My Guru Dakshina 😜 

If You have Surya in the Vrishabh Rashi at Birth then this Rahu Transit will act in a weird way....Its going to benefit from Others problems, others misfortune, others health hazards, others court cases and others pain, trauma and suffering. There might be some court cases and to settle those out of court you might be given a Huge Amount of Money. Something will happen with one of your friend or relative in Hospital and You will register the case against the Hospital and again they will pay you a huge some of Money just to withdraw the case or do some settlement. You might be a witness of some or the other wrong doings of someone and just to keep your mouth shut, you will be given huge amount of money....Life is a Mystery, Things happen mysteriously and when Rahu is Involved in the affairs things happen in such a way that you will never Imagine in your wildest of dream, you will never be able to comprehend how did you got benefitted or got that huge chunk of money or Showered with Abundant Fortune....So this is the Time to Fish in the Troubled Waters my Friends, do not bother what will be the outcome, just pay attention, remain alert and follow what the moment suggests you to do....Remember Rahu Ketu are the Agents of Time, and Things happen in Moments, In Kshana....So Act as per the given moment and You will witness what miracles can Rahu will do with You....Do Not be Afraid, 'Great Riches also Needs Great Acts' and the Alertness and Focus [दक्ष तथा लक्ष ] will bring in Eternal and Stable wealth in your Life [चीर लक्ष्मी - स्थिर लक्ष्मी ]. Keep my Guru Dakshina aside and pay me once your blessed with the Fortune of Life.     

If You have Guru in the Vrishabh Rashi at Birth then Then the Transit Rahu is a going to be a Curse for You. Your Health Hazards can pile up and you will reach at the threshold of Death. Guru being the Lord of Your Rashi /Lagna promises Cancer, Tumour, Ulcers, Bile's etc in the Body. You certainly need Protection....You certainly Need Help. If You Trust me you need to connect with me ASAP, You need some expert Help in avoiding this worse Yoga, Minimising the Intensity and potential of this Yoga....From Health, To Finance, To Family, To Domestic peace and happiness to House, Land, Property...Its going to ruin everything....Salvage whatever You can....Write to me....You Need Help Dear.

If You have Shani in the Vrishabh Rashi at the time of Birth Then You will walk on a wrong Path for earning Money, Wealth and Property. You can Cheat, Fraud, or Rob or Con people and earn Huge Amount of Wealth. You will do Forgery, Fake Documents, Thefts and can seize others Properties and Houses....You will amass a Great Wealth and Riches in this Phase. Your Siblings will Help you in this or will be 'The Partners in Crime'. You will also make Influential Friends and contacts and will be famous too. But B E W A R E.....Towards the End of 2021 things will start falling apart, your wrongdoings will surface and eventually Police, Court Cases, Recovery etc all start Haunting You. Take my Word, You will Flee to a Foreign Land or go into Hiding or self Imposed Confinement. Imprisonment is Common in such Phase but for You I see Fleeing your Country and settling somewhere else....Whatever you do, saving yourself is Your First DHARMA.....I am not giving you Moral Teachings like Don't Cheat, or do not do fraud etc as I know all people are good, it is The Graha Yoga which makes people do wrong things and then society tag them as Good, Bad or Ugly....But for me All are Equal, सम दृष्टि . So enjoy the Fortune and Face the Consequences in whichever and whatever way you feel is Good.....If Need Help, Write to me....

If You have Shukra in the Vrishabh Rashi at Birth then This Rahu will make You Adulterous, Womenises, Nymphomaniac and what not....same for women as well. Whatever you do take care of Your Health and See to it that some blackmailing, torturing, harassment does not happen with due to your Immoral relationship. Diabetes and Sex Diseases are common in Such Phases. Moneywise this is a great Phase and You will enjoy All Kinds of Worldly Pleasures and Luxuries for Sure. Be it Money, Gold, Diamonds, Servants, Vehicles, Great Houses all will be showered Upon You for Sure. Just a word of Caution, If You are in a Immoral Physical Relationship with a Friends Spouse then beware as you will be caught red handed...Then whatever  happens you should be ready for the consequences....And Always remember EXAGGERATION of any Thing is BAD....So RESTRAINT IS ADVISABLE....

If You have Budha in Vrishabh Rashi at Birth then it is a bad and sad phase for You. You will Lose Your Spouse, Business, Profession, Career as well as Father. It is really bad as Work - Marriage - Father all are going to suffer and will lose all of it. With that A Blemish in Career and Personal Life, Societal Hatred will make you fall in your own eyes....But remember this is a Transient Phase and will be over in next 18 Months....So Have some faith....If Need Help write to me asap.

If You Have Mangal in Vrishabh Rashi at Birth then Take care of Your Children, They are the Prime Target of this Rahu Transit. Something serious, Irreversible can happen with them. Children are prone to Tantra, Mantra Spell and hence keep an eye on them and see to it that they do not eat or drink anything from the hands of Unknown people or people you do not trust as generally these spells are activated due to Feeding something. If You are in Love then Do not expect great things, break up is certain. If You are Studying then again You will not be able to complete your studies or if you complete then too it will never give any benefit in Life. If You are planning Overseas Travel or Settlement then Avoid your plan as things will never happen the way you want. It is better to Postpone Your Plan for next 18 months. While in Travel Accidents, Fights, Quarrels and Physical Assault etc is common in such phases. Take care of Your Eyes and Legs.....Blood Pressure or Blood Related Issues can pop up hence be proactive yet be inquisitive on health front...

If You have Rahu in Natal Vrishabh Rashi then this Rahu Transit is an Absolute Curse and No One can Be able to Save you from Diseases, Jealousy, Animosity and Tantra, Mantra, Blackmagic Spells....You Need Help Dear....Before It is Too Late connect to me ASAP as it is going to be Important to Save You and Safeguard Your Interests....

If You have Ketu in the Vrishabh Rashi in Natal Chart Then You will be troubled on Foreign Land and Might have to come back to your Birth Country. Take care of Eyes and Legs, Health wise it will be a balanced state and nothing that problematic will happen to You for Sure. If You are Adamant and do Not want to come back to your Birth Country then You need to write to me....Will Help You for Sure...

Hope This will Help !

Below are the Mantras to Appease the Naag Raj Rahu Ketu, Chant any on Saturday/Monday or daily 108 times....It will certainly HELP....!

|| ॐ भुजङ्गाय् नमः || || ॐ नवकुलाय विद्महे विषदन्ताय धिमहे तन्नोः सर्पः प्रचोदयात् ||

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|| शुभम् भवतू ||

My Blessings

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