Thursday, October 17, 2019

Guru Transit Dhanu Rashi - Sagittarius - 5th November 2019 - Mesha - Aries Predictions by Shri Dilip RAUT

Mesha – Aries

       For Aries or Mesha Rashi People the Transit is happening in Bhagya Sthana, hence it is certainly a Phase for awakening of your Fortune….Whatever you have gone through in last 2-3 years time, all will be corrected for the Best in these Times….You will reclaim your Lost Glory, Respect and Repute…..You will be appreciated for your efforts, work and Ventures not in your Own Country but by Foreign People as well….

Yes, Since the Bhagya Karaka Guru is in affliction with Shani and Ketu You will certainly face some Hurdles…..but I am sure you will be able to manage it easily….The Mid December to Mid January Surya Yuti with Guru Shani and Ketu will bring Much Royalty, Authority and you will rub shoulders with Government Authorities, Police, Lawyers and Judges etc….Do not get afraid and rather held your head high, be friends with all Government Authorities, Play with Them, Remember the Time is with you and no one can Bully or Butcher you in this Time, whoever will try to play with you, try to show their power and Authority…all their efforts will boomerang on them, Just Enjoy the Phase and Feel The Power of Guru Shani and Surya in Bhagya Bhava.

The February Mangal Guru Ketu till Late March 2020 will again be a boon for you as Lagna Lord and Bhagya Lord will be in Bhagya Sthana and I Do Not Have any doubt that you will earn a Fortune in this Phase…..

From November 5th 2019 to 30th of March 2020 Roar Like a Tiger and walk Like an Elephant, It is Your Time…..Take full advantage of this Phase and do not forget to pay me my dakshina in advance if you are reading this….-

The March 30th 2020 to June 30th 2020 phase of Makar Guru and Makar Shani is a Raj Yog Karaka Position….. I am sure that some of you will be awarded, rewarded by the Governments, Authorities or Your seniors for your Hard Work, Talent and Loyalty on work front. You will certainly enjoy best of the Fortune in these 3 months time. Go full on, do not settle for less, be a roaring lion on professional front, when the time is Just Right then even an Ordinary person can become a King….Keep your eyes and ears open, do pay attention to even a smallest of opportunity, you never know which opportunity will bring in the Great Prospective Positions for you…..Just enjoy this supreme Royal Phase of yours…..

The June 30th to 23rd of September 2020 Guru Ketu Yuti will be active in Dhanu Rashi and this is certainly a Phase for Spiritual Awakening. You will be well off on Professional Front and hence you will sense the Void in Personal Life….there will be some issues in personal life in terms of Marriage, Parents or Bond with Children. You might think of Going on a Pilgrimage and spending some quality time for yourself to understand the purpose of Life, to just working on your own self for better results in personal Life…..This could also be for some higher purpose than the Personal Life Issues….may be you just want to achieve some secret powers by meditating and trust me nothing is impossible if you want it to happen in your life….You can certainly reach nearer to your spiritual goal…..sometimes some people need a time of Lifetime to attain his / her desired spiritual goals and sometimes when the nature is at its best it happens within no time…..Own Rashi Guru with Ketu is a blessing for this kind of self awakening Journey, The Stars are with you, take full advantage of the same…..

One word of caution for this phase….Ketu is nothing but Past, the conjunction of Guru Ketu in Dhanu Rashi will activate your bond with brothers wife or wife’s sister if you are a man, if you are a woman then you will struck a chord with Husbands brother or Sisters Husband…..If you had any immoral relation with them in the Past, those will get activate in this phase, these people will resurface in your Life, Things will be difficult to handle….my advice is to be cautious from any such relation as it will create major turmoil unnecessarily in your Life….So be matured enough to handle this gracefully and put a full stop on those past bonds which can haunt you in these phases……

The Last Phase of this Guru Transit will begin with the Exit of Ketu from Dhanu Rashi on 23rd September. So till 20th of November 2020 Guru Dev will be alone in his Own Rashi Dhanu and this is the Only phase when Guru Dev will be alone in his home…..It is certainly a very comfort zone and Leisure position for Guru Dev in his Entire 12 months Transit and I have no doubt that Guru Dev will shine brightly in this phase and the Entire Earth will be a Heaven for Life….Life will flourish on the Earth and we can witness much positivity and Fortune for all and especially for Mesha Rashi People as well…..

So It’s going to be a great phase for Arians or Mesha Rashi Nativities…..Fortune is shining brightly upon you….Live Your Life King Size…..

My Blessings to All of You….!!!

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|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

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