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Guru Transit Dhanu Rashi - Sagittarius - 5th November 2019 - Vrishabh - Taurus Predictions by Shri Dilip RAUT

Vrishabh - Taurus

Vrishabh or Taurus people I can sum up this Guru Transit in one sentence for you….Just Stay Away from Holy Places Like Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras etc…..!!! Avoid any Kind of Spiritual or religious Journey as during this Journey or while you are at Holy Places something weird, eerie and life threatening is foreseen. So no Physical Journey or presence at Holy Sites….rest you can certainly offer Poojas, Rituals etc remotely and also can chant, fast etc for Guru Dev on Thursdays but no physical visit to Holy Places for Sure…..exception is from 30th March to 30th of June…..but even in that time too I will advise not to Venture on this Path as It will might bring in Unfortunate Conditions….

If there were problems in Marital Life all will be resolved from 5th November 2019 onwards. People awaiting divorce etc will be Granted Decree and will be free from unwanted marital bond….Lot of Leisure travel overseas or to the distant places is promised. Money will come from all sides…..

Post January 24th once Shani Dev exits Dhanu Rashi things will be much more promising and your financials will improve….If You have lost any Money, wealth, inheritance, insurance etc all will be reclaimed in this coming one year till November 2020. I can see you buying a new Car, a New House, a Land or Property in this one Year. At least you will have to change your Accommodation for all the good reasons and that’s for sure….

Mother’s health and well being will be at its best….Father might be troubled on and off with some Knee or joints pain etc but that can be manageable.

I can see Issues with Friends and Influential people of your Life… least till 30th March 2020. It will be unfortunate for all of them just to be in company of yours. If you love them maintain distance from them for their wellbeing and Longevity.

7th February 2020 to 22nd March 2020, Guru Ketu and Mangal Yuti will be Active in Dhanu Rashi and hence It will be worse for your Marriage and married Partner. Just be good and nice with your spouses and avoid distant journeys, journeys to Holy Places etc with your Spouse…..It can be a Fatal Adventure for both of You.

If there is problems in marital Life then these 3 Planet conjunction will see to it that you will get separated somehow… Least temporary separation cannot be ruled out. Same fate applies to your business partnership, in these 45 days time business partnership reach to its edge and permanent separation can also happen…..just stay calm, composed and contended and pass this time….

30th March to 30th of June Things will happen in a weird manner. Fortune will be witnessed by Death in the family, or in in-law’s family…..Insurance and Inheritance can pump in money into your kitty but you have to witness Death or Death Like condition of some family member….In these 3 Months some new Friends and Influential People will come into your Life as well and they can carve the Destiny of your for next 12 Long Years….so be Humble and go an extra mile for friends….They can change the Course of your Life permanently in these 3 months for sure….

From 30th June to 23rd of September 2020 Guru Ketu Yuti will be Active in the Dhanu Rashi and Hence this phase will again create issues related with Visiting Holy Places….Strictly avoid It…..Avoid fighting for Inheritance, Insurance etc in this phase as things can really go out of control and it can become a Threat to your Life. Money, Family, Food, Speech, Property, Relocation and fun travel are all foreseen in this time frame… enjoy and stay away from Holy Places and do not get into Inheritance, Insurance battles in this Timeframe…

Post 23rd September 2020 Inheritance and Insurance related all issues will get easily resolved and you will be heavily benefitted with Money and wealth till 20th November 2020.

Hope this will Help in planning your Guru Transit Journey in 2019-2020….

My Blessings to all……!!!

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|| Shubham Bhavatu ||

Shri Dilip RAUT

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