Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Saturn Jupiter - Shani Guru Separation 6th April 2021 - Who will be benefitted and who will suffer......Analysis by Shri Dilip RAUT

 Dear readers, followers and students of Astrology....

On 6th of April in deep dark of the night Guru Dev will Enter Kumbha or Aquarius Rashi with its Atichari GATI or Fast Motion....This will Mark The Separation of Guru and Shani which was Active from last November 2020. 

It is certainly a Positive Yoga as a Auspicious and Pious Graha like Guru in Yuti with Shani Dev is in a way a Torture to the Guru Dev. It will further strengthen Guru and Dhanu, Meena Raashi or Lagna people will be the most blessed people with this Transit. 

With Shani Dev alone in his Own Rashi Makar, it is a Blessing for Mesha Rashi, Mesha Lagna people. Same for Vrishabh Rashi and Lagna people. Its Time for Royalty, Authority and Fortune for you all....

Karka Rashi or Lagna will be the most Tortured and butchered people in next 5 months period as Shani Dev is directly destroying your Lagna or Rashi. If you have any other Grahas in Karka or Tula or Meena Rashi then only God can save you man....Its going to be a Horrible Nightmare for You....

Tula Lagna and Rashi people it is your time to go for the Grind....right from domestic affairs, to House, Land, Property, Vehicles, Office, Job, Profession, Parents all are going for a toss.....Control the damage if you can....get expert help in that direction.....Proactive measures can do maany miracles and many things can be salvaged.....

Makar and Kumbha is all win win situation......

Thats it for now.....rest of the signss, moon signs or lagna signs....i do not see anything that should be written...its moderate results for you all.....

My Blessings


Shri Dilip RAUT

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  1. Dear Guruji,

    For Dhanus, I coyldn't understand.I'm Dhanus lagna,and Guru in karka 8th house.

    Thank you

    (I'm thinking to hava a reading from you)